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First Baptist Church       July/August 2011



Services held at First Baptist Church at 10:00 am


July 3  -           Rev. Dr. Jill Bradway

Lay Reader    Jack Clancy

Greeters         Mary Fullagar and Lyle Conrad


July 10 -          Rev. Robert Shoesmith        

Lay Reader    Erma Mullins

Greeters         Greg, Tammy, Erik and Kyle Miller


July 17 -          Rev. Robert Shoesmith                    

Lay Reader    Cheryl Stewart

Greeters         George, Joyce and Jennifer Slocum


July 24 -          Rev. Paul Malles                  

Lay Reader    Rick Willson

Greeters         Eileen and Christian Modaffari


July 31-           Rev. Paul Malles

Lay Reader    Eileen Modaffari

Greeters         Lisa Wood and Brittany Griffin


JULY BIRTHDAYS                                                 

  3 ~ Bill Gillette                                 21 ~ Margaret Hartwell

12 ~ Christian Modaffari                   31 ~ Kevin Conrad

20 ~ Guy Love



Services held at First Presbyterian Church at 10:00 am


August 7 - Rev. Paul Malles

August 14 - Rev. Paul Malles

August 21 - Rev. Don Lawrence

August 28 - Rev. Don Lawrence



14 ~ Cheryl Stewart                            18 ~ Dick Johnson

15 ~ Necia Smith                                 27 ~ Cristine Conklin

17 ~ Betty Johnson                            31 ~ Eleanor Stiles

18 ~ Rita Castillo                                31 ~ Cathy MacDougall


Church News


Transition News

For those who may not have heard our sad news, our interim minister, Rev. Richard Burke, had a serious health problem in June. It is unclear when and if Rev. Burke will be able to return to us. In light of this uncertainty, we have filled the pulpit for the summer months with guest speakers. Rev. Don Lawrence and Rev. Robert Shoesmith, our former Area Minister, have generously offered their services.


The transition to a new minister for our church is moving forward. Our Church Profile was completed in May and forwarded to Valley Forge. We have received our first group of potential candidates to consider. The Search Committee will be working through the summer to begin the final portion of the search process. This is expected to take several months. In the meantime a request has been submitted to Valley Forge to assist us in locating our next interim minister.


Your patience, prayers and support through this process are greatly appreciated by the Search Committee. We know that the Lord will assist us in this process, and that there is a minister who is waiting to be called to continue his or her ministry with our church. Our task is only to open our hearts and minds to find them. - The Search Committee


Summer means Vacation?  

- Notes on offerings at combined services

As summer approaches many of us are looking forward to a change of pace and maybe even vacations. Please remember, however, that church business does not go on vacation and counts on you to keep your pledges up to date even during these more relaxed months.


Do not hesitate to put your envelopes in the collection plate when we are sharing services with our friends at First Presbyterian Church during July and August. The envelopes are very carefully sorted. Any loose offering or unmarked envelopes go to the host church.


If you do not use a regular pledge envelope and want your gift to go to our church, please mark, “First Baptist Church” on your envelope. Thank you and enjoy your summer!


A Visit With Old Friends

Two years go, Gwen Conrad and Lucy visited from the orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. Since that time Daniel, Lucy’s brother was able to join them to live in El Paso. Gwen still makes trips to the Youth With A Mission base in Juarez each week but helps with administrative work in El Paso most of the time.

Gwen and her adopted children (who are brother and sister) will be making a brief visit to this area in early August. It will be fun to renew acquaintances with them.


Church World Service Kits

Last fall our church compiled 26 school kits and 11 hygiene kits to contribute to Church World Service. In the wake of all the recent floods, tornadoes and other disasters the need for more of these continues. ABW will again be collecting items throughout the fall to create additional kits.


Challenge 1:  Could we do even more than last year?

Challenge 2: Diane DeLooza will again make the bags for as many school kits as we can fill. Keep her sewing!


Here is the list of items that are to be included in these kits. Cut this out and post on your refrigerator or keep with your shopping list.  Keep your eyes open for bargains as you shop throughout the summer and early fall.


School Kit:      blunt metal scissors (round tip)

                        70 page spiral notebooks (not loose leaf paper, 3 per kit)

                        30 centimeter ruler (12”)

                        Hand-held pencil sharpener

                        Large eraser

                        New pencils (do not sharpen, 6 per kit)

                        Box of 24 crayons (only 24!)


Hygiene Kit:   washcloth

                        Hand towel about 16”x28”

                        Wide tooth comb

                        Nail clipper

                        Bath size bar of soap (in wrapper)

                        Single toothbrush (in original sealed wrapper)

                        Standard size band-aids (6 per kit)



Would you like to honor a love one or remember someone special?

 You can by dedicating a Sunday bulletin.

As of July 1st all dates are available

Fill out a slip and turn it into the office to reserve the chosen Sunday for your memorial/honor bulletin. The cost is $10. In purchasing a dedicated bulletin cover, you will help defray some of the church’s operating costs and at the same time memorialize or recognize a loved one. Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Please send this form to the church office along with your payment or leave it in the offering plate. Additional forms are available in the office.


            In Memory of _____________________________________________

            In Honor of ______________________________________________

             Date Preferred _______________  From _______________________






Notes from the Trustees

~ We will be serving hot dogs and hamburgers at the summer concerts on Wednesday evenings starting June 29th. Anyone interested in helping out is encouraged and welcome to join us. Please arrive at 5:00 pm for set up. We will be serving from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Proceeds will go towards the window project. Thanks for your help!


~ Weather permitting, we are hoping to have the steeple repair and sanctuary window projects completed soon.


Bd. Of Mission Report

We wish to thank all of you who contributed so generously to the “Penny Project” The final tally was $415.74! You are to be commended for your generosity!!! Thank you so much for seeing that needy children get weekend back-packs over the summer from Milly’s Pantry.


By the time you receive this newsletter, the ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING offering has been received. You gave $778. This is 82% of our goal of $950. Half of the offering will be sent to Japan to help with the clean -up and repairs from the earthquake and Tsunami. Thank you for your generosity!


On May 19th, $10,000 of OGHS was sent to Spanish Baptist Union (Our partner in Spain) to help with clean up and repairs from the earthquake which struck Spain on May 11th.


Thank Yous: We received a thank you from “FOOD FOR THE NEEDY” for $500 which you gave. Food for the Needy is helping over 200 families each month. We also received a thank you from Cameron Community Center for $280 which you gave. This was doubled to $560 by a matching grant.


Please keep up your pledges as we need to make our budgeted payments to CAMP VICK and ABC/NYS camping program for this summer’s camps.


Take Note! Put this date on your calendars: November 7th a real live missionary, Tim Long, will be with us. We will have a bring your own brown bag lunch at noon. Beverages and dessert will be provided. Tim is one of the missionaries we support. Come, meet him, and learn what is going on in the mission field in Baja California, Mexico.


Missionary News

Please read the BIM’s “ON LOCATION”, the spring edition, found on the Reader’s Table. This issue gives a broad overlook of all the programs that BIM and it’s missionaries provide including EVANGELISM, HUMAN TRAFFICING, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  and PEACE & REFUGEES among others. There are many stories about our missionaries and their work.  Please Read!!!


Good News - Bad News -  from the Board of Mission:

The good news: As of June 19th, we have reached 82% ($778) of our goal for the One Great Hour of Sharing of $950. The total receipts will be divided equally between Japan Earthquake Relief and future needs. The final total for the Blanket Offering was $441 and the final total for Pennies for Milly’s Pantry was $415.74. Thank you for your generosity.


The bad news: To meet our basic budget needs by June 19th, our budget receipts should have been $8850. For our expanded budget, we needed $9775. The actual receipts are: 2010 pledges $114, 2011 pledges $6416, loose offering $630.65, Sunday School $11, deficit contributions $563, Secret Place $32.58, Easter Offering $996, for a total of $8763.23.

We have paid 6 months of United Missions Basics, all basic Ecumenical obligations, Secret Place and deposit slips bill and Cameron Community Ministries. At this point our balance is $582.39. It was not possible to pay our camping scholarship contributions as we’d hoped. Please consider prayerfully how you can help us meet our budget for others. Thank you.