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September 2011


Rev. Linda M. Foody

On Sunday, September 4, 2011, First Baptist Church will welcome Rev. Linda Foody as Interim Minister. Rev. Foody will be attending church meetings and getting to know us all. We hope you will join us in welcoming Rev. Foody to the Finger Lakes area and First Baptist Church.


September Worship Schedule:

Sept. 4

Lay Reader    Ed Castillo

Greeters         Ed & Rita Castillo


Sept. 11           Rally Day

Lay Reader    Diane DeLooza

Greeters         Cindy Ovens & Mary Fullagar


Sept. 18           Women's Sunday

Lay Readers  Nancy Marion & Erma Mullins

Greeters         Cindy Ovens & Cathy MacDougall


Sept. 25

Lay Reader    Lyle Conrad

Greeters       Eva Dillon & Erma Mullins


September Birthdays!

 7 – Kathryn Clayson                        

 8 – Mary Lou Hainsworth               

11 – Sylvia Ansley                            

17 – Matt Scutt                                 

20 – Pat Ames

24 – Greg Miller

25 – Jack Clancy

30 – Barbara Burke

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Sunday School - Rally Day is Sunday, September 11.

The Board of Christian Ed is planning to kick-off this Sunday School season with a fun event. Following church service on the 11th there will be a picnic and day of fishing. Watch for more information on this.


Mary & Martha Circle - September 13

This ladies group will resume their meetings this month, meeting Tuesday, September 13, and the 2nd Tuesday of every month. They will be busy rolling bandages that will be distributed to third world countries. As always they meet at 10:30 am in the church library, and all ladies are invited to join them. Bring a sandwich for your lunch. At the first meeting Erma Mullins will lead devotions, Marge Cornell will bring a dessert to share with the group and we will set up a rotating schedule.


Women's Sunday – September 18

The service will be led by our own ladies and will revolve around the new ABW Ministries theme, “In the Potter's Hands”. Plan on joining us to be reassured that you are not the “only” clay that needs reshaping and that God is, indeed a loving and patient “potter” with a wonderful plan for each of us.


Nursery News

We desperately need help in the nursery during the church service. With the addition of a few little ones, more nursery coverage is needed. Even one Sunday every month or two is a big help. Call Jennifer Slocum at 536-8080 to be put on our attendant list.



We are looking into some type of benefit for Ethel Hoose near the end of the month of September. Perhaps a pancake breakfast. The kids have also shown an interest in a car wash. They would have a blast and the proceeds would go towards traveling expenses for the family.


Kidz Klub

A pizza party will kick-off a new season of the Kidz Klub later in October. Two adult volunteers are needed. See Eileen Modaffari for more information.


Church World Service Kits

Last fall our church compiled 26 school kits and 11 hygiene kits to contribute to Church World Service. In the wake of all the recent floods, tornadoes and other disasters the need for more of these continues. ABW will again be collecting items throughout the fall to create additional kits.


Challenge 1: Could we do even more than last year?

Challenge 2: Diane DeLooza will again make the bags for as many school kits as we can fill. Keep her sewing!


Here is the list of items that are to be included in these kits. Keep your eyes open for bargains as you shop throughout the summer and early fall.


School Kit:      blunt metal scissors (rounded tip)

                        70 page spiral notebooks(not loose leaf paper, 3      

                        per kit)

                        30 centimeter ruler (12”)

                        hand-held pencil sharpener

                        large eraser

                        new pencils (do not sharpen, 6 per kit)

                        box of 24 crayons (only 24!)


Hygiene Kit: washcloth

                        hand towel (about 16”X28”)

                        wide tooth comb

                        nail clipper

                        bath size bar of soap (in wrapper)

                        single toothbrush (in original sealed wrapper)

                        standard size band-aids (6 per kit)


Organist Position Filled

Beginning in September we welcome back as our organist, Carrie Ahearn. Carrie has been with us before for a number of  years and we are glad to have her back. Here is a little background information on Carrie:

I have started working for Kinney Pharmacy in Lyons as a pharmacy technician. I am currently attending FLCC with the goal of applying to schools of pharmacy. The kids are well. Chris is in Florida working at Pep Boys and attending a collision repair training course. Meghan is attending Mansfield University. As a member of the marching band, Meghan will be going to London to participate in the Summer 2012 Olympics. Kyle will be attending classes at FLCC and working at Walgreen's. Erin is entering her sophmore year at PYA.

I look forward to working with Aunt Barb and the choir in support of the music ministry here at First Baptist Church.


Meet Your New Choir Director -  Barb Stewart

A familiar face in First Baptist Church, we are pleased to announce that Barbara Stewart will fill the position as Choir Director.

I grew up in Tacoma, Washington where I was a military brat and my dad was stationed at Fort Lewis Army base. My mother played the piano and sang to my sister and me in Japanese, while my dad could out-whistle anyone and constantly whistled in almost everything he did. While I started playing the piano in second grade, my sister chose the clarinet. I also sang in all my school choirs and the South Tacoma Baptist Church youth choir.


Upon graduating from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington in 1979, I married Rich Stewart and moved to Penn Yan. We have one son, Andy, who is teaching English in South Korea. Rich and I have been married for 32 years.  


My current music endeavors include singing with the Finger Lakes Chorale (FLCC Community Choir) and the Penn Yan First Baptist Church choir. I currently serve on the Yates County Summer Concerts on the courthouse lawn committee and write their weekly articles for the local newspapers. I am an avid supporter of music in our schools and a former music booster.


Other outside interest includes being a member of the Yates Progressives where I chair the Peace and Justice Scholarship Committee. I work full time as an insurance agent for the FG Wright Insurance Agency where our motto is “insuring the country way of life.”


After fulfilling two 3 years terms as a PYFBC trustee, I now am a first-term Deacon. I also serve on the hospitality committee, and pastoral relations committee and the pulpit search committee that is currently working on hiring a new minister. After taking the summer off, I will return to write the weekly PYFBC news column for our local papers.

My goals for our PYFBC choir include bringing more energy to the choir and working on the dynamics, whether it is tender or all the way to double fortissimo. I would also like to showcase the individual talents as all of the choir members are true artist. We have an excellent base of singers that are willing to spend time for their extraordinary performances. We can always use more singers and encourage anyone to be a part of one of the best choirs around.



to Aaron & Ella Mae Vaughn on the birth of their daughter, Elsa Eve, who was born July 4th!


The Board of Trustees says THANK YOU!

Once again this year the Board of Trustees would like to thank all of those who contributed in all ways in supporting our efforts to raise monies for the Window Project. As a fund-raiser we were available at the Wednesday night Concerts on the Courthouse Lawn selling hot dogs and hamburgs. Those of you who volunteered your time in cooking and serving, assisted with set-up and clean-up and those of you who supported us with your prayers. We have raised $1,479 which will go towards the Window Project. Thank You!


Thank You

The family of Bill Gillette would like to thank everyone for the loving support shown to us through phone calls, visits, cards and prayers. We give a special thanks to all those who helped prepare for Dad's memorial service and the lovely luncheon that followed. We are truly blessed by our church family and appreciate the many ways you have helped us during our time of loss.


Bulletin Dedication

As a special way to honor or remember a loved one, you can choose a Sunday to dedicate a bulletin in that name. Fill out the slip below and turn it into the office or leave it in the offering plate. The cost is $10. In purchasing a dedicated bulletin cover, you will help defray some of the churches operating costs and the same time recognize a loved one. Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below.

In Honor of ________________________________________

In Memory of ______________________________________

From _____________________________________________

Preferred date ________________


Board of Missions Update

            Second Quarter Report – through June 30th

            Expected budgeted Receipts: Basic - $9,204, Expanded - $10,166


Actual Receipts: $9,393.09

            2010 pledges: $114

            2011 pledges: $7,005

            loose Offerings: $671.51

            Church School: $11

            Deficit Contributions: $563

            Easter Offerings: $996

            Secret Place: $32.58


Budgeted Disbursements: $8,357.80


Other Contributions: Love Gift: $66

            America for Christ: $832

            RMMO 2010:$200

            YC Habitat for Humanity: $947.95

            Blanket + Offering: $441

            Penny Project: $415.74

            OGHS: $943.75


Additional Statistics through August 14

             Expected Budgeted Receipts: Basic - $11,682, Expanded - $12,903

             Actual Receipts through August 14: $11,324.34

             Treasury Balance as of August 14: Budget: $1,722.50, Pennies: $8.60

             Minimum to be paid at end of August:

                       United Mission Basics: $1170

                       Camp Vick: $300



The Value of A Gift

In a small town in a rural area of New York, a local elementary school was collecting socks to send to military personnel serving overseas. One little boy, who came to school every day in ill-fitting, mismatched hand-me-downs from his older brothers, brought in a carefully washed pair of used socks to donate, even though he was not wearing socks himself. He believed strongly in the cause. He also identified strongly with his school community, and wanted to participate. Fortunately, he had a teacher with sensitivity who valued the gift he brought.


Those of us who claim to be followers of Christ have a cause. Those of us who are members of local churches have a community with which to identify. We certainly have a teacher with the sensitivity to appreciate every sincere gift that we give, as illustrated by his telling of the story of the widow who gave her mite. Yet we often fail to contribute what we have.


It has often been said that a checkbook is a spiritual document, showing better than anything else what we have. Are you proud of the values revealed by your use of money?