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First Baptist Church                                   May 2013


From the Pastor




            It seems I am always giving thanks to God for you all. That is as it should be. You continue to give us reasons to give thanks, and no less now in the passing of Karen's sister. Again we are grateful for your expressions of sympathy to us and to Karen's mother.

            These have been days of sorrow and strain however we are comforted and encouraged and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, by you and by our confidence that Therese' is with the Lord. She has three surviving sons their spouses and children who we ask that you continue to pray for.

            On Thursday, May 2nd, we will be host to the local National Day of Prayer service. That service will be in our sanctuary at 12:30 pm. People from various churches will participate, and all are welcome to attend.

            So far, I have heard very positive responses to the new sound system and assisted listening system. It may take some time to grow into the capabilities we now have available. However, the immediate improvement has been widely celebrated.

            Next, the Tech Committee is researching a projector to accommodate the proposed movie nights. We will strive to make the use of a projector an enhancement to our services as well.

            I have had the question asked, “Why are we using so many inserts in our bulletin?” The short answer is that our hymnals do not provide appropriate or familiar music for our worship. The use of a projector may alleviate the use of so much paper by allowing us to place the music on screen for all to see. It would also help us to lift our faces as well as our voice to God.

            In this, as in all things, we strive to give of our best to the Master.

            Again, Karen and her mother and I join in thanking you for your love and support.


Blessings, Pastor Steve



News and Activities


Wish These Friends a Happy May Birthday!

3 – Lyle Conrad                      16 – Trevor Conrad                25 – Clifford LeBarr

3 – Paul Nash                          20 - Kathie Lawrence             27 – Eileen Modaffari

5 – Ethel Clancy                     22 – Janice Knecht                 31 – Erik Miller

6 – Erma Mullins                    23 – Jennifer Slocum

7 – Ed Castillo                        23 – Mary Fullagar



Unless we hear from you, you will no longer be receiving Newsletters by mail. Newsletter will be available on our website at  


If you'd like to continue to receive by mail you must let us know by phone at 315-536-9821 or in writing to First Baptist Church, 224 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527.


If you'd like to receive a copy by email, please let us know at:


This is our effort to curb cost and “be greener”. Thank you ~ Board of Trustees


ABW Spring Gathering

Saturday, May 4th - Dundee Baptist Church - 8:30 am Continental Breakfast. Guest Speaker: Shirley Meyer on “A Symbol of God's Care” She will have her book Grandma, Tell Me a Story – 52 bible Stories for Children available for purchase.


Hearts & Hands Ministry  -

No matter how smooth or how rough this day, God is with us each step of the way. Are you interested in reaching out to our congregation and community in times of both Celebration and Heartache? If you are, this ministry is for you! We are gathering items to put into Blessing Bags/Baskets to be given as a “hug” to let others know we share in their joy and in their time of need. If you're interested in making a donation some suggested items include:Hershey Kisses & Hugs ~ Chocolate Bars ~ Frozen Casseroles ~ Cookies ~ Crackers ~ Tea ~ Cocoa  ~ Lap Blankets ~ Bubble Bath ~ Soaps & Lotions  ~ Puzzles Books ~ Gift Cards ~ Small Stuffed Animals ~“Coupons” for House/Yard Work/Transportation ~ Slipper Socks ~ Coloring Books & Crayons. Of course monetary donations are always appreciated.


Our first “workshop” will take place on Saturday, May 11th from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm at Cheryl Stewart's home (23 Hillcrest Drive). This will be a brainstorming session, so bring your creative ideas with you. If you'd like to bring along a crochet hook, size H or I, you can help put together some blocks for one of our “Comfort Ghans”. Or, if your have a project you're currently working on, feel free to bring that. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you and are excited to get our hearts and hands to work for God ~~ bring a friend along too!


Sign Me Up!

There are new ministries taking form here at FBC! Take a look at the list below and prayerfully consider joining. Don't see something that interest YOU? See a member of the Advisory Council to recommend a group that YOU would enjoy. Chances are there are others waiting for someone else to speak up.

  • Develop New Missions Statement – see Nancy Marion or Rev. Sanden
  • Sunshine and Caring Cooks Committees – see Pam Scutt
  • Knitting Ministry – see Cheryl Stewart
  • Movie Night – see Don Lawrence


Help Wanted: Treasurer

Stan Ovens is retiring as Treasurer after 22+ years in the position. We greatly need someone to “learn the ropes” and take on this responsibility on

July 1, 2013. In the hopes that additional information will help inspire someone to step up and try this important position in the Church, here's a listing of the duties of Treasurer:

1.      Sign checks as needed (payroll and regular monthly bills will be handled online by the Bookkeeper).

2.      Review and sign all paperwork submitted by the Bookkeeper.

3.      Return signed paperwork to Bookkeeper for filing.

4.      Present monthly reports to Trustees.


We have hired Jan Hafner as our Bookkeeper. Her duties include:

1.      Prepare payroll.

2.      Accounts payable (including all required tax forms).

3.      Monthly bank reconciliation.

4.      Provide paperwork to Treasurer for signature.

5.      Provide monthly reports to the Treasurer.

6.      Keep filing up to date.


Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to help the Church. Let a Trustee know if your heart has been touched to take on this position.


Take Note: The Trustees have adopted a “Church Endowment Fund Investment Policy Statement”.  A copy is posted on the bulletin boards for viewing.


Monday Church Suppers - Here's What People Are Saying

Ø      Great idea! Great job! We appreciate your work and your gift!

Ø      The meals are great; they bring people together.

Ø      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I really enjoy the meals.

Ø      Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Ø      Wonderful to give of your time. It is so good to be able to eat with others.

Ø      This is a wonderful thing you folks are doing.

Ø      Dee~lis~cious! Portions are perfect.

Ø      Great food. Great People. Great hosts!

Ø      We have really enjoyed coming. The food is great and so is the fellowship. Price is extremely reasonable.

Ø      Great food and great fellowship. We appreciate all the hard work.


Monday Church Suppers take place at 5 pm every Monday. $3 per person.



Introducing: Mr & Mrs John F. M. Tharp

We extend congratulations to John F.M. Tharp and Colleen Marie Foss on their marriage, Saturday, April 6, 2013, at First United Methodist Church in New Hartford, NY. The wedding was performed by Rev. John R. Tharp and Pastor Lynn Lockwood, from the Bride's home church. Thomas Tharp, the Groom's brother was the Best Man. Following a honeymoon cruise to Hawaii, the newlyweds will be living at Seneca Lake State Park, where John is now the Manager.


Mission News


~ Tim & Patti Long sent Easter Greetings from Baja Mexico.

~ From Roberta Stephens: Roberta, concerned about declining church membership, finds some hope and encouragement by looking back to 1939. A Baptist church founded then and thriving, after World War II, left the Baptist Union of Japan and joined the United Church of Christ in Japan.

Almost 50 years passed when a new Baptist church plant was started in the same are. Today, with it's own building and six parking places (a rarity in Japan), this church is the envy of many neighboring churches.

See Roberta's Journal on the Mission Bulletin Board for the complete story.


YOU ARE GENEROUS!  20 boxes of Hot Chocolate packets came in for the Backpack Program in March. In April we are collecting cereal/breakfast bars. In May we will be collecting instant oatmeal packets.


You received a thank you for the $200 you sent to OGHS for Hurricane Sandy Relief. You also received a thank you for the $1525 you gave to BIM to support Roberta Stephens, Tim & Patti Long, Charles & Sarah West as well as undesignated funds for the WMO.


We will be starting promotion for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering (OGHS) on May 26th. We will receive the offering on June 23rd. We have set a goal of $750. Part of the offering will go towards past disasters sch as the Earthquake in Haiti, the Tsunami in Japan and Hurricane Sandy relief in this country. The remaining funds are held in readiness for future disasters.


Again we ask you to keep praying for SANE Immigration Reform and Gun Control laws. ~ Your Bd. of Mission


From ABC/USA News Service 4/13/13

American Baptist Home Mission Society continues it's Gun Violence Prevention Advocacy. ABHMS sponsored the March 25th event in Des Moines, Iowa, where an ecumenical coalition of Clergy, people of faith, elected officials, and concerned citizens met, marched to the State Capitol and held a prayer meeting. See the Mission Bulletin Board for the full article.




Fact #1 about Love Gift: Love Gift began in 1932 when during the Great depression our American Baptist Churches faces a 1/2 million dollar deficit. World Mission Support (then know as Bd of Missionary Cooperation) urged individuals to give over-and-above their tithes and pledges. The Committee on Conference (later named the National committee on Women's Work) challenged women to raise $150,000 to help meet the crisis. LOVE GIFT was born!

*** Start checking those dollar bills for an L or G in the serial number. Set them aside to be donated during worship service on May 5th.  Remember... this special offering is given out of a sense of love, faith, and gratitude to God for all His blessings and in recognition of our need to share these blessings with others.


Fact #2 about Love Gift: ABW Ministries contributes over $3 million dollars annually to AB Mission. Love Gift is a significant part of this giving and a part of United Mission, the basic funding source for American Baptist Mission, thereby supporting the full range of American Baptist Mission. It's an offering over-and-above our regular tithes and pledges.

*** Are you scanning those dollar bills for an L or G??? Note... we have a very generous anonymous member who will MATCH DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR everything we collect over the month of April.


Fact #3 about Love Gift: Fewer than 50% of American Baptist Churches currently participate in Love gift! PYFBC does!!! A portion of our Love Gift is retained for mission in our region and the remainder continues to move outward to reach persons in the USA and around the world. 15% of the total annual Love Gift receipts is received by ABW Ministries to support ministry with women and girls!

*** L and G → “LOVE GIFT” … LIFE'S GOOD … LOVE  GODAny way you say it, it's MISSION. Time is running out to set those dollar bills aside for collection in May. Please prayerfully join us in this fun challenge that reminds us of all our blessings and that it's our turn to share those blessings with others.


Church World Service Blankets+ Program

Providing blankets and other humanitarian assistance in emergency situations has long been what the CWS Blankets + Program is all about. The “plus” enables CWS to help displaced families rebuild their lives in the months and years after a disaster. When people identify what it will take to reconstruct their communities and restore livelihoods to area residents, and Blankets + funds provide the resources they need. Something as simple as a blanket can grow ...and grow ...into a community restored.Enclosed in this months newsletter you will find your Blankets + offering envelope.

Your gifts and offerings are urgently needed. Thank you for your donation.


Hurricane Sandy in the US: made landfall on Oct. 29, 2012 and left a trail of destruction across the northeast U.S. As it did earlier in the Caribbean.

CWS provided material resources, including 11,400 CWS Blankets; 18,420 Hygiene Kits; 16,440 School Kits; 11,415 Baby Care Kits; and

2,013 Emergency Cleanup Buckets to local agencies in NY, NJ, PA, and WV.




Save us, our Father, from either indifference or unseemly revelry in this solemn hour, lest we mock those who lie in the quiet places they liberated from the scourge of war, and their comrades in whose eyes are the shadowed memories of the horrors they saw. Let us rather gird ourselves to finish the work they began, that God's peace may yet come to all our troubled world.


For the liberation of so many from the cruel hand of the oppressor, we give Thee thanks. As we were willing to make sacrifices in war, so may we be willing to make sacrifices to ensure a just and lasting peace. For those who are  still in bondage, we ask a speedy liberation.


Make us aware of the responsibility that rest upon us to create peace in our own hearts, in our homes; in every association with our fellows. Teach us that righteousness alone exalts a nation. Lead us; inspire us. Make us Thy people to walk in Thy way, that this land may become in a new and deeper way, God's own country. In the name of the God of our Father's, who is still our God, we pray. Amen.


The Rev. Peter Marshall ~ Chaplain, U.S. Senate, 1947-1949




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