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  - - - - APRIL 2007 NEWSLETTER - - - -  







April 1         “This House is Meant For Prayer”

                   Matthew 21:12-17


April 8        Easter Sunday!

                   “A New Kind of Son Rise”

                   Matthew 28:1-10


April 15       “The Zeal of the Lord”

                   Isaiah 9:2-7


April 22      “Finding God in the Crowd”

                   I Samuel 3:1-21


April 29      “Of Ducklings and Eagles”

                   Jeremiah 35:1-11



Greeters                                                                            Lay Readers

Gladys Kjar & Shane Furman                       April 1                         Stan Ovens

Fran Morse & Margaret Mills                      April 8                                    Greg Marion

Joyce & George Slocum                                April 15                       Brittany Griffin

Jean Brewer & Kathryn Warren                  April 22                      Barbara Stewart

Tammy & Greg Miller                                                April 29                      Judi Gibbs



                                    APRIL BIRTHDAYS!

April 1 – Milly Bloomquist                 April 15 -  Shelly Bicksler    

                                    April 7 – Brittany Griffin                 April 23 – Don Lawrence     

                                    April 9 – Alice Wise                          April 24 – Kathryn Warren

                                    April 11 -  Ralph Wilkes                     April 25 – Bob Faery




April 1

¨       8 a.m. – Men’s Breakfast …  Roberta Stephens will speak. Anne Scheel will guide the women in preparing a Mexican Breakfast. The cost is $4. Those under 12 years are free.        

¨       10 a.m. – Missionary Speaker …  Roberta Stephens, Communion, Right Hand of Fellowship for new members.

¨       11 a.m. – Adult Church School and Parenting Group as well as Youth Church School.

¨       12:30 p.m. Birthday Bash for Milly Bloomquist, who is 90 years young.


April 5

¨       8 p.m. Maundy Thursday – A Christian Passover Seder. We look forward to having several children join us.

April 6

¨       Noon – Ecumenical Good Friday Service at Bluff Point United Methodist Church.

April 7

¨       1 p.m. Easter Egg Hunt at the Yates County Courtyard for children in pre K – 5th grades.

April 8

¨       7 a.m. early Easter Worship at Indian Pines Park

¨       10 a.m. Traditional Easter Worship

April 14

¨       Whitewater Rafting … Leave the church at 7 a.m. Cost is $13. Call the church office to reserve a spot. We only have 12 spots to fill … first come first served.





Lord of the Dance


            Recently a number of us went to see “Godspell” at St. John Fisher College. This musical is an action packed, whirl of constant motion. Scriptures, stories about Jesus, and life with the disciples is all blended together with excitement and lots of laughter. It was so much fun that the crowd was on the edge of their seats during the whole performance.


            Perhaps church should be more like that - intense, loud and hyperactive. Or, would living at that pace tire us out? Some people like a more moderate pace, with events being predictable, and life at waltz speed (rather that polka speed). Others drop a quarter in the juke box of life and expect rock and roll with strobes and mist, spontaneity, and lots of mystery.


            In real life we are guaranteed some of both. Whether surprises shock or delight us, they will come. Sometimes there will be gloom even on a sunny day. Our fast pace is hobbled by finance or infirmity. Our nimble mind wallows in a clutter of details. Our big horsepower style gets stuck in the slow lane. On Jesus’ dance floor there is room for those doing the boogey and those doing the minuet.


            Jesus gave us an excellent teaching by comparing us with trees. He was much less concerned about how quick we grow and a lot more concerned about how much fruit we produced.


            I have often wondered how we could tell if our “tree” is producing good fruit. In some sense John the Baptist asked the same question of Jesus: “Are you the One… or should we expect someone else?” (Luke 7:19) Jesus said, “Go back and tell John what you have seen and heard: The blind can see, the lame can walk, those who suffer from dread skin diseases are made clean, the deaf can hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is preached to the poor.” (7:22-23)


            Notice that most of this list is about healing. The fruit of Jesus’ ministry  was healed people. The fruit of our ministry together as the people of Christ is healed people. The fruit of each encounter with others is to be a healed relationship, help with a burden, encouragement toward life in Christ, or a step toward wholesomeness.

            It is in the dance that healing takes place. Lest we begin to pay more attention to our steps than to hurts of the others on the floor, let us gather to worship the one who turns our minds, hearts, and skills to the real Lord of the Dance.


Pastor John


April is: Cleaning Supplies Month     Red Cross Needs & Things

Sponges ~ laundry detergent ~ disinfectant ~ floor cleaner ~ window wash

Please leave items in box marked with a “Red Cross” in the sanctuary.

Thank you for your continued support!





                                                          –A Wild Ride Through God’s World

Spring is here and summer won’t be far off, time to start our planning and preparations for Vacation Bible School. The Christian Education staff is so excited about this year’s curriculum it’s hard to contain ourselves!

Avalanche Ranch will be held June 25-29 and will welcome ‘Lil Buckaroos and Wranglers. In order to keep cost to a minimum we would like to see if you, our church family can help with some of the supplies we’ll need for crafts, scenery, snacks etc. Check the list here to see if there is something you can help with, then keep watching in future newsletters for updates. Last year we were so blessed with all you helped us with and it was your generosity that made VBS ’06 such a success! Your donations can be drop off upstairs in room 200. You may call Tammy Miller at 595-2893 if you have further questions or if you need someone to stop by to pick up your donated items. As always, monetary donations are always welcome, be sure to mark them VBS.

Glue dots        Glue sticks     paper towels

Garbage bags             snack sized ziploc bags        paper baking cups

Paper cups      plastic spoons                        napkins

Hand wipes    anti bacterial liquid soap      burlap material for tee-pees





Anyone planning to go on an EDUCATIONAL TRIP or A MISSION TRIP: there are funds available from the JESSUP EDUCATIONAL FUND to help with expenses.


1.       Applications for funds must be made 30 days in advance of the event to the Jessup Education Fund Committee.

2.      Financial aid is limited to ABC programs or interdenominational programs validated by ABC/USA.

3.      Funds will cover; Registration and a $250 scholarship per family unit attending (A single person is considered a family unit).

4.      A BRIEF WRITTEN REPORT to the congregation for inclusion in the Church Newsletter is required from those receiving aid. Report will be made within 30-60 days of the event.


Jack Clancy               Ed Castillo

Douglas Passage        Judi Gibbs






For the second year the Sunday School’s Youth Group has chosen the Adopt-a-Baby projects for the Utica Tabernacle Baptist Church whose mission work is in Utica, N.Y. The baby’s parents are displaced refugees from what was Burma, now Myanmar where Christians are persecuted by the communistic rule. The couple has arrived with only the clothing they are wearing. They need household goods and baby items for the arrival of their child.


The Youth Group finds this project exciting because it gets these folks heading for success. They immediately must learn English, get jobs, start citizenship studies and become active in their church – huge responsibilities which they accomplish. Last year’s project couple have been great examples of what can happen with active mission work close to us.


If you can help with baby items, household items, money and lots of prayers, it will give another couple and their baby a chance to move forward. Donations can be placed at the church’s side foyer door or they can be picked up by the Youth Group Members. For more information, please call Barbara L. Burke at 315-536-7020 or ask any of the Youth Group members for directions.

Great Things to Come



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