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First Baptist Church of Penn Yan, NY

September, 2012


We as God’s people will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ

By maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.



Dear Church Family,


The summer is quickly coming to an end. I will be glad to get into the swing of a new season. Jump starting the season on August 31st we will be manning a game booth at Keuka College’s first ever Religious Carnival. The purpose of the gathering is to acquaint the students with the local religious communities. We will be there to let them know we are available to the college community.


As I get to know you all better I will be asking you to share your faith stories. These remind us of the One who called us, forgave us and made us part of his family. He is the basis for our fellowship and the one who commissions our work as an outpost in His Kingdom. He also gives us the strength and the tools to accomplish what he has called us to do.


That is why I mentioned last month that we need to relate our good works to our faith and to do so more openly. If we do not begin and end with Jesus, we work pointlessly. John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in me - and me in him - bears much fruit, because apart from me you can accomplish nothing.”


Let’s bear much fruit! ~ Pastor Steve



Wish These Friends a Happy September Birthday

7 ~ Kathryn Clayson                     20 ~ Pat Ames

7 ~ Sean Ahearn                            24 ~ Greg Miller

8 ~ Mary Lou Hainsworth            25 ~ Jack Clancy

11 ~ Sylvia Ansley                         30 ~ Barbara Burke

17 ~ Matt Scutt


Church Meeting Bulletin Board

Diaconate - Tuesday, September 4th at 7 pm.

We still have a couple of spots left to fill for this committee and if anyone is interested in serving on this board, please contact Barb Stewart at 536-8079 or

Missions - Thursday, September 6th at 3:30 pm

Trustees - Sunday, September 9th at 11:15 am

Christian Education – Thursday, September 13th at 7 pm


Mary & Martha Circle - Tuesday, September 11

Ladies you are invited to join us for another year of fellowship, devotions and out-reach. The 2nd Tuesday of the month we meet in the church library at 10:30 am, for devotions, cutting and rolling bandages and a lite lunch and dessert.

Sounds good, right? We’ll see you there!


ABW Sunday - September 16th

Join us for a special service planned and presented by the women of the church. The morning’s message will be “Surrounded by Missionaries.”

 Several of our women will share some “on the job” information about projects and programs they are actively involved with.


Installation Party for Rev Sanden – September 30

The formal Installation of our new pastor, Rev. Stephen Sanden will be held on Sunday, September 30th, at 2 pm. A number of guests have been invited to attend and the service will include American Baptist Regional Staff and American Baptist Association Members. There will be a special reception following the service. This is a very important event in the life of our church and every member is encouraged to attend. The members of the committee arranging the Installation Service and Reception are: Nancy Marion, Moderator and Search Committee; Barbara Stewart, Diaconate; Cindy Ovens, Hospitality Committee; and Tammy Miller, Pastoral Relations. If you have any questions please see a committee member. Please join us for the Installation of Rev. Sanden as our new Pastor!


Advisory Council – October 18

There will be a meeting of the Advisory Council on Thursday, October 18th  at 7 pm in the church library. All boards and committees need to have a representative attend this meeting. Bring your budget figures for 2013.


Christian Education News

Our program begins on September 9th with Rally Day. We hope to have our campers tell us about their camping experiences at Camp Vic, and under the direction of Shane Furman, our FBC Thesbians will present a drama based on the life of Paul, the Apostle. At that time we will be asking you to register for Sunday School. After the Worship Service and Sunday School, join us as we try our hands at fishing as we picnic at the boat launch.


We will offer classes for everyone. The adult class will begin with an opportunity to study significant current issues in the life of the church. Ed Castillo and Don Lawrence will lead the discussions. Sue Willson will oversee our primary programs and Greg Marion will handle the Elementary Sunday School. New this year will be a Youth Sunday School after the regular service. This course will focus on Baptist Beliefs and Practices.


Kidz Klub will also meet monthly for dinner and good times. Save September 22nd as we are planning a trip to Ithaca to visit the Museum of the Earth and the Science Center. Everyone is invited to go! Stay tuned! More trips are in the planning as you read this!!!


Look for our Christmas Pageant in December as well as our Easter Egg Hunt in the Spring as that will spring-board us to Vacation Bible School. Please pray for our programs that they may bring us and our community closer to Jesus in this new church year.


   ~ Respectfully, Greg Marion, Chairperson


Board of Mission Report for July - August

In the first 7 weeks of the summer we have received $244.20 in the Loose Offering and $1,263 in Pledges. This puts us about $400 behind this time last year. We need to keep up our pledges to Missions if we hope to meet our obligations to schools and homes we support. We still need to cover $300 for the PSALM Fund (for pastoral support in smaller churches) $1,750 in Institutional Support, $450 for Missionary Support, $4500 for United Missions by the end of the year. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Mission Budget.


Notes from the Choir

There will be a choir meeting on Monday, August 27th, at 6:30 pm. We will prepare for the new choir season which begins in September. This is an excellent opportunity for any new and interested persons to join one of the best choirs around. Don’t hesitate, check us out. It’s a lot of fun and hard work and, this is an excellent way to share your stewardship talents by sharing your vocal expressions. Also, if you play an instrument and would be willing to share that talent, join in this meeting or contact Barb Stewart at 315-536-8079 or email at


   ~ Thanks, Barb Stewart


Top Reasons You Should Join the Choir

1. You’re running out of clean clothes and the robe saves on laundry.

2. You’ve just been selected for Jury Duty and you want to get used to sitting with a large group of people.

3. From your special vantage point every Sunday in which you look out over the entire congregation from the choir seats, you will develop interesting new hobbies.  Among these is a little guessing came called, “Who’s Praying, Who’s Sleeping?”

4. For years you’ve wanted to know who sits in the back of the church but you didn’t want to turn around and look.

5. When people ask if you’ve been behaving yourself you can say with the utmost sincerity, “Hey, I’m a choir member!”


A BIG Thank You!

To everyone who had a part in supporting the American Baptist Men by providing sandwiches for their conference: those who contributed food or money and those who helped make the sandwiches. They were enjoyed by all.


Another Thank You!

From the Board of Trustees a big thank you! We have realized a profit of $1,876 from the sale of hot dogs, hamburgs, sodas and chips at the summer outdoor concerts on the courthouse lawn! Most note-ably, thank you to Greg Miller for showing up every week to do the grilling for us. Also, Tammy, Erik and Kyle!


There were three others who faithfully showed up every week of the eight concerts to set up, sell and clean up. They are: Stan Ovens, Erma Mullins and Diane DeLooza. There were also several others who showed up to lend a hand when they could. We greatly appreciate the help of everyone who helped out in any way!!!


   ~ Sheryl Robbins, Trustees Chairperson



to Sean & Carrie Ahearn on a successful first 3 months of business of the Penn Yan Diner! The food is great and the service is very friendly!!!


ABW Church World Service Kits

We decided that we would like to do Church World Service Kits again next year. Hopefully you've been watching for supplies for school kits to be on sale. We will collect these in September.  We will collect for Hygiene Kits in January. We might also work together to create at least a couple of Baby Kits as well. Here is a list for you to keep in your wallet or post on your refrigerator as a reminder of what is needed:


School Kits:

blunt metal scissors (rounded tip)

70 page spiral notebooks (not loose paper, 3 per kit)

30 centimeter ruler (12 inches)

hand held pencil sharpener

large eraser

new pencils (do not sharpen, 6 per kits)

box of 24 crayons (only 24!)


Baby  Care Kits:

six cloth diapers

two t-shirts or undershirts (no onesies)

two washcloths

two gowns or sleepers

two diaper pins

one sweater or sweatshirt (can be hand knitted or crocheted)

two receiving blankets (one can be hand knitted or crocheted)


Hygiene Kits:


hand towel (about 16”x20”)

wide tooth comb

finger nail clipper

bath size bar of soap (in wrapper)

single toothbrush (in original sealed wrapper)

standard size band aids (6 per kit)



Can They Tell I Am a Christian?

My husband and I were having breakfast with several new acquaintances on a recent vacation. “You must be a teacher,” one of them said. I was taken aback. This was the second time in a week that someone had made this declaration.


I am indeed a teacher. How do they know? I wondered. Do I dress like a teacher? Do I appear ready to pounce on misspelled words with a red pen? Do I have that “teacher look” about which my husband speaks? What clues give away my profession?


I then wondered if my Christianity is as obvious as my occupation. Do I reflect the love of God? Do people know by my words and actions that I am a follower of Jesus? Can they see the love of Jesus shine through me? On that vacation I resolved to reflect my Lord as well as I reflect my profession.

~ Elizabeth Cook Georgetown, Kentucky, taken from The Secret Place