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June 2012


We, as God's people, will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ

by maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.



Rev. Stephen M. Sanden  has been called to be

Pastor of First Baptist Church of  Penn Yan

effective June 2012


Rev. Stephen Sanden and his wife Karen come to us from Palm Coast, Florida. However, Stephen is a native of Warren, PA, and Karen is originally from Boston, MA. They have lived in Florida for six years and are ready to leave Florida in favor of a northern climate.


Rev. and Mrs. Sanden have been married for 15 years. Karen has three adult children, Damon, Teanna, and Robert from a previous marriage.


Rev. Sanden earned his Master's of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological Seminary in 1999. He was ordained as an American Baptist Minister in 2000.


Rev. Sanden has served as Pastor of Baptist Churches at Warren, PA and Kingston, MA. He was also Interim Music Minister at Bernell, FL. Most recently Rev. Sanden has been Senior Chaplin at the Okeechobee Correctional Institution at Okeechobee, FL. His duties included a wide variety of organizational and administration tasks, as well as spiritual counsel and crisis support for both inmates and staff.


Before his ordination, Rev. Sanden served as Minister/Director of Youth, sang in the choir (he has a fine voice). He taught Sunday School, led worship services and led community programs at the Baptist Church of All Nations, an ABC congregation in Taunton, Massachusetts.


Rev. Sanden's earlier experience includes service in the United States Army. He was a musician in the U.S. Army band, where he played trumpet. He also played professionally following his military service.


Note: Sanden is pronounced San-deen)



Welcome to First Baptist Church - Picnic

Sunday, June 3rd from 1-4 pm

at the home of Greg & Tammy Miller

48 W. Lake Rd., Branchport


Join us in welcoming Rev. Stephen Sanden to Penn Yan and First Baptist Church

Hot Dog and Hamburgs will be provided

you are invited to bring a dish-to-pass


Wish These Friends a Happy Birthday!

5 ~  John FM Tharp            23 ~ Gerry Lane

10 ~ Russ Scheel               25 ~ Diane DeLooza

11 ~ Bessie Bliss                25 ~ Stan Ovens

16 ~ Tom Tharp                   26 ~ Jim Best

19 ~ Anne Perry                  29 ~ Calysta Conrad

June 17th Family Day

Services and Picnic at the  PY Fireman's Field at 10:00 am

Bring a dish-to-Pass and your own meat

(a grill will be provided) and your own table service.

Drinks and chips will be provided

Be prepared to sing your favorite Camp Songs!!!

OPEN HOUSE AT CAMP VICK ~ June 16, 2012 ~ 10:00-3:00 rain or shine


Free Lunch – Tours – Crafts – Campfire - Fun  - Fellowship


The Board of Christian Education is sponsoring a trip to the Open House at Camp Vick. We will leave from the church parking lot at 8 am and return by 5 pm. This will give us a chance to enjoy our beautiful camp in Freedom, New York.

Please phone the church office at 536-9821 or Don Lawrence at 536-7674 to reserve your place.



More news


Can You Help?

We have again been asked to provide sandwiches for the Friday night of the New York State American Baptist Men's Conference at Keuka College on August 10th. If you are willing to provide some of the food for this – or a contribution towards the purchase of the food – please speak with or call Kathie Lawrence at 536-7674.

Thank you.


Help Wanted!!!

Volunteer(s) needed to write the Church News for the Chronicle Express and Dundee Observer. Barb Stewart will assist anyone who can take on this job either permanently or temporarily until 4/1/2013.

See or call Barb at 536-8079.


A Heartfelt Thank You

I want to thank my dear church family for all the cards, phone calls, and visits while I've been recovering from my fall. I especially want to thank Rev. Linda Foody for all her visits and support too. It's a privilege to be a member of PYFBC!!!

Thank You ~ Fran Morse


Sunday Bulletin Dedication

A fun way to remember someone's birthday, anniversary or accomplishment!  A loving way to remember someone who has passed on.  Sunday Bulletin Dedications are a way to do that. With a $10 donation we will print the information that you provide in the bulletin. Proceeds will go towards the FBC Building Fund. Leave this information in the offering plate or send to the church office:

In Honor of ________________________________________

In Memory of ______________________________________

From _____________________________________________

Preferred print date _______________


ABW  News


Convention News

The following women attended the ABWM/NYS Convention in Owego, April 27-29, 2012: Rita Castillo, Cristine Conklin, Diane DeLooza, Kathie Lawrence, Eileen Modaffari, Sheryl Robbins, Cheryl Stewart and Nancy Tharp. This was the second year of our theme, “In the Potter's Hands”. We were treated to some excellent speakers, including a practicing potter who actually “threw” some clay on her portable potter's wheel while we watched. Several of our ladies sang with the convention choir for the Sunday Service and one brave soul participated in the “Glory Train” skit that was presented at the banquet Saturday night. We all returned home with renewed faith that even though we might be “damaged pots”, God loves us just as we are and He can, and will, work through us for the good of His kingdom!


Spring Rally

The Spring Rally for the ABW Finger Lakes Association was hosted by our church on Saturday morning, May 5th. We were well represented with 11 of our ladies attending. A delicious continental breakfast was served by Cindy Ovens and Erma Mullins. Diane DeLooza and Sheryl Robbins led a program of Psalms and Songs of Praise. Each church in attendance had an opportunity to suggest their favorite hymns to be sung, alternating with scriptures from Psalms encouraging God's people to sing their praises to Him. We did, indeed, make a joyful noise!


Penn Yan ABW Annual Meeting
Our annual meeting will be held on Saturday, June 2, at 8:30 am in the Great Room. We will be installing and redirecting our local officers. We hope to see as many of our ladies there as possible for this time of fellowship.



Reports  from  the  Board  of  Missions


>We took three large bags of kids underwear to Cameron Community Center in Rochester. It was received enthusiastically.
>We received thanks from Cameron for our donation of $300.

>We received a thank you from “Stepping Stones” for the supper we put on for them in April.

>A total of $279.51 has been received for the Penny Project” which supports the “Backpack Program” of Milly's Pantry.

>A Special Challenge!!! We have been challenged by the United Methodist Church to see if you can live on $33.56 a week per person for food and drink. This is the amount a person gets in Food Stamps per week. Give it a try.

>We will receive the “One Great Hour of Sharing” offering on June 10th. Funds are needed to continue the restoration of Haiti and Japan from the earthquake there. Funds are also needed for the rebuilding in the USA from the damages of tornadoes and floods.


Dear Friends,

One Great Hour of Sharing continues to focus on the way “Sharing Brings Joy”, this year specifically on how “Sharing Brings Joy to Other”. Much of the time, our gifts bring joy to others in tangible ways.

ñ     A family displaced by natural disaster or political unrest is grateful to receive food, shelter and the comfort of a safe place to begin to rebuild their lives.

ñ     A woman who has to walk miles to carry portable water to her family smiles as she draws water from a clean well near her home.

ñ     A child's delight as they arrive for the first day of class as the village new school.         


Of course, when we “sow bountifully” by giving to others, we reap bountifully by sharing in the joy that our gifts bring to those whose basic needs are met through the important work of all our partners in service.


When we become aware of the needs of our extended global family, we are rescued form the fearful sense of scarcity of our economic downturn has instilled. We are awakened form our daydream of isolation and reminded of all those around the world which, in Spirit, we are one. Then we see others in need not as recipients of charity but as sisters and brothers with whom we are called to share abundantly.


And the joy they experience from Sharing in GOD's abundance extends beyond the tangible, knowing that there are those who would share willingly with them they are reminded of who they are, beloved children of the Creator, brothers and sisters of us all.


This year, as you share the “One Great Hour of Sharing” on June 10th, sow bountifully and share willingly knowing that you are helping change lives and doing God's work. May we all give cheerfully and multiply the JOY.



Judith A Scheel - Offering Counselor


Missions - You Have Been Generous

Thanks to your generosity through May 13th, we have been able to keep up with our Mission contributions for others. We have paid 4 months of United Mission Basics: $600 for Food for the Needy,  $300 to Cameron Community Ministries in Rochester, $712.50 for America for Christ ,$250 for Scholarships at Camp Vick or Pathfinder, $250 for the Penn Yan Council of Churches Dues and Jail Ministries, $200 for the Rushville Health Center  $100 for the American Bible Society.  In addition, we have received$279.51 for the Pennies for the Backpack Program at Milly's Pantry, $235 for the Mother's Day Blanket Offering – enough to purchase 47 blankets for those in need. There is still time to contribute to these programs. Thank you to everyone that gave to the Easter Offering which totals $703 at this time.


Missions - Getting To Know Your Missionaries

 Please pick up a Prayer Card for Roberta Stephens and a Prayer Card for the Longs from the entry tables. Each has a picture of our missionaries.


This month, we have two journals from Roberta. The first gives a recap of how $460,000 of OGHS funds have been used in Japan. The second, “Happy Roberta” - her bird didn't learn Happy Easter – is a story of a Baskin Robbins decorated in Easter Eggs. This in a land which is predominantly Shinto-Buddhist. Be sure and read a very interesting Story.


We also have two journals from the Longs. The first is Easter greetings. The second is a follow-up on a Christmas story. They tell of a Mexican pastor's elderly parents. After living together more than 50 years they became believers, were baptized  and got married.

Be sure to read the journals on the Mission Bulletin Board.



There are no locks on the door to God:  As a hospice volunteer, I knock on all kinds of doors. Some of them are double-locked, and I can hear the deadbolt slide and then the latch come free before the door is opened. The person greeting me is usually tense, suspicious, and often apprehensive the whole time I am with the patient in the bedroom.


Other doors are single-locked and come open quickly, the caregiver of the house welcoming me and going about daily chores while I read to the patient or provide direct care such as a bath or back rub.


And then there is my favorite patient. She lives alone, but her door is always unlocked, frequently open and welcoming. Although she is dying, and knows it, Alice is smiling and always passes on a joke or some good news she has heard on television. She inspires me to pray that when my last days arrive, I will have my door wide open, waiting for the final visit from my Lord.


(Taken from “The Secret Place”)