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 First Baptist Church

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Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor





May 6                   “On Not Getting Used to the Frogs”

                   Exodus 8:1-15


May 13        “Captive Thoughts”

                   Romans 12:1-2

                   Mother’s Day


May 20        “My Name is Waldo Jr.”

                   II Kings 5:1-15


May 27        “One Path to God, Many Paths in God”

                   John 14:1-14





Greeters                                                                            Lay Readers

Milly Bloomquist & Marge Moulton                 May 6                             Pat Ames

Judi Gibbs & Erma Mullins                            May 13                  Marge Moulton

Fran Morse & Viola Gray                     May 20                 Lily Scheel

Frances & Margaret Hartwell              May 27                 Erma Mullins




                                    MAY BIRTHDAYS!

May 3          Lyle Conrad                     May 8 Lily Scheel

May 4          Gene Guild                       May 18 Helena Cranmer

May 6 Erma Mullins                            May 20 Kathie Lawrence

May 7 Ed Castillo                      May 23 Mary Fullagar

                        May 31 Erik Miller


A message from the pastor :


Once again we have seen the sad formula at work:

Insane hatred + deadly weapons = tragedy


As more and more of the shooter’s profile is known, we search for answers as to how this person could go so deeply into his sick delusions without more whistles being blown. The other HUGE question is how a person, with this kind of background, was able to buy a murder weapon only one month ago. With this question in mind, I looked up some statistics offered by the National Education Association and the Health Information Network.

¨      In a 2 1/2 year period, 9,976 convicted felons and other illegal buyers in 46 states obtained guns because of inadequate records.

¨      In one year zero children were killed by guns in Japan, 19 in England, 57 in Germany, 109 in France, 153 in Canada, and 5,285 in the USA.

¨      The rate of children’s deaths due to gun violence is 12 times higher in the USA than in twenty-five other industrialized nations combined.

¨      57% of the gun crimes use guns from only 1% of gun stores.

We have to ask the question, are we willing to sacrifice between 3000 in 5000 children per year for the “privilege” of having guns available to almost everyone who wants to have one.

(There is more information at

I grew up in Illinois, where guns were common. I bought a single shot 22 rifle when I was 14 years old. When my grandfather died, I inherited his shotgun. My aunt lived alone, read Perry Mason mystery novels, and kept a handgun somewhere in her house. Many of us grew up with guns around. Not far from where my mother lives there are “Burma Shave” style signs that say, “Guns save lives”. That sentiment is harder and harder to defend.

The question is, can we ever come to the point of recognizing that having a flood of guns is not healthy for our country. Are we stuck forever in a situation where the lunatic fringe can attack at will? When we were traveling in Europe, I saw the police carrying machine guns in Italy, trucks full of soldiers sitting along the main streets of Paris, and machine gun nests in the train station of Rome. I didn’t like the feeling of being watched with binoculars and marked as a possible target.

What can we, as the people of Christ, offer to this world? Jeremiah warned the religious people of his day that they had healed the wounds of the people lightly by saying, “Peace, Peace when there is no peace”. (Jeremiah 6:14) Jesus would say, “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives…” (John 14:27) The price of that peace was the cross, and the price of our following him is to take our cross each day and follow him. (Mark 8:34)

Mary Karen Read, 19 a daughter of a family who are friends of Cathy MacDougall, was killed in the Virginia Tech shooting. We join them in their time of sorrow and seek the healing of their family. Indeed, our nation is in need of our prayers for healing. Jesus promised that God would comfort those who mourn and those who worked for peace. (Matthew 5:4-9)

Those who seek to be true soldiers of Christ have a battle cast before us. Jesus has called us to be the salt of preservation in a deteriorating world and the light of hope in the places of despair. There are other Cho Seung-Huis, some of whom are known to us. It is up to those who live in the power of the resurrection to offer them the way of truth, peace, and healing.


                                                                   Pastor John




Congratulations to our own Cathy C. MacDougall were published in the “Nazareth College Connections” Spring Quarterly for her outstanding artistic work created for last June’s First Baptist Church Vacation Bible School’s “Fiesta”, opened to all children in the community. Cathy created and painted a huge Mexican village set, as well as many of the animal characters needed for the theme. As a result, requests for help and ideas from other churches were made for her expertise in making the set. At Jean Brewer’s urging (another PYFBC artist), the set has been preserved with a spray and is now upstairs in the big room for further use.

Cathy has her own graphics design business on Skyline Drive. Not only does she create business advertisements, magazine covers, posters, brochures and bumper stickers; but she also works with old photos, cleaning backgrounds and manipulating them so that several generations of family can be placed in a single piece. She enjoys painting children and other subjects. Cathy refuses to use any ready made “clip art” in her work, all is originally done by her own hand. Our congratulations to Cathy as well!



To the Women of the First Baptist Church.

Thanks to all of you for the good wishes and prayers.  Also, thank you for the stamps. Those are always useful especially since my sister moved to Arizona. The phone card will be great for this summer when I am working at Pathfinder Lodge.

                                                                                                        Sara M. Schuyler

                                                               (Sara is a recipient of an ABW Scholarship)




It’s that time of the year again, so get your walking shoes on! The relay this year will be held at the Firemen’s Field starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 9 and ending at 6 a.m. on Sunday, June 10. In case you’re not familiar with the Relay for Life, it is a fund raising event to raise money to support cancer research, education and patient services. Each team is asked to have one of their team members walking the track at all times. I know we have all had cancer touch our lives in on way or another and wish there was some way to fight it. This is one way to do just that and have fun at the same time. See Pam Scutt  (536-2719) if you are interested. If you are unable to participate in the relay but would like to sponsor one of the walkers or purchase a luminary in honor/memory of someone, it would be greatly appreciated.




                                                          –A Wild Ride Through God’s Word


Avalanche Ranch will be held June 25-29 and will welcome ‘Lil Buckaroos and Wranglers. In order to keep cost to a minimum we would like to see if you, our church family can help with some of the supplies we’ll need for crafts, scenery, snacks etc.

                 Glue dots         Glue sticks                   paper towels

                 Garbage bags     snack sized ziploc bags       paper baking cups

                 Paper cups       plastic spoons                napkins

                 Hand wipes       anti bacterial liquid soap     burlap material for tee-pees


Last year we were so blessed with all you helped us with and it was your generosity that made VBS ’06 such a success! Your donations can be drop off upstairs in room 200. You may call Tammy Miller at 595-2893 if you have further questions or if you need someone to stop by to pick up your donated items. As always, monetary donations are always welcome, be sure to mark them VBS.



Camp Vick is seeking assistance in several ministry positions this summer.


Male Counselor: A dedicated Christian man looking to serve God through ministry to our campers as a part of our full time summer ministry staff. Must be at least 18 years old.


Volunteer Positions:

Nurse: We need volunteer nurses to fill several weeks of the summer.

Male Counselor: We need to fill two different weeks: July 1-4 and July 15-20.

Van Drivers: August 6-10, 13-17, must be at least 25 years old, have a good driving record and be capable of driving a 12 passenger van.

Work Weekend Volunteers: Individuals or church groups can help open camp. Outdoor and indoor work needed. Workdays happen every Saturday in May.

Contact: Jillene Narraway at 716-492-4494 or



Do You Know… Necia Smith

Necia is a widowed mother of one son, Steve and grandmother of three. Necia retired from DSS after 29 years. She loves antiques and collects antique buttons. She is an avid reader, active on boards and a regular at church service.


Do You Know… Scott and Sheryl Robbins

 Scott and Sheryl are an active young couple and live on Old State Route 14. They love the outdoors and traveling – state that there is no place like our Lakes. Scott grew up in Florida. Sheryl is a native of this area, and is employed by the NYS Health Department regulating the public water supply. She grew up in the church and is in the choir.


Do You Know … Margaret Mills

Margaret has been a member since 1929 and is a widow with three children, 6 grandchildren, and one great grandson. She worked with Taylor Law Office for 25 years and as Milo Town Clerk for 10 years. Margaret has served on boards in the church, and is a regular attendee for worship services. She belongs to Women’s Club, the Women of the Moose, and worked at the American Cancer Office as a volunteer. Margaret loves to play cards, read and do cross-stitch. She has 10 baby quilts finished and ready to give as gifts.


CHURCH WORLD SERVICE  - A Tradition of help. A legacy of hope.

  Serving the world for 60 years.    Tools & Blankets Program


Church World Service meets human needs and nurtures self-reliance through programs of social and economic development, emergency response, assistance to refugees, education and advocacy, and ecumenical relationships.


Sunday, May 13, is Tools & Blankets Sunday. Inside this newsletter you will find a donation envelope. Thank you for putting caring into action. Each blanket wrapped around the shoulders of a displaced family, each home rebuilt, each hoe placed in the hands of a farmer, each cup of clean water, is an expression of your love…and hope…for your local and global neighbors. The Tools & Blankets program support the many life-changing projects of the Church World Service global assistance program.

Responding to disasters – When disaster strikes, CWS partners on the scene to provide shelter, food, blankets, recovery kits, counseling – the basic needs to survive. And CWS stays long after the headlines have faded, helping families and communities rebuild lives and livelihoods.

Assisting refugees – Some 11.5 million people worldwide are currently refugees, uprooted from their homes and countries by persecution and armed conflict. CWS provides aid and education at refugee camps, helping to reestablish community in spite of chaos. And, we help meet the needs of returning when it’s safe to go home.

Putting caring into action – Each year some 2,000 communities across the U.S. join in locally-organized, interfaith CROP WALKS that help support the work of Church World Service both around the world and here at home. These CROP WALKS share some $4 million annually with local hunger-fighting initiatives such as food banks, pantries, and community gardens.

Raising awareness – advocating for change – Informed and active citizens – people who think critically and put their faith into action – can help to build a better world for all of God’s children. CWS’s connection to partners around the world inspires and informs our work in education and advocacy.

          Check out the bulletin board by the Great Room for a list of international and domestic shipments for 2006. For frequently updated program information, visit the CWS web site at



Thank You!

To all for making my birthday “bash” such a success. Thanks for coming, for all the beautiful cards and a special thank you to those who donated refreshments, helped in the kitchen and a special thanks to John for his kind words. It’s good to be able to celebrate a joyful event with friends and family at age 90. Thanks to my church family! - Millie



Judi Gibbs, who has been a member of Penn Yan First Baptist Church for 50 years, has written our church column for the Chronicle-Express for about two years. Judi has decided to no longer write the column for personal reasons.

As of April 27 Shelly Bicksler will assume this responsibility. Shelly is a member of First Baptist Church and sings in the choir.

Judi has kept us informed of our church’s activities in the Chronicle-Express each week, as well as highlighting members’ celebrations of birthdays and other noteworthy events of the life of members.

Judi has served on many church committees. She has also been lay moderator of the church and is currently vice moderator.

Thank you very much, Judi, for the outstanding writing of the columns you have done as our news reporter.




       Work weekend at Camp Vick – May 11& 12, 2007

Cost is $25- payable to Outdoor Ministries on arrival. Bring warm clothes, sleeping bag and such and tools. We plan to replace a roof on at least one cabin and do some general spring-time cleanup of downed trees and brush. Meals include – Friday evening, and Saturday breakfast and lunch. Don’t worry you’ll be home in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. We start Friday evening at 6 p.m. and end after lunch on Saturday. Ages 14 on up – There is plenty to do no matter your age. We do need a head count so please let us know if you plan to attend. Call Joe Flockemer at 315-638-8997 or email with the number attending from your church. Camp Vick is located on Sandbank Road in Sandusky, NY southeast of Buffalo. It is a rustic children’s camp utilizing both cabin and platform tents for sleeping quarters and provides all the adventures of a typical summer camp. Swimming, boating, sports and crafts are interspersed with Bible study and worship. Children learn about God, and have a great time while they do it!



Finger Lakes ABW Ministries

ABW Ministries of the Finger Lakes will hold its annual meeting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 5, at Canandaigua United Church. The meeting will include breakfast and elections. Tom Crowell, Manchester Baptist Church, will be the guest speaker, talking about a recent trip to Egypt. Be sure to watch the Sunday bulletins for carpool information.



The Mary Read Scholarship Fund


For everyone who has been touched in some way by the tragic event at Virginia Tech and wants to reach out, but are not sure how; The Read Family would like to make it known that a scholarship fund is being established in the name of Mary Karen Read at her high school in Annanale, VA. It will take some time to set up that fund. In the meantime, many people have requested information about how to make a donation. Two options have been set up for those wishing to make a contribution now.


St. Anne’s Church                                        Pal-Mac Rotary

136 Church Street                                      101 East main Street

Palmyra, NY 14522                                               Palmyra, NY 14522


Funds will be held by these two organizations, and then transferred to the scholarship/memorial fund once it is established.

Clearly note that the donation is intended for the Mary Read Fund, either in the memo line and/or in an accompanying note.  The funds will be established to honor Mary’s memory. Contact Mary Courtney with any questions at or 315-597-5076


*personal condolences can be sent to Mary’s parents at :

Peter and Cathy Read

8507 Bromley Court

Annandale, VA 22003