First Baptist   Newsletter   Penn Yan   
October 2014
From Pastor Sanden

Dear Church Family,

It is great to get back into the Fall routine. It’s good to have the children’s messages back and boards meeting regularly.

There is something I’d like us to be thinking and praying about in the days to come: new praise books. Several people have mentioned to me that the old books are looking pretty sad and are hard to read. There are several approaches to remedy this.

We could assemble a new book. We would start with the songs I’ve had to copy for the bulletins and solicit other suggestions from all of you. I don’t know what the cost of this might be, but the advantage would be that we would have a custom book with our favorites and not so much “deadwood”.

We could purchase new hymnals that have more current selections. I know of one that would contain many, but not all, of the songs we have become accustomed to. These could be had for about $15.00 each for the pew edition.

The drawback to these is that each year new songs come out. And while we would probably not use a lot of the new music, it would mean making photocopies again for anything that is not included in either of these books. Which leads to a revival of another discussion.

Another option is to renew our attempt to project music, video and visual sermon aids. This would be the most expensive of the options but would give the most flexibility and ensure that our music would always be current; with the added benefit of those things just mentioned.

With new technology there is always a learning curve, but I think we can manage that. Those of you who have visited other churches probably realize that projection is not really new technology, but it would be new to us.

The other less definable benefit is the attraction of this format for younger people. I’m not advocating forging ahead with new technology until we have prayed and researched the benefits and drawbacks and gotten input from as many of you as possible. Perhaps this is the time for renewed discussion.

Thank you all for your continued love and support as we seek God’s will and direction for this corner of God’s kingdom.

In this together,
Pastor Sanden

News and Upcoming Events

October Birthdays:
1 – Margaret Mills
7 – Polly Logan
8 – Jean Brewer
8 – Rev. Sanden
10 – Clarence Ansley
14 – Jayda Schroo
16 – Greg Marion
25 – Pam Scutt
25 – Scott Robbins
28 – Gail Yonge

ABW Fall Rally - Saturday, October 11, 2014 at the Second Milo Baptist Church.
8:30 am - Continental Breakfast
9 am - Business Meeting
10 am - Missionary Speaker, Matt Mann will tell about his work in Laos.

Advisory Council - Thursday, October 16th
There will be a meeting of the Advisory Council and we need a representative from each Board to be present as well as your 2015 budget figures; prepared and ready to present to the Council that evening.

World Mission Offering - Sunday, October 26th
For more information, see the Board of Missions report

Monday Fellowship Dinners
$3.00 per person
5:00 pm, Mondays
Followed by a free-family-friendly movie!

Spot Light On…The Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality Committee serves up smiles, hugs and good foods just when you need it. They help with church functions, receptions and, for our church family when they experience the loss of a loved one, they can help with a light luncheon or appetizers following a memorial service.However, they do not operate within the church budget and are funded with donations. If you should need their services an example of their costs would be:
Punch & cookies: $25
Appetizers: $75
Lite Lunch: $150
These estimates would be for serving 50-75 people

Oatmeal for the Backpack Program
Think of warm breakfasts for chilly mornings to help fuel our school kids. Individual oatmeal packets are needed for the month of October.

Missions Report

“Come Over And Help Us!”
World Mission Offering

Dear Members and Friends;
Almost 2000 years ago, the Apostle Paul saw a vision of a man saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” Today, the same call is being echoed all over the world- from Myanmar and Brazil to South Africa and Macau. People are crying out for the hope and light of the gospel.

At FBC Penn Yan, we’re committed to Jesus’ Great Commission to “make disciples of all the nations…” one way we can do this is to support the WMO. During worship from Sept 28th thru October 26th, we’ll learn how the WMO is being used by ABC/USA to place missionaries in the world.

We believe that God will lead us to provide increased support for worldwide mission. Our 2014 offering goal is $1,050. Please join us as we gain deeper understanding of International Ministries and how others will be blessed through our WMO giving.

Your board of Mission

Mission Report
Congratulations!!! You received thank-you’s for the following contributions: NYS Council of Churches $100 budgeted, Colgate Rochester Crozier Seminary exceeded their goal of $348,000 with your help, Christmas for the Needy - $1,000 for Toys and $100 budgeted, Food for the Needy $600 budgeted, Milly’s Pantry $323.24 for the Penny Project.

We learned that International Ministries has established new partnerships with Egypt, Armenia and Poland. IM is now partnering with over 230 organizations.

OGHS sent $20,000 to help combat Ebola!

Your Bd will collect the World Mission Offering on October 26th. Our goal was $1000 in 2013. You gave $1144! Our goal for 2014 is $1050. Can we do better than we did in 2013? Please read the letter regarding WMO found in another part of this newsletter.

Now that the regular church program has started, we remind you to get back into the habit of making your regular pledges! We need $6000 by the end of the year to meet your budget.

A Prayer for United Nations Day (October 24th)
O Lord our God, you most marvelously work out the reconciliation of all peoples though your living word. Bring your word to bear with power, we pray, on the United Nations and on all those who sit in its councils. Instill in them such awe of your power that they will use their own power responsibly to advance justice and establish peace in the relations among nations. We ask you to hear our prayer, as we also thank you that you have assured us that our prayers are heard through the perfect mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Missionary News
Tim & Patti Long’s journal tells of more than 100 Christian and Jewish leaders meeting to pray for the thousands of kids and teens coming from South and Central America to the USA. Tim & Patti, Mary Gonzales-Barnes, Adelia Guiterez and Ray Schillinger wrote a letter to all ABC/USA Churches expressing their concern for these kids and teens. They ask you to include them in your prayers.

Our Special Interest Missionaries – Peter and Sarah McCurdy’s journal tells of their preparing to go to the Dominican Republic.
Please read their journals on the Reader’s Table.

Immigrant Crisis
Since our American Baptist Missionaries serving on the U. S. /Mexican border have asked us to be in prayer for the refugee situation developing in that area, our First Baptist Church Board of Mission would like to suggest that we each offer the following prayer for those in need all over the world and for those who can bring justice and healing.

God, who can turn our worries into wings of joy and our sorrows into songs of thanks, let not our hearts be so troubled by the tragedies of this life’s moment that we lose sight of the eternal life in Your Kingdom. Give comfort and solace to our brothers and sisters who suffer almost unbearable losses every second, minute and hour around the world. Strengthen our resolve to replace hatred with love, tension with trust, fear with understanding, and selfishness with caring and community. Heal, O God, all your people so that those who are hurt, may live in a world of peace, opportunity, and justice. Amen.

News from the Board of Christian Education

The Board of Education, comprised of the Pastor, Sue Willson and Greg Marion met on Sept. 11, 2014 and determined the following:
• The Chairperson of the Board of Christian Education will be assumed by Sue Willson. Sue has graciously agreed to take the reins since Greg Marion will not be able to do so.
• The Nursery will be staffed each Sunday during the service. This vital service should be available when needed.
• The Primary program (ages 3 – 5+) will be directed by Sue Willson. The emphasis for the coming semester will be on the Story of Moses.
• The Elementary Program (ages 5 – 10+) will be directed by Diane Delooza who will teach during the fall semester.
• The possibility of a Youth Program will be explored.
• Our Adult Program will be directed by Ed Castillo. Ed will be using Judson Bible Journeys as the basis for the Adult Bible Study. They meet in the Library after Service each Sunday. Get a goodie and join us!
• The Board of Christian Education will supply and man the Coffee Hours during October. Look for goodies and conversation!
• The Christmas Pageant will be presented at the December 21st Service.
• The Children’s Story will be included in the Sunday Service. This is a fun thing to do, and the duty should be shared. Don’t be surprised if you are asked!
• Our Rally Day, held on September 14th was celebrated with a picnic and fishing expedition at the Outlet Boat Launch.
• Our tentative Budget for 2015 was set as follows:
- Camps and Conferences was raised from $0.00 to $1000. The importance of this item to the Spiritual growth of youngsters is seen as vital to our church.
- Youth Program was raised from $0.00 to $100. We counted 14 youth who are associated with First Baptist Church. We hope to encourage them to develop spiritually in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
- Adult Sunday School remains at $100. This item is used mainly to support our subscription to Judson Bible Journeys.
- Supplies remain at $50.
- Vacation Bible School was raised from $0.00 to $500. Look for changes in our VBS program!
We have a lot to do. Your support and prayers mean a lot.

"No Prayer is Too Small"

Taken from the Secret Place
On a wet, rainy Sunday night after a firefighters’ training session, we received a call that a cat was stuck on top of a highway bridge pillar. Due to personnel safety our policy is usually, “if the cat got up the tree, it can get down,” but this wasn’t the usual case. The kitten apparently was abandoned and fell through the road gutter and landed on the pillar. A jump of 75 feet was its only means of survival without help. When I positioned the bucket of our 100-foot aerial as close as I could to the concrete column, the kitten shied away. I thought this was going to be an exercise in futility unless God intervened. I prayed to God, explaining that if the kitten refused to cooperate I couldn’t keep my men and equipment out in the rain all night. “And if it pleases you, Lord, would you make the animal cooperate?” Within 10 seconds, God’s weary creature slowly ventured close enough for me to grab hold of it and return it to safety. Don’t ever think that your prayers are too small for God. God’s in the big stuff and the little stuff as well.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us hearts of compassion and a respect for life no matter what its form may be. Amen.

A Poem

Autumn Blessings ~ Jo Ann Kelly

Everywhere we look, we behold the handiwork of God
Autumn scenes of majestic color, fill this earth which we now trod,
Leaves of red, gold, and crimson beauty, seem to float gently to the ground.
Witnessing of the Creator, without even making a sound.
The bountiful harvest displays can be seen all around.
Pumpkins, apples, hay and corn, decorate both country and town,
Children gleefully play in mounds of leaves piled high,
Farmers work to redeem the time, knowing winter soon is nigh.
Autumns blessings are abundant and a time for our thanksgiving
God has blessed the earth again, He is our Savior and reason for living.
In this season of special beauty, let us bow our heads and pray,
Giving God praise for abundant blessings, thanking Him each new day.