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First Baptist Church

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Worship Themes & Scriptures:


July 4 Rev. Paul Malles

Service at First Presbyterian

10 am

July 11 Rev. Paul Malles

Service at First Presbyterian

10 am


July 18 Rev. Garth Brokaw

Service at First Presbyterian

10 am


July 25 Rev. Garth Brokaw

Service at First Presbyterian

10 am




3 ~ Bill Gillette

12 ~ Christian Modaffari

20 ~ Guy love

21 ~ Margaret Hartwell

31 ~ Kevin Conrad



         AB Men’s Rally Information

         CROP Walk Update

         Building for Today & Tomorrow



Welcome: Rev. Garth E. Brokaw


Rev. Brokaw will be preaching for FBC for July and August (while we share services with First Presbyterian).

As a devout Baptist, Rev. Brokaw has served in many capacities at the Lake Ave Baptist Church in Rochester, currently serving on the Resource Support Team and as Church Historian. He is a member of the American Baptist Churches, USA General Board, the ABC-USA National Ministries Board, and the Board of Managers for the American Baptist Historical Society.


On March 5, 2009, Rev. Brokaw completed thirty years of ministry at Fairport Baptist Homes Caring Ministries. For the past twenty years, Rev. Brokaw has served as the President/CEO having started with the organization as Chaplain followed by eight years as Assistant Administrator/Director of Resident Services.


Rev. Brokaw is an ordained American Baptist Minister, the American Baptist Churches of Michigan, a graduate of Colgate Rochester Divinity School, and has done graduate work at Andover Newton Theological School and Northwestern Illinois University. He is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator.



Mary & Martha Circle

A group of 20 women gathered for lunch on a Tuesday in June at the Antique Inn.

A wonderful time was had by all. Laughter, remembering and good food. While not all of the women were Circle members, it was good to have the company of so many, and a personal invitation to join was extended by Marge Cornell.


The Mary & Martha Circle will resume it’s meetings in the fall and all women of the church are invited. We meet at 10:30 am on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Usually everyone brings their own sandwich, we take turns bringing a dessert to share, and someone will take a turn bringing a short devotion, story, or poem to share.

Watch for more information in the September newsletter.



Undies Sundays ( June & July)


This year, instead of Cameron Community Center, we will be supporting

The Food for the Needy, which will benefit our local school children. There is a special need for boys boxers, boy & girls socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste are in need. Other clothing and personal care items are always welcome. A box for your donation is at the front of the sanctuary. Let’s fill that box!!!!


Wellspring Fellowship


Wellspring Fellowship rents our building for their 5 pm Sunday services . Occasionally, they hold youth and leadership conferences and concerts. I thought you might like to learn a little about their work.


In late May, the First Baptist Church of Penn Yan was the site of a special gathering for leaders who relate to Word of Grace Network, which is a fellowship of pastors and leaders who do mission work together, here, and around the world. This ministry is now based in here in Penn Yan, which Wellspring Fellowship is a part of.

The primary purpose of our annual Leadership Conference is to create a place in our calendar where our members can gather for a time of fellowship so they can get to know each other better. This conference also provides a place where our pastors can bring those they are preparing for leadership so they can become more acquainted with others in our network. These meetings are open to anyone who is in ministry, preparing for ministry, or in leadership within the local church. It is a primary forum where we can share the values and vision of Word of Grace with our local church leaders. We try to bring in guest ministries who have something to say to those in leadership.

This years main speaker was Bob Sorge, who is an internationally known speaker. We also had three Haitian leaders join us, who shared about what God is doing on the island since the earthquake. People come from around this area, as well as from Baltimore, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Canada. There were about 70 in all.



Board of Missions Report


Once again you are to be commended. Your giving to MISSION this past spring has been phenomenal!!

America for Christ - $804.34

Pennies for Mission - $603.27

Easter Offering - $ 424

Church World Service - Blankets+ - $221


During June and July we will be having “UNDIES SUNDAYS”

We are collecting children’s underwear and clothes for Penn Yan’s local “Clothes Closet”. The Clothes Closet provides clothes for needy children throughout the year. Keep your eyes open for sales and please give generously.


We have received several “Thank You’s” for your generous giving.

NYS Council of Churches - $100

ABC/NYS Outdoor Ministries - Camp Vick - $300

- Camping - $300

ABC/USA National Ministries - $477.13

Please continue to bring in your cancelled stamps, Campbell Labels and General Mills “Boxtops for Education”.

Thank You, Your Board of Mission


Periodically we are asked why so much of our Mission Budget is given to United Mission. As we are now involved in searching for a new pastor, read the following to see how United Mission supports ABC/NYS and consequently FBC of Penn Yan.


Our United Mission giving supports our region - ABC of New York State - which makes it possible for the region to provide more effective support for your church and others. In fact, most of the income for ABC/NYS comes from gifts to United Mission. Our giving to UM pays the major parts of the salaries of our region’s staff who provide:

         Staff service for search committees

         Assistance resolving church conflicts

         Field ministers to maintain contact with individual pastors and with associations and small groups of churches.

         Camping ministry

         Resources to assist your church in growth and spiritual health

         Education and training of pastors, youth and lay leaders in congregational


Missionary News


Roberta Stephens: Is winding up her medical treatments and hopes to be back in Japan by the end of the summer. She has been keeping her Japanese fluent by attending a Bible Study in Japanese at the Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle were she attends church.


Kristy Engel: Sends us two journals from the Dominican Republic. One tells about a baby in Haiti who at 5 months has the some birth weight as the day she was born -8 pounds. The mother could not provide food for the child. Kristy’s team had brought formula, food and clothing as well as medical care. Kristy helped the mother connect with a local hospital for help. You can read the entire journal on the readers table.

A second journal from Kristy talks about the stress that working in Haiti places on the volunteers. How she is handling it is most inspirational. See the readers table.


Tim Long: His journal tells about how th Baja Baptist Convention came together to assist the thousands of needy people in Mexicali who were devastated by the earthquake there.


Rick Barnes: This journal also discusses the Mexicali earthquake. He tells how funds from the One Great Hour of Sharing are used.


Katherine & Wayne Niles: Tell about Boko in the Dark. Imagine delivering a baby in the dark! Lightening wiped out the electric system in the Baptist Hospital in Boko. So for several months they worked by candle light.

Please read the full stories.

You’ll get a better understanding of how your mission dollars are working.



From the Board of Trustees June Meeting


Fund Raiser for the Building Fund - We will continue to serve hot dogs and hamburgers at the summer concerts on Wednesday nights from June 30 thru August 18.


Silicone Treatment - The Advisory Council approved our proposal for the silicone treatment on the exterior of the church. Seneca Equipment Rental and Greg Miller will complete this project by July 25, 2010.


Exterior Painting - We are getting bids from refinishers for the cost of painting the exterior door trim and windows including caulking.


Shed - We responded to the Advisory Council’s request to put a hold on the building of the second shed. After much discussion it was decided to move forward with this based on the need for storage for Food for the Needy.





Many dates are open to reserve your chosen Sunday for your memorial/honor bulletin. The cost is $10 for one Sunday. In purchasing Memorial Bulletin Covers, you will help defray some of the church’s operating costs and at the same time memorialize or recognize a loved one. Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Please send this form to the church office along with your payment.


Date Preferred _______________ From _______________________


In Honor of ______________________________________________


In Memory of _____________________________________________




CROP Walk Update

Thanks to the community, the 2010 Penn Yan Area CROP Walk was a great success despite the bad economy. We had a total of 163 walkers who raised $14,634.75!!! This is over $2,000 more than we raised last year!!! This is a testament to the generosity of the people in Yates County to help those in need.


Not only will this money be used to provide safe drinking water and fight hunger abroad, but 25%, $3,658.69, will be donated to the Penn Yan Food for the Needy ($3,191.69) and the Dundee Area Youth Center ($467.00) to help fight hunger here at home.


Bluff Point United Methodist Church raised the most money this year, $2,330 with 14 walkers. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church took second with 11 walkers raising $2,112. St. Michael’s Catholic Church was third with 13 walkers raising $1,947. Penn Yan United Methodist Church again had the most walkers, 30, who raised $1,209.25 for fourth place, and Second Milo Baptist Church with just 2 stalwart walkers raised $756 for fifth place.

With great appreciation, Sarah Stackhouse


Building for Today & Tomorrow Mortgage

Phase II/Year 4


One of the privileges of being a Christian is to be able to dedicate what we have to God. We are blessed in so many ways - all we have to do is look around ourselves to see those blessings and ALSO “look up” to see where they’ve come from.


Many of you are aware of the mortgage for the Jessup Christian Education wing and that we still have approximately $93,000 yet to pay off. In accordance with our plan to work on this current mortgage in phases we are beginning our pledge drive for Phase II/year 4 in June 2010 with a goal of $30,000 to cover one more year’s mortgage payments. Some of us have chosen to make our pledge from

July - June during recent campaigns. You are being asked to prayerfully consider an extra donation/pledge for the calendar year of July 2010 to June 2011 at this time to help us keep up with our mortgage payments.


To date we have contributions from many members who pledge to our BT&T mortgage during the regular calendar year from January - December 2010 and they’ve set a foundation for us. We graciously thank those members for setting such a wonderful example for us AND NOW IT’S OUR TURN. You may make a weekly or monthly pledge or donate one lump sum - whichever you feel God’s calling to you. Please fill out the pledge sheet below and return it in the weekly offering or to the church office by June 27, 2010. We thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration in the future of First Baptist Church of Penn Yan.




Name __________________________________ Phone _________________


Address _______________________________________________________


With gratitude to God and as an expression of my personal commitment to

Jesus Christ and His Church, it’s my intention to pledge the following amount toward our “Building for Today and Tomorrow/Phase II 2010-2011” Fund.

Weekly _____________

Monthly _____________

A Single Contribution _______________


Signed ______________________________________ Date _____________



A Format When Praying, Pray…

1.      For God’s presence

2.      For the desire to do God’s will in everything

3.      For help with daily needs

4.      For the desire to live good and perfect lives

5.     For the ability to obey God’s laws and commandments.