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We are in it now! Summer. I hope you are enjoying all the blessings of the season. Just remember to keep hydrated and limit your exposure to the sun. And, as most of us enjoy being outdoors a little more, don’t forget to give thanks to God who made it all.

Sadly, as the weather heats up it seems that violence and bloodshed do as well. We find it hard to understand the hatred that engenders such violence. It seems a little simplistic to just say “sin”, but that is what it boils down to. It is the sinful tendency of humans to place our own wants above and against those of others. In doing so we disrespect the God who made it all and denigrate all who are made in His image.

The specifics of how we get from sin to selfishness to feeling threatened by the freedom and dignity of those different from us is more than we can consider here. But our hearts cry out to God for the victims of crime ad hatred and we plead, “How long, Lord?”

And what should be our response? We should pray! First, last and always prayer is called for to ask for God’s Holy Spirit to intervene in the hearts and deeds of all men as we look for the day when Christ will come and establish His justice and peace. I hope we will all dedicate special time in prayer for equality, justice and peace in our society and around the world.

Sunday, July 5th, we will gather at the Presbyterian Church for worship at 10 am. This is different from the past when they came here in July and we went there in August. It is reversed this year and they will join us on August 2nd.

Karen and I will be going to Ohio for a few days for the wedding of my niece on July 18th. We are looking forward to seeing her and the rest of my sister’s family.

The big sale is coming up July 24-26th. We’ll need lot of stuff and help again. Keep your ears oven for more news.

Lastly, Keuka College will be having its Houses of Worship Carnival again on August 29th. We still wrestle and pray about how we can connect better with the college and minister to the students. I welcome any ideas.

Pastor Steve

News and Upcoming Events

    July  Birthdays        August Birthdays
31 – Kevin Conra       5 – Charlie Watkins   18 – Richard Johnson
                       14 – Cheryl Stewart   18 – Karen Sanden
                       17 – Betty Johnson    31 – Cathy MacDougall
                       18 – Rita Castillo    31 – Eleanor Stiles

Church & Community Suppers – Good Food, Good Fellowship
5:00 pm, Mondays. $3.00 per person
           July                                August
6 – Chicken ‘n biscuits                 3 – Chicken ‘n biscuits
13 – Meatloaf/mashed potatoes           10 – Meatloaf/mashed potatoes
20 – Goulash                            17 - Goulash
27 – Hamburger stroganoff               24 – Macaroni ‘n cheese
                                        31 – Baked Ziti w/sausage  

2nd Annual FBC Yard Sale - Friday, July 24 – Sunday, July 26
Time to Clean Out! We are accepting the following: furniture, small appliances, kitchen and home décor items and infant/toddler clothing and toys. Please no adult clothing or TVs. Bring your items to the church at any time (storage in the basement). We will also need much help at the time of the sale. If you need help with transporting your donations, please see a member of the Men’s Group. Thank you.

Sandwich Making
We have again been asked to make four trays of sandwiches for the AB Men’s Conference on August 7th. Kathie Lawrence will be looking for help that afternoon and donations for the food. Any profits we make will go to Missions.

Report from Board of Christian Education
Meeting came to order at 4:30 pm, June 11, 2015 In attendance were Jennifer Green, Ethel Clancy and Greg Marion.

Ethel Clancy reported that she is working with the church secretary to secure the Nursery. There will be a separate Nursery key made that will be kept in the office. We are contacting Church Mutual to determine Wellspring’s status regarding their use of the Nursery.

We will encourage all our youngsters to go to camp. Ralph Clancy is signing up for Leadership camp and is hopeful of recruiting others to attend. Alec Champlin is going. We need to contact others including Liz Ortis and Luke Hoose.

We will not be having VBS this year as dates and available staffing cannot be arranged.

Did You Know…
Our Board of Missions collects cancelled stamps for the Stamps for the Wounded service activity of the Lions clubs. Founded in 1942, the program works with the country’s leading stamp societies to collect for and distribute to hospitalized service personnel the tools they need for organized therapy sessions. They welcome all donated cancelled postage stamps cut with ¼” margins. As you receive mail, it takes only a moment to cut out the stamp. A collection box is located on the Reader’s Table by the Great Room. Thank you!

Backpack Program Needs
The need doesn’t take a vacation.Over the summer months the Backpack Program still has a great demand.

July - Fruit/Pudding/Applesauce Cups

August - Granola/Breakfast Bars

A Prayer for Independence Day
Lord of the nations, you have blessed our land with the spirit of love and freedom. You have also blessed our ancestors with the will and strength to seek out and maintain that freedom, and we thank you for that. Keep that will and strength alive in us today, that we may continue simply because we have what we need, but help us always to remember that until all are well fed, until no one is homeless, until none live in fear, not one of us is absolutely free. Our prayer today is that you, O God, would keep us firmly on the path that works towards such true freedom for all. Continue to bless our nation and all nations. Hear our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.
[“Book of Prayers for Chaplains”, U.S. Air Force]

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