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  - - - - DECEMBER 2006 NEWSLETTER - - - -  




December 3           1st Sunday of Advent

“Loving God’s Law”

                             Deuteronomy 11:20-32

                             Old Testament Challenge #9


December 10          2nd Sunday of Advent

Natural Church Development

“A Mountain Brought Low”

                             Matthew 17:14-21


December 17          3rd Sunday of Advent

“The Meaning of a Child”

                             Matthew 18:1-5


December 24         4th Sunday of Advent

Christmas Eve

“New Life, New Hope”

                             Luke 2:8-20


Christmas Eve        “A New Star”

                             Matthew 1:18-25

                             7 p.m. Candlelight Service


December 31          “Another Lap Around the Sun”

                             John 13:31-35


Dec. 3           Joyce & George Slocum  

Dec. 10         Judi Gibbs & Marion Miller 

Dec. 17        Viola Gray & Fran Morse                    

Dec. 24        Frances & Margaret Hartwell                                  Dec. 31             Jean Brewer & Margaret Mills  


Real Time

In our fast moving world, we seem to generate new words and new definitions for old words, that seem something different than they did just a few years ago. Of course, the present generation has been terrifically impacted by the ubiquitous computer and other technological marvels. Consequently, it is natural that a whole new dictionary of “techno-speak” has emerged.

·         “Blackberries” are no longer picked off the vines in your side yard, they cost $400 a piece and are tine little hand held computers that work through satellite hook ups.

·         “Bytes” used to be spelled differently and was something akin to a nibble, but now they are strings of ones and zeroes that fill up computer programs.

·         “Times” comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and normally shows us that we are behind it (the times, that is).

Since Einstein declared that time is a “relative” term, relative, that is, to how fast we are going, it has become a little confusing about what time it really is. Now we may thing that his problem is a recent occurrence. If you have little kids, you may be on “school time”. If you are employed, you are on “work time”. If you are retired you may be on everyone else’s time. If you are wondering where this piece is going, then it is time that we looked at how, “our time” relates to “God’s time”.

            I looked up the definition of “real time” on the web, and I found that it means: “the time in which a computer system processes and updates data as soon as it is received from an eternal source”. An alternate definition is: “the actual time during which something happens”.

            According to Romans 8:19, “… all creation waits with eager longing” for the time of Christ’s rule on earth. The prophets of old, “tried to find out when the time would be and how it would come”, when God’s salvation would be experienced. (I Peter 1:10-12) The scripture that I find the most helpful is Galations 4:4-6: “When the right time finally come, God sent his own Son. He came as the son of a human mother and lived under the Jewish Law to redeem those who were under the Law, so that we might become God’s sons (and daughters).

            This is the Christmas Story. It happened in “the right time”, “ the fullest of time”, in God’s time. The date, December 25, will come and go with its usual rush of activities. God is hoping that we will fill it with his spirit so that the grace and peace for which this world longs can be fully experienced. When Jesus preached at Nazareth, he said he used the words of Isaiah to “announce that the time has come when the Lord will save his people”. (Luke 4:19) Our best Christmas gift to each other is the gift Christ gave to us, the gift of the grace and peace, which is the mark of his saving love.

            God bless you in the fullness of His “real time” this Christmas season.

                                                                        Pastor John

Christian Education

Our Christmas Pageant is December 17!

We are looking for Inn Keepers, Prophets,

Pinata breakers, and Songsters!

See a member of the Board for details.





Have You Met…. Lee & Dana Ovenshire

Lee and Dana are quite new to the congregation and have two daughters, Crystal and Sabrina. Their main interests are reading and hiking. Dana and the girls worked with VBS and assisted with the Mexican Fiesta. Great Grandmother Annabelle also attends. She has varied interest and is a member of the WOTM.


Have You Met… Polly Logan

            Polly is a native of the area, and has three children, Jane, Tim and Loni. She is grandmother of six. Rachel, Griffin, Zack, Noah, Josh and Jessica.  Polly is a graduate of Keuka College, a retired teacher, she likes to read and spend time with her grandchildren. She is a long time member of FBC, has served on boards, committees, Sunday School teacher and helping others. A friend in “Deed.”


Have You Met… Frances and Margaret Hartwell

            Sisters, Fran and Margaret, are active members of FBC. Margaret, a Syracuse City School Teacher for 30 years before retiring is interested in travel, her yard and flowers. She has been a member of the Board of Education, and has served on boards and committees of the church.

Fran, a member for 59 years, has been active on boards, and is now serving on the Diaconate. She is a former bowler, likes to travel and is busy working on a genealogy of both sides of her family.


Have You Met… Virginia DeLooza

            Virginia DeLooza, is a widow and lives at St. Mark’s Terrace. Her interests are reading (she is currently working her way through the Bible), and a wide variety of music. She is involved in Bible study and is a regular attendee at worship. Virginia loves to shop with her nieces Norma Searles and Arlene Corey.




In Honor

The Penn Yan Area Council of Churches has announced that a donation from The Once Again Shoppe, has been made to the Humane Society of Yates County in  honor of Alice VanBuren in the sum of $500.00.


Christmas Concerts

Sunday, December 3 – The Community Chorus will present their annual Christmas Concert here at First Baptist Church at 3 p.m. The public is invited to attend.


Friday, December 8 & Saturday, December 9 “Our Father’s Children” will present two “Reason for the Season” concerts to benefit Food for the Needy.

The Friday night concert will feature “Our Father’s Children.” On Saturday night the Folk group, “We Are Instruments” will open the concert, followed by another performance by “Our Father’s Children.”  The concerts will begin at 7 p.m. Admission is a new and unwrapped toy or a canned food donation.



Mary & Martha Circle & Fellowship Class –

In the month of December, these two women’s groups will join as one when they  meet for lunch at the Antique Inn on Wednesday, December 20 at Noon. If you would like to attend see Marge Cornell or phone her at 536-6607.


White Cross

When you are planning your Christmas shopping, please sign on the White Cross request list in the Sanctuary and share with Neighborhood Ministries, Campbell, Ohio and Cameron Community Ministries Rochester, NY.

·         Campbell has asked for 5 women’s sweatshirts and 5 women’s sweatpants.

·         Cameron has asked for a baby layette and a personal kit for a new mother.

Check the list to see what you can share or speak to Kathie Lawrence.



December is: Kitchen Needs month  Red Cross Needs & Things

dishwashing soap  ~  sandwich bags   ~   plastic wrap  ~  aluminum foil

kitchen cleaners  ~  disinfecting wipes



1                     Marge Moulton

4                    Kyle Miller

15                Joyce Slocum

30               Karen Rasmussen

31                Betty Wood


Poinsettias for the Altar

Anyone who wishes to place a Poinsettia on the altar for the Christmas Season in honor of or in memory of someone who is close to their heart may do so.

Plants may be brought in anytime after December 10 and they may be picked up after the Christmas Eve service.

You should call the church office by Monday, December 18, and leave your name and the name for whom the plant will be placed for.