- - - - NEWSLETTER FOR NOVEMBER 2008 - - - -    


 First Baptist Church

224 Main St. Penn Yan, NY 14527

 (315) 536-9821 e-mail:

Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor


November services of worship and praise:


Nov. 2             The “Thanks” Part of Thanksgiving

                        I Corinthians 1:4-9


Nov. 9             The “Giving” Part of Thanksgiving

                        II Corinthians 9:6-15


Nov.16                        Holidays and Holy Days

                        Romans 14:5-12


Nov. 23           Bring In The Full Tithe

                        Malachi 3:6-12


Nov. 30           The Giving of Good Gifts

                        James 3:13-18



Serving the Church in November:


Date                Lay Readers                                                  Greeters

Nov. 2             Tammy Miller                        Kathryn Warren & Marge Cornell

Nov. 9             Pat Ames                          Lisa Wood, Brittany Griffin & Betty Johnson

Nov. 16           Stan Ovens                             Cathy & Paul MacDougall

Nov. 23           Greg Miller                            Sean Ahearn & Lyle Conrad

Nov. 30           Margaret Mills                      Pat Ames & Necia Smith


November Birthdays:

2          Jeanette O’Brien                   21        Judi Gibbs

11              Eva Jean Best                        22        Carrie Ahearn

12              Barbara Gage                        25        Clifford LeBarr

20       Marge Cornell                       27        Margaret Drakely



A message from Pastor John:


BEHOLD I AM DOING A NEW THING            Isaiah 43:19

Have you ever seen an advertisement that says: “This is the same old thing that we did before, but we hope you will buy it anyway.” That product is doomed to sit on the shelf. The presidential candidates are working feverishly to distance themselves from anything that ties them to the past. Churches, businesses, fashions, and even financial organizations want the “new look”, fresh appeal, and a future momentum. Some of you may remember the 50’s Chrysler ad for cars with the “Forward Look”.  It is instructive for us to realize that those “Forward Looking” cars now show up at “cruisin’ nites” as classical reminders of a by gone era.


But as Bob Dylan (1964) used to sing, “the times they are a chang’n”. And the times are speeding up. A group that follows trends in our culture, Electronics Industry Alliance, did a study on how quickly Americans assimilate new technology. Their stats show the time between certain important inventions and the time when those inventions are in half of the American homes. For example:


from invention to presence in ½ the homes:

·        Telephones                      71 years

·        Electricity                         52 years

·        Radios                              28 years

·        Personal Computers        19 years

·        Color Televisons              18 years

·        Cable television               15 years

·        Cell phones                       14 years

·        Video Recorders              12 years

·        Compact Disk (cd’s)        11 years

·        Internet Access                10 years


Do we see a trend here? We are sponging up technology at an ever increasing rate. However, there is something even more important shown us by this list. Every one of these (except electricity, which powers the rest) is related to communication. People want to relate to other people, get the new information, post their views, be part of the world mix, and find others who share their values.


Let’s take a little deeper look at the message of Isaiah.

“Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already - you can see it now.

I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there.”


In a day of world-wide instant communication, people are still looking for the streams of living water that God offers through faith in Jesus Christ. In the words of Isaiah 43:21, “They are my people I made for myself, and they will sing my praises.” Six billion people on our planet make a great babble sound, but in the midst of the noise and the confusion there is a stream of living water that wells up where ever the people are singing the praises of God. In a manner of speaking, praise to God is the Lord’s internet. Praise, thanksgiving, worship, prayer, service, and expressions of Christian joy is the link that brings us together. It is the source of refreshment for God’s people. It is constantly new and renewing.                                                                                              Pastor John




Stewardship Drive Events:


Sunday, Oct. 26

The Proposed Budget will be available.


Sunday, Nov. 2

Questions & Answers Session during coffee hour

This is your time to ask the questions about the budget.


Sunday, Nov. 9

Stewardship Kick-Off Luncheon

Meat Beverages and table service is provided

Bring a dish to pass



Annual Fall Fest Bazaar!

Sponsored by the American Baptist Women

November 15 - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Great Room


·        Silent Auction of themed baskets, quilts and more

·        Baked goods and handmade items for sale

·        Soup or Chili lunch starting at 11:30 a.m.



Embrace the fall season by joining the ABW, family and friends at this year’s Annual Fall Fest Bazaar. The traditional silent auction of theme baskets and quilts will be the perfect thing to start out your holiday season shopping. Gift ideas as well as items to enrich your home décor can surely be found in the baskets or the baked goods and handmade items for sale.



Mary & Martha Circle

The ladies of the Circle will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Marge Cornell will lead devotions and Helena Cranmer will bring dessert for the group, just remember to bring your own sandwich.  We plan to roll bandages.



Fellowship Class

On the fourth Wednesday of each month the ladies Fellowship Class meets at noon in the library. This month they meet on Wednesday, November 26. 

Milly Bloomquist will bring dessert for the group and will lead devotions. Remember to bring your sandwich.



Report from the Trustees:

·        The Len Ortenzi Science presentation netted $196.85

·        The Mark Lawrence concert netted $474.00

·        Thank you notes were written to Len, Mark, and Mark’s accompanist.

·        Much of the meeting was devoted to making final preparations for the Stewardship Drive.

~ On Oct. 26, the proposed budget will be available before and after the service.

~ On Nov. 2, people will be available during the Coffee Hour to answer questions concerning the budget.

~ On Nov. 9, there will be a kick-off luncheon. Meat, beverages and table service will be provided. Please bring a dish to pass. The pledge envelopes will be out for you to pick up.

~ The deadline for returning pledges is Nov. 30.

·        The Board worked on setting the budget for items they are responsible for.



From the Board of Missions

We will be taking our World Mission Offering the last week of October and the first week of November. If you missed the collection in October and would like to contribute please use the envelope attached to this newsletter.

            The Board of Missions thanks you for your attention throughout the year as we have presented information on each of the recipients of your mission dollar. Please feel free to continue to provide us with your input.

            Our plan for 2009 is to increase the mission budget by only $15.00 to cover an increase in the cost of the Secret Place. Some minor changes in the distribution of the money collected for missions, is under discussion at this time. We will make this information available when we present our 2009 budget.

Thank you for your support.

The Board of Missions



The Penn Yan Area Council of Churches invites you to celebrate

as a community of faith at the annual Community Service of

Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 23, at 7 p.m. at Penn Yan

United Methodist Church.


An ecumenical choir will bring special music and the Rev. David Smith, pastor of

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, will bring the Thanksgiving Message. A special offering will be received for “Food for the Needy.”


Please join with others from our faith community,

as we give thanks for all God’s blessings in our lives.


Yates Office for the Aging

Are you caring for elderly family members? The Yates Office for the Aging would like to inform you of services available to support and assist family caregivers of the elderly.

·        Respite services                                      *Caregiving Magazine Subscriptions

·        Alzheimer’s Support group                      * Home Assessments

·        Counseling                                                * Much more!

·        Information on choices for Long Term Care

There are pamphlets available at the church bulletin board for more information. Or you may wish to call the Yates Office for the Aging at 536-5515.


Event To Honor Caregivers - We Need Your Help! - Please Make Nominations

In recognition of National Caregivers Month, the Yates Office for the Aging is planning to honor full-time family caregivers. We would like caregivers to be our guests at our Thanksgiving Dinner on November 19, 2008, where we will acknowledge their heroic efforts assisting their loved ones who are age 60 or older. We will provide traditional Thanksgiving fare and special transportation, and if needed someone to stay with the care receiver. If you provide a name and address (536-5515) we will send an invitation to that individual. Deadline is Oct. 31.

*If anyone is willing to volunteer to be a companion that evening to a care receiver, call YO for the Aging at 536-5515.



For Your Reading

Some of you might be interested in the current issue of THE CHRISTIAN CITIZEN. Two years ago they devoted an issue to the 12,000,000 children, that’s right, twelve million children living in poverty in the USA. This issue is devoted to how local churches, like FBC, are responding to this crisis. See the Readers Table in the foyer.


The summer issue of LEGACY, a pamphlet put out by the American Baptist Foundation contains an article on Lawrence and Wanda Rice of Newark, NY. It describes how they used their wills to assist ABCNYS Camps and Boy Scouts. You might find it interesting. See the Readers Table.



Stamps, Box Tops, Campbell’s Lables

The Board of Missions is always collecting cancelled stamps from your mail, Box Tops for Education from General Mills products and Campbell’s bar codes with the soup boy. Now that it’s turning cooler, lots of us are eating soup. Save your collections and drop them off in the church office or to a Bd. of Missions member. It takes just a moment of your time and helps so many different services.

Thank You!



Signs and Wonders

Sign outside a Minnesota church:

“Come in and pray today. Beat the Christmas rush.”



(Sung to the tune of “The More We Get Together”)

Gobble, gobble, gobble; fat turkey am I

Gobble, gobble, gobble; fat turkey am I

I’m not here for living, I’m here for Thanksgiving

Gobble, gobble, gobble; fat turkey am I!