- - - NEWSLETTER FOR NOVEMBER, 2009 - - -    

 First Baptist Church

224 Main St. Penn Yan, NY 14527

 (315) 536-9821 e-mail:

Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor


Worship for November


Nov. 1             “Celebration of a Generous Spirit”

                        Acts 4:32-37


Nov. 8             “Let Your Light So Shine”

                        Matthew 5:14-16


Nov. 15           “Out of Tragedy - Strength”

                        II Corinthians 12:7-10

                        (Featuring a dialogue with Ken Anderson)


Nov. 22           “America the Beautiful”

                        Psalm 24:1-2


Nov. 29           “In the Beauty of Holiness”

                        Isaiah 35:1-10

                        (1st Sunday of Advent)



Greeter’s                                                                    Lay Readers

1 ~ Marge Cornell & Kathryn Warren                      Erma Mullins

8 ~ Paul Nash & George Jensen                                Greg Marion

15 ~ Lisa Wood & Brittany Griffin                             Anne Perry

22 ~ Fran Morse & Judi Gibbs                                  Pat Ames

29 ~ Greg, Tammy, Erik & Kyle Miller                    John FM Tharp




2 ~ Jeanette O’Brien                         20 ~ Marge Cornell

11 ~ Eva Jean Best                            21 ~ Judi Gibbs

11 ~ Barbara Gage                              25 ~ Margaret Drakely





Sunday, November 8 at noon


Beverage and ham will be provided.

Bring a dish to share and your own table service.

The tentative budget will be presented at that time.

Hosted by the Board of Trustees




Saturday, November 14    9 am - 1 pm

Silent Auction of Theme Baskets !

Baked Goodies !

Quilts !

Soup & Chili Luncheon

Sponsored by the ABW

This is a great opportunity to shop for Christmas!



Finger Lakes Association

Annual Meeting

November 8, 2009

Altay Baptist Church

Registration - 2:30 pm

Program - 3 pm

Dish to pass supper at 5 pm


Guest speaker: Rev. Dr. Donald Rasmussen,

Interim Executive Minister, ABC/NYS


Mary & Martha Circle

Tuesday, November 10 @ 10:30 am.  Kathryn Warren will provide dessert for the group and Kathie Lawrence will bring a devotion to reflect on. Remember to bring your own sandwich.


In Our Community


Turkey Walk

Sunday, November 1

The Council of Churches holds it’s annual TURKEY WALK the first Sunday in November to raise monies to cover the cost of the meats for the holiday food baskets given out by all area churches. The goal for FBC is $275 in sponsorships and/or donation. Walker/sponsor sign up sheets( bright orange) are available on the table in the foyer. For more information call Mickie Christiansen at 536-6345. Thank you for your support of this Christian endeavor!!


Progressive Dinner

Friday, November 6

A progressive dinner to benefit the Yates County Red Cross Local Disaster Fund will start at 5:30 am at the PYUMC with soup and salad. Followed at FBC for the main course and traveling on to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for dessert. Adult tickets: $10, children 6-12: $5; children 5 and under are free; and a family ticket (2 adults and under 18) $30. Tickets can be purchased here at FBC office or at Long’s Cards & Books by Wed. Nov. 4.



Thank You’s


To My First Baptist Church Friends:

          Thank you for the flowers, your caring and prayers that carried us through this most difficult time.                                                                                              ~ Judi gibbs


To Pastor John and PYFBC

          Thank you so much for the generous offering when Lucy and I visited over the summer. I know things are tight in general these days, so I appreciate your hearts to bless us anyway. The coin offering added another $8 exactly.

                                                                                 ~ Many blessings, Gwen Conrad and kids


Dear PYFBC Family

Just wanted to say thank you for all your calls, cards and letters, emails and prayers. Everything is going well, settling down. We miss you.

                                                                                  ~ Love, Eileen and Christian





Bethany DeLooza and James Travis were married on September 14,

in a very simple service performed by Grandma (Evelyn Emerson).

A large, more formal ceremony is planned for the near future,

as soon as Jim’s military schedule makes it possible. At the moment,

Beth remains at home and Jim has returned to complete his Army

training in Arizona.



News from Our Missionaries

                                    Please read the complete letters at the Reader’s Table.

Tim & Patti Long

Good reports are received from Teresa Miranda in her ministry as director of a cross-cultural training school.

Colds and flu are in the Baja quite early this year. A number of H1N1 cases are reported.

The WMO helps 16 missionaries work full time to train church leaders and 64 missionaries work fulltime in cutting edge ministries to human need as they present the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Roberta Stevens

A letter from Roberta’s Missionary Partnership team outlining the need for continued support for the next year arrived.






Now is the time to indicate your preference for a Memorial  bulletin cover.

The cost is $10 for one Sunday. In purchasing Memorial Bulletin Covers, you will help defray some of the church’s operating costs and at the same time memorialize or recognize a loved one. Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Please send this form to the church office along with your payment.


            Date Preferred _______________  From _______________________


            In Honor of ______________________________________________


            In Memory of _____________________________________________


Report of the Board of Trustees for October

The Trustees met on October 13, 2009. Highlights of the meeting are as follows:


Ÿ         Made plans for the Stewardship drive. There will be a Stewardship luncheon on Sunday, Nov. 8. It will be potluck with beverage and ham provided. Everyone needs to bring a dish to pass and their own table service. The tentative budget will be presented at that time.

Ÿ         The Trustees will meet with the Deacon’s on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 6:30 pm to go over the membership list and get addresses for the members on the list.

Ÿ         Looked at the drawing of how a bathroom with shower and wash machine and dryer could look if the community decided to use our basement for the needs of the homeless in our community.

Ÿ         We discussed changing the lock on the nursery door so that it will have a dedicated key. It has been used and left in disarray on several occasions and no one seems to know who was in there.

Ÿ         The Red Cross Progressive Dinner is to be rescheduled. We do not know when it will be as yet.

Ÿ         Lyle Conrad needs help with the mowing of the front lawn and weeding. If you are able to help please get in touch with him for instruction.

Ÿ         We need coverage for Peggy in the office on November 9.

Ÿ         The Church office will be closed on Nov. 27. The day following Thanksgiving.

Ÿ         We worked on the budgeted line items that the Trustees are responsible for.

Ÿ         The Advisory Board will meet on Oct. 22 to establish a budget.

Ÿ         The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 10, 2009.


Bd. Of Mission Report

            During the month of September we gave:

                        Keuka College                                   $350

                        Keuka Collee Chaplaincy                   $150

                        NYS Found. For Campus Ministry     $100

                        ABC/NYS Regional Offering  $276

                        Springbrook                                        $450



With such a large influx of Karen and Chin refugees into NYS, ABC/NYS has engaged Rev. Philemon Ceu to minister to the Karen and Chin Baptists in NYS. Rev. Ceu worked for the U. N. in the Chin refugee camps in Thailand.



Our last report from BIM states that over $800,000 was given in missionary support and with the doubling $1,600,000 was raised. WE HAVE RECEIVED WORD THAT ALL THE MISSIONARIES HAVE FULFULLED THEIR QUOTAS AND THEREFORE ALL OUR MISSIONARIES WILL BE GOING TO THEIR OVERSEAS ASSIGMNENTS IN 2010!!! HALLELUJAH!!!


            Most of the October meeting was spent in discussing the 2010 budget. For the past 3 years your Bd of Mission kept your Mission Budget flat with no significant increase. This year we will be supporting ABC endorsed projects. However, with the added need of helping missionaries raise 80% of their quotas, we are adding $600  to the budget.

            In addition to the 4 special offerings we take - WMO, AFC, OGHS and RMMO -  we are joining the Board of National Ministries in THE PENNY PROJECT. The Penny Project, is to help all Americans realize the fact the 14 million children live in poverty in the USA and Puerto Rico. BNM is attempting to collect 1,400,000 pennies to represent those children. All funds collected will go to the “FEED THE CHILDREN” project of BNM. We are asking you to PRAYERFULLY  consider RAISING YOUR PLEDGE for 2010.

            In recognition of the difficult times we are living in, we-your Bd of Mission- will not come to your for any additional funds beyond your pledge and the 5 special offerings in 2010.



For a fun event, your Bd of Mission is sponsoring a PRE-CHRISTMAS PARTY in December. Children of all ages will be constructing a cloth mural of the manger scene. We encourage all adults to come and help the kids complete the mural. There will  be refreshments and a short DVD. More information to come.

                                                                             Your Board of Mission




Sometimes God has to do a little pruning in our lives. There are things we must let go. There are events that force us to branch out in unexpected ways. Even when these changes pinch a little, God’s purpose is for our good - strength and beauty in our souls. And when we are all growing together, we can support those around us, even as they are helping us to stand.




What wonders a bit of encouragement can do!

It’s one of the most awesome treasures God has given us -

The ability to inspire, motivate, and reassure others.


Encouragement doesn’t have to be profound…

It just needs to be expressed.

                                                                   ~ Barbara Johnson