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Penn Yan First Baptist News ~ October


Wish These Friends a Happy October Birthday

1 – Margaret Mills                                        16 – Greg Marion

7 – Polly Logan                                              25 – Pam Scutt

8 – Jean Brewer                                             25 – Scott Robbins

14 – Jayda Schroo


Advisory Council

There will be a meeting of the Advisory Council on Thursday, October 18th. at 7 pm in the church library. All boards and committees need to have a representative attend this meeting. Bring your budget figures for 2013.


World Peace Begins At Home

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is assisting Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes in planning a special event for Saturday, October 20 – an open-to-the-community event called World Peace Begins At Home. The guest speaker for the day will be Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Local children – elementary to high school will have an opportunity to submit artwork and poetry for use in the day's program and activities – all centered on the theme. Be sure to watch the church bulletins for more information on this historic event for our community of Penn Yan!




News from the Board of Christian Education

We had a very successful summer. Our Vacation Bible School went well. While smaller this year, the school was well organized thanks to the efforts of all. A special thanks to Sue Willson, who put the program together and supervised the school. There were seven youngsters who ,through FBC were able to participate in the programs at Camp Vick. The Board has agreed that we would find the funds to allow any child to attend Camp Vick.


The Nursery, Primary, Elementary, and Adult Sunday School programs will be offered at each regular Sunday Service. A Youth Course will be offered as well. At this time the Youth Class will meet upstairs in Room 200 at 10 AM on Sundays and continue until the Offertory when the class will join the congregation for the sermon and benediction. Please bear with us as we work out the wrinkles for this important class.


We look forward to Eileen Modaffari's leading us on a tour of the Earth Museum and Science Museum. We are hoping for lots of company and good weather.


High School Seniors should be aware that the Council of Churches has a scholarship for graduates. The ABW does as well. Baptist Seniors planning to enroll at Keuka College can also obtain a scholarship. There is money available for the right person. Ask around seniors!!!


Our tentative budget this year includes increased monies for Camp Vick Campers and a lap top projector that we need to enhance our programs.


Greg Marion



News from The Board of Trustees


Steeple Roofing

            After more than one year of trying, Proctor Roofing has decided not to

          honor our contract with them to replace  the steeple roofing (shingles

          for the slate).

Custodial Service

           The Trustees are very pleased with the custodial work Sandy Howard has

          been doing for us through the ARC. We hope to hire her Dec. 1, 2012.

Thank You

            We received a thank you from the Yates County Concert Series that

          included a $200 donation.

Stewardship Campaign

            Be thinking ahead to the November Stewardship Campaign – watch for         

          more details to come.



Report from The Board of Missions

Dear Friends, - We wish to thank you and commend you for keeping your pledges up to date throughout the summer. At the end of August we were $1236 in the black.


That is in addition to your giving $714 to the ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING for disaster relief and $310 to the PENNY PROJECT for the Backpack Program.


If your giving continues at this pace,w e should have no difficulty  paying the $4665 remaining in the 2012 budget.


A quick reminder that we are still collecting used stamps, Campbell product labels and General Mill's “Boxtops for Education” for worthy projects.



1.      International Ministries ON LOCATION summer 2012 gives a synopsis of the WORLD MISSION CONFERENCE held at the ABA, Green Lake, WI in May. Take special note of the tribute paid to Rev. Ronnie Lanier, who at 93 years of age is still going strong doing mission.

2.      Home Mission Ministries “Mission in America” has a very interesting article - “I Must Impact People and Change the World”. This written by Blake Bradford, 18, who while attending the “IMMERSE” conference in Washington DC, decided on a career in Professional Ministry. It is well worth the reading.

3.      Two of our missionaries in Assam, Northeast India, report on violence in NE India. Read about how some of our giving to the World Mission Offering is being used to aid refugees.

4.      International Ministries – Come, Grow, Change reports on how IM partners in Russia in a church for English speaking Christians in Moscow. This church founded through the efforts of FDR has been in existence for 50 years. All through the cold war and other difficulties the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy has carried on. Read about the missions being carried out today.


Look for these reports on the Reader's Table and Mission Bulletin Board outside the Great Room.


The Board of Missions wants to thank all those who have kept up their pledges and contributed to our outreach to the local community programs and helped us support American Baptist Mission work in the United States and throughout the world.


The final Blanket Offering total is $315 – 63 blankets. The final total for the One Great Hour of Sharing is $714.


We are managing to keep up-to-date on our support for others. By the end of December, we still need $5900 to break even: United Mission Basics $3600; Missionary Support for Tim & Patti Long $200;  Institutional Support $1750; Missionary Christmas $150; Emergency Fund $200.
Thank you again for your generosity.

~ Your Board of Mission


World Mission Offering

Part of being a follower of Christ is to share the good news of Jesus not only in our neighborhood but, also around the world. Each year, the

WORLD MISSION OFFERING (WMO) provides a chance to understand what is happening worldwide through International Ministries and to support important mission efforts.


Four Sundays in our worship services from September 23 to October 14, we will learn about the WMO, using the theme “HEAR THE CALL.” You and your children will remember the story of God calling Samuel to be his prophet.

1 Samuel 3:10 reminds us of our need to support mission and being active in mission as we answer God's call by saying, “Speak, your servant is listening.”


Our WMO gifts make possible the ministries of 100 long-term missionaries and more than 1800 short-term missionaries and volunteers. They work with 225 partner organizations in more than 70 countries to:









We believe that when we HEAR THE CALL, God will lead us to provide support for worldwide missions. Our goal for WMO in 2012 is $1000.

Please give generously. ~~ Your Board of Mission


Report - Jim and Debbie Kelsey

~ The Kelseys move their home base ~ Debbie Continues with Work in Italy and around Europe

At the beginning of July, Jim accepted the call as Executive Minister of American Baptist Churches of NY State. I celebrate this new ministry for Jim and trust that you will pray for him in his new responsibilities.


With International Ministries' agreement, I will serve as a “Regional Missionary” - a designation that mean that I will live in the US and work with anti-trafficking for sexual exploitation issues not only in Italy but also in Europe. This new full-time focus on ministry to women in prostitution and education about anti-trafficking issues will permit collaboration on printed resources and conferences on trafficking in the US and allow me to investigate possible interventions in the Nigerian trafficking too.


Please continue to partner in financial support of this ministry. While I will be “in the street” with the women less often, I will focus on equipping others to be there which multiplies the mission in the long run. Thank you for sharing in this ministry with me! Feel free to write or call me if you have any questions. ~ Your missionary to exploited women in Europe.                   


Debbie Kelsey, 8335 E. Seneca Tpke, Manlius, NY 14103 ~~  (937)204-5732 ~~


“Your Budget Is a Theological Statement”

From Rev. Dr. Ron Vallet, Ambassador for American Baptist United Mission

Thank you for your support of United Mission!


Some have described a government's financial budget as a moral document. I would agree with this assertion. The federal budget, for example, establishes priorities and principles, dictating who benefits and sometimes, who suffers.


This month, I wish to take this assertion a step further. Labor day is past. Schools have reopened. Churches are moving into a more active fall pattern of activities. Soon most churches will build and act on financial budgets for the coming year. What is the frame of reference as your congregation creates a budget? Does it mainly reflect an instinct to survive, no matter what? Or is it a theological document that mirrors the gospel of Jesus Christ? Your answer can be telling.


In my view, a congregation's financial budget is not only a moral document; it is also a theological statement. A church's budget puts forth not only an income and spending plan for the coming year (or more), it says to those who vote on it as well as to those who are impacted by it: “These are our priorities. These are the things we believe in and that we want to do next year and into the future.”


The question is, “Do our priorities and principles as congregations line up with Jesus' gospel mandate, especially as spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...”? The execution of God's mission starts with the church – those who are “called out” for the task. But it does not end there; it extends to the utmost part of the earth.


And what is the prayer that Jesus taught to his disciples? We call it the “Lord's prayer,” and it includes these words found in Matthew 6:10: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” God's kingdom and will are to be a reality right here on earth, including  the time in which we live.


What happens when God's kingdom comes one earth? Who benefits? Jesus' words in Luke 4:18-19 give us a strong clue:


            “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring   

              good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the

            captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free,

                                    to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor.”


Jesus' biblical priorities are the ones that should guide us and be reflected in our financial budgets!


As American Baptists, we have the opportunity to exercise these priorities through our budgeted contributions to United Missions. United Missions provides support to our international ministries, national ministries, and regional ministries. The beneficiaries include those to whom Jesus referred in Luke 4.


Is your congregation's budget a theological statement that reflects Jesus' priorities?

I pray that it is. ~ Rev. Dr. Ron Vallet



Green Lake Conference Center

As you may or may not know, Ed and Rita have gone to the American Baptist Assembly/Green Lake Conference Center as volunteers for many years. The American Baptist Assembly is a special place. It is 1100 acres of prairies, woods, gardens, lake frontage and 2 golf courses. When one drives through the gates, the feeling of the motto, “A Closer Walk with God” becomes real.


Throughout the summer many different people come. Some come as families, some for a rest, some come for renewel and some come for the many different conferences held there.


There are many types of work that volunteers can do. It depends on their interests. Ed works in Troster Arts and Crafts. They have Jewelry Making, Lapidary, Ceramics, China Decorating and Stained Glass. He works in Stained Glass helping people make thier own pieces. Rita works as a Guest Representative in Roger Williams Inn.  She greets guest, helps with any questions they might have and makes them feel welcome and at home.


To assist during the main conference seasons, when groups can run from 250 to 650, many volunteers are needed. As the ages of volunteers increase and health issues increase, the number of volunteers decreases. Many more are needed. There are benefits given to the volunteers. THINK ABOUT IT.


With 1100 acres of grounds, 3 hotels, an administration building with a 700 person dining room, many  rental houses, campgrounds, and 3 permanant campgrounds, there are alot of expenses. Money is always needed. THINK ABOUT IT.


The JOY of volunteering as ABA is in greeeting other voluntters, attending conferences such as the Music Conference (an ABA related conf.) The World Mission Conference this year was great with over 450 attendees. Special Note: in 2014 BIM will be at the ABA for 2 full weeks celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Adoniram Judson's missionary tour to Burma. THINK ABOUT IT.


Over the year, work parties from ABC churches come to the ABA to do various jobs – help with the gardens, painting, roofing, some clean green ware in Ceramics. All types of help is needed. THINK ABOUT IT.


Ed & Rita Castillo