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July & August 2012


We, as God's people, will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.



Dear Church Family,


As of this writing, I've been here two weeks and Karen and her mom have been here two days. We are glad to be back together!


The first thing I'd like to say is “Thank You!!!” for the warm and wonderful reception we have received. Change is not easy, even for us, but it helps to have such terrific people working on our behalf to accomplish this move. Not everyone wants to be recognized, so I'll just say thanks again and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.


From the time I first learned of you, I was impressed with the number of ministries that you support or host. This is tremendous! The term “Servant Evangelism” was coined several years ago, and you have several prime examples. The danger in this is to not become simply a civic service. We are placed here so that, as we serve, we represent the Kingdom of God. Let us continue to perform these labors of love and consider how we may be more clear about our motivation (the Love of God), and find the opportunity in each to share Christ with those we serve.


Thank you all again. I hope to serve God's Kingdom and you here in Penn Yan a very long time.


~ Pastor Steve



Summer Worship Services

Once again this summer First Baptist and First Presbyterian Churches will join together in worship. For the month of July, services will be held at First Baptist with Rev. Stephen Sanden preaching.  During the month of August, services will be held at First Presbyterian Church with

Rev. Paul Malles preaching. All services begin at 10 am.


Wish These Friends a Happy JULY Birthday!

12 ~ Christian Modaffari

20 ~ Guy Love

21 ~ Margaret Hartwell

31 ~ Kevin Conrad


Wish These Friends a Happy AUGUST Birthday!

14 ~ Cheryl Stewart

15 ~ Necia Smith

17 ~ Betty Johnson

18 ~ Rita Castillo

18 ~ Dick Johnson

27 ~ Cristine Conklin

31 ~ Eleanor Stiles

31 ~ Cathy MacDougall


All Churches – Church Picnic

Sunday, July 15, at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

The fun starts at 12:30, bring your lawn chairs, frisbee, football etc. Bring a dish to pass or a bag of your favorite munchies. Hot dogs and Hamburgers will be provided. Weather permitting we will be outside but, if the rains come we will simply move inside. We will need an extra grill, volunteers to help cook, 5 people at 11:30 to help set up, and some to help clean up afterwards.


American Baptist Men of New York State Rally

August 10-12th  at Keuka College

Theme: Be Strong & Courageous

Rev. Sanden will be the speaker


Registration forms are available in the church office or you may go online to

For questions on the event, see Don Lawrence


Can You Help? We have again been asked to provide sandwiches for the Friday night of the New York State American Baptist Men's Conference at Keuka College on August 10th. If you are willing to provide some of the food for this – or a contribution towards the purchase of the food – please speak with or call Kathie Lawrence at 536-7674. ~ Thank you.

A Note From the Financial Secretary

As we come to this season of vacations and time off from routine, please remember that the church's financial obligations do not take a summer break. You are encouraged to keep your pledges up-to-date.


We look forward to sharing summer services with our Presbyterian friends. Do not hesitate to put your offerings in the collection plate during this time. Be assured that everything is carefully sorted. If you want your money to go to our church use your regular offering envelope or a plain envelope clearly marked “First Baptist Church”. Any loose bills or coins will go to the host church.

ABW News

            At our annual meeting on June 2nd, we re-elected Cheryl Stewart as our Secretary and Cindy Ovens as our Coordinator of Church and Community. Thank you to these ladies for being willing to serve another three year term.  Diane DeLooza's second term as president will end next May so we should be thinking about who might like to try that position next.

            We are planning to have a get-together to welcome Karen Sanden sometime this summer. We will share details with all the women when time and place decisions are made.

            We decided that we would like to do Church World Service Kits again next year. Watch for supplies for school kits to be on sale in August. We will collect these again in September.  We will collect for Hygiene Kits in January. We might also work together to create at least a couple of Baby Kits as well.


ABW Church World Service Kits - Here is a list for you to keep in your wallet or post on your refrigerator as a reminder of what is needed:


School Kits - blunt metal scissors (rounded tip), 70 page spiral notebooks (not loose paper, 3 per kit), 30 centimeter ruler (12 inches), hand held pencil sharpener, large eraser, new pencils (do not sharpen, 6 per kits), box of 24 crayons (only 24!)


Hygiene Kits - washcloth, hand towel (about 16”x20”), wide tooth comb, finger nail clipper, bath size bar of soap (in wrapper), single toothbrush (in original sealed wrapper), standard size band aids (6 per kit)


Baby  Care Kits - six cloth diapers, two t-shirts or undershirts (no onsies), two washcloths, two gowns or sleepers

two diaper pins, one sweater or sweatshirt (can be hand knitted or crocheted), two receiving blankets (one can be hand knitted or crocheted)


A Note from the Board of Trustees

~ Renovations: Have you noticed the recent renovations in our church building lately? If not, please take a moment to check them out. Thanks to Wellspring Fellowship the stairway by the office and basement have been repainted and new carpet laid by the side door. Our appreciation goes out to Stephen Ritzler for patching and painting the hallway and great room walls as part of his Eagle Scout project. We purchased the materials for these projects but they provided the “elbow grease”. Thank you to both of these groups for taking on and completing these much needed repairs.


~ Wednesday Night Concerts: Come one and all to the courthouse lawn on Wednesday evenings and enjoy the free outdoor concerts and grab a bite to eat starting on June 27th and continuing until August 22nd. The Bd of Trustees will again be grilling and selling hot dogs and hamburgers before the concerts as a fundraiser. We need volunteers to help with serving food etc. Come early (5 pm) to help with set up. Thank you for your support and help!!


~ The next Trustees meeting will be Sunday, September 9th.

Board of Mission 6 Month Report

We recently received the following Thank You notes:

1. On behalf of the Rushville Community Health Center, the Board of Directors, Staff and the people we serve, thank you for the donation of $200. Your generosity, concern and interest are deeply appreciated. Your gift is judiciously used to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve and especially those who have difficulty obtaining access to needed medical, dental and outreach services.

2. From Milly's Pantry: To the 600 Yates County children who receive food through our Weekend Back Pack Program every week, you recent gift of $279.51 from your “Pennies Collection” means more than you know. Thank you so very much.


As of Father's Day, the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering total has reached $467. (Last year's total was $943.75) There is still time to give to this important offering.


The amount of income budgeted for the first 6 months of 2012 was $7575. The amount that has actually been received through June 17th for the budget is $7417.40. Hopefully we will receive enough on June 24th to bring us up to date so we can meet our obligations. Thank you all for your generosity.

A Note of Thanks

I would like to thank my church family for your outpouring of love and support with prayers, cards and calls during my recent knee operation. I am healing well and glad to be up and around again. Thank You!   ~ Karen Rasmussen


Congratulations to Ralph Clancy!

Ralph was awarded the Presidents Award for Academic Excellence during June awards ceremony at Penn Yan Elementary for maintaining an average above 95% during the school year. Way to go Ralph, we are very proud of you!!!

Concerts on the Courthouse Lawn - Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm

Presented by Yates Concert Series, Inc

 June 27 –   Ed Clute and his Band

July 4 –     The Finger Lakes Chorus and Quartets

July 11 –   The Manhattan Chamber Music Orchestra

July 18 –   The Crooked Lake Fiddlers

July 25 –   Bourbon Street Parade

Aug. 1 –    Diamondback Rattlers

Aug. 8 –   The PY Community Band

Aug. 15 – The PY Community Chorus

Sunday Bulletin Dedication

A fun way to remember someone's birthday, anniversary or accomplishment!

A loving way to remember someone who has passed on


Sunday Bulletin Dedications are a way to do that. With a $10 donation we will print the information that you provide in the bulletin. Proceeds will go towards the FBC Building Fund.


Leave this information in the offering plate or send to the church office

In Honor of ________________________________________

In Memory of ______________________________________

From _____________________________________________

Preferred print date _______________

Listen To His voice

When I played softball competitively, I would become so focused that I seldom heard anything. However, one voice always cut through my focus. It was the voice of my grandma, sitting up on those bleachers and yelling at the top of her lungs! The sound of her voice would drift across the field, and all my teammates would smile at one another because they knew that my grandma had arrived. Hearing her voice always spurred me and my teammates on to play a better game. Somehow, we seemed to win on the days that my grandma came out to see us play.


God does that for us: God spurs us on. He calls us by name and His voice should be a comfort for us. We should hear God's voice and know it anywhere. Jesus says that his sheep know his voice. The only way that we can become that familiar with his voice is to spend time with him. Spend time in God's Word, spend time in prayer, and spend time with God's people. May God's voice be a comfort and encouragement to you.

                                                           Pam Trimmer ~  Taken from The Secret Place

Footprints... A New Version


Imagine you and the Lord Jesus are walking down the road together. For much of the way, the Lord's footprints go along steadily, consistently, rarely varying the pace. But your footprints are a disorganized stream of zigzags, starts, stops, turnarounds, circles, departures, and returns. For much of the way, it seems to go like this, but gradually your footprints come more in line with the Lord's soon paralleling His consistently... You and Jesus are walking as true friends!


This seems perfect, but then an interesting thing happens: Your footprints that once etched the sand next to Jesus' are now walking precisely in His steps. Inside His larger footprints are your smaller ones, you and Jesus are becoming one... This goes on for many miles, but gradually you notice another change. The footprints inside the large footprints seem to grow larger. Eventually they disappear altogether. There is only one set of footprints... They have become one. This goes on for a long time, but suddenly the second set of footprints is back. This time it seems even worse! Zigzags all over the place. Stops. Start. Gashes in the sand. A variable mess of prints.


You are amazed and shocked. Your dream ends. Now you pray: 'Lord, I understand the first scene, with zigzags and fits. I was a new Christian; I was just learning. But you walked on through the storm and helped me learn to walk with you.'

'That is correct.'

'And when the smaller footprints were inside of Yours, I was actually learning to walk in Your steps, following You very closely...'

'Very good... You have understood everything so far... '

'When the smaller footprints grew and filled in Yours, I suppose that I was becoming like You in every way.'




'So, Lord, was there a regression or something? The footprints separated, and this time it was worse than at first.'


There is a pause as the Lord answers, with a smile in His voice.

'You didn't know? It was then that we danced!'