- - - - NEWSLETTER FOR MAY 2009 - - - -    


First Baptist Church

224 Main St. Penn Yan, NY 14527

 (315) 536-9821 e-mail:

Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor


Our Services of Worship and Praise for May:


May 3              “Why Are You Standing There?”

                        Acts 1:6-11

                                    CROP Walk


May 10            “What We Do We Do Together”

                        Acts 1:12-14

                                    Mother’s Day/Blanket Sunday


May 17            Rev. Grace Shirk - Guest Speaker

                                    Movie Night “Joshua”


May 24            “Amazed and Confused, Again”

                        Acts 2:1-13

                                    Memorial Sunday


May 31            “Signs and Wonders”

                        Acts 2:14-21



Greeters:                                                                   Lay Readers:

3          Margaret Mills & Jenn Slocum                     Lyle Conrad

10        Charlie Miller & Matt Scutt                          Cheryl Stewart
17        Necia Smith & Pat Ames                                Jack Clancy

24        Paul & Cathy  MacDougal                              Nancy Tharp

31        George & Joyce Slocum                                Greg Marion  



May birthdays:

3 ~ Lyle Conrad                      18 ~ Helena Cranmer

3 ~ Paul Nash                          20 ~ Kathie Lawrence

5 ~ Ethel Clancy                     23 ~ Jennifer Slocum

6 ~ Erma Mullins                    23 ~ Mary Fullagar

7 ~ Ed Castillo                        25 ~ Clifford LeBarr

8 ~ Lilia Scheel                       27 ~ Eileen Modaffari

16 ~ Trevor Conrad                31~ Erik Miller



A message from Pastor John



            One of the more rewarding films of the past few years is “Secondhand Lions” (2004). In this movie, Robert Duvall and Michael Caine play the parts of two crusty, reclusive, and rich old men who prefer to take life in an uncomplicated style. However, their grand nephew comes to live with them and there are complications galore. In the end these men discover that they really do have hearts, and hidden in them are magnificent treasures. When young Walter brings up the topic of believing in something, Robert Duvall gives him this advice:


“Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things that a man needs to believe in most. That people are basically good, that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love … true love never dies. You remember that, boy. You remember that. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. You see, a man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in.”


            If we were to talk about believing as an art, we would probably want to bring together many pieces to see what picture or sculpture is suggested. In the eighth chapter of Matthew, five miracles are reported. (1) A man with leprosy asks: “Sir, if you want to you can make me clean.” To which Jesus says: “I do want to, be clean.” (2) A Roman officer’s servant is healed. (3) Peter’s wife’s mother and many others are healed. (4) Jesus calms the stormy sea. (5) Tow insane people are healed. In the next chapter, the train of healings and miracles continues. In each one of these, some measure of faith is identified. But, when the religious leaders demand a miracle, Jesus offers the witness of his rising from the dead as the final proof of his being the Christ. (Matthew 12:38)


            Soooo, much of the “picture of believe” as painted by the great artist is really a collage of many faith experiences. The word “believe” actually comes to us from two Saxon words: “by” and “life”. When we think about our faith experience it is really a gathering of all the little moments of closeness with God, miraculous interventions, the insights that we gain in looking back over years of faith encounters. When we have “by lifed”, there is coloring of that moment that makes it special. Each hue and tone blends together to make our faith painting.


            I believe that this is part of what Jesus meant when he said that we must lay up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19). Our faith is the work of art that we prepare all our lives as a gift for our Lord.

                                                                                                 .......Pastor John





Camp Vick Work Day

Saturday, May 2

Attention all men! Are you interested in fellowship, service and fun? If you are, join the AMERICAN BAPTIST MEN OF NYS in a workday at Camp Vick on Saturday, May 2. A group will be going from our parking lot. Lunch will be provided.



National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009 marks the 28th annual National Day of Prayer. With the many challenges facing our country, it is a critical time to be in prayer. Imagine the transformation that can take place across our nation as believers faithfully intercede on behalf of America’s churches, schools, families, businesses, military, government and media. As we bathe each of these centers of power and influence in prayer, we can be confident that our Heavenly Father will hear and respond to the petitions of His children.


                                                                             ~ Shirley Dobson

                                                                             Chairman, NDP Task Force



Church World Service Blankets, Plus

Collection date May 10, 2009

Providing blankets and other humanitarian assistance in emergency situations has long been what the CWS Blanket Program is all about. The “plus” enables CWS to help displaced families rebuild their lives in the months and years after a disaster. When people identify what it will take to reconstruct their communities and restore livelihoods to area residents, the Blankets + funds provide the resources they need. Something as simple as a blanket can grow… and grow… into a community restored. You are the plus in BLANKETS+!



              THE POOR AND THOSE WHO HAVE NO HELPER.       Psalm 72:12

Class Notes:


Mary & Martha Circle                                Fellowship Class       

Tuesday, May 12 @ 10:30 am                         Wednesday, May 27 @ Noon

Dessert: Kathryn Warren                                            Dessert: TBD

Devotion: Kathie Lawrence                                         Devotional: TBD



Handbell Concert

The Board of Deacons Invites You to a Concert of

Asbury Ringers Handbell Ensemble

May 29, 2009 at 7:30 pm


The Asbury Ringers Handbell Ensemble will perform a special concert of music for handbells, hand chimes and percussion. In concert they will be joined by other musical artists playing flute, saxophone and piano. Musical selections will range from exciting arrangements of well-known hymn tunes to music originally written for orchestra, now arranged for handbells. This talented group of adult handbell ringers shares their love of handbells with the Asbury First United Methodist Church in worship and in concert outreach opportunities. A free will offering will be collected to help defray costs. Following the concert, there will be an opportunity to learn more about handbells and perhaps even trying your own hand at playing one.


Refreshments in the Great Room following the concert.



Relay For Life .... June 6 and 7

This year’s Relay For Life will be held on June 6 and 7, at the Penn Yan Firemen’s Field. The relay is an all night walk to raise money to fund cancer research, education and patient services. Anyone interested in being on a team or making a donation is encouraged to do so! For more information, please contact Beth DeLooza at 536-3162 or Pam Scutt at 536-2791.



“Team Footprints” led by Pam Scutt

“Team Eastview” led by Beth DeLooza



Your support is greatly appreciated!


Invite everyone to a Spaghetti Dinner at the Moose Club, 

Thursday, May 28 from 5-7 pm.

Tickets for children and adults are $6 each.

Walk-ins are welcome or presale tickets are available.

Contact either Pam at 536-2791 or Beth at 536-3162.



LOOKING AHEAD… Information to help you plan


Newsletters - Keep in mind that during the summer months we generally combine the June & July newsletter into one communication. That information should be into the office by May 18. There will be no August newsletter.


Summer Services - Working together with First Presbyterian Church we will share our services during the summer months, with July services being held here at First Baptist and August services being held at First Presbyterian. Watch for more information.




News from Your Bd. of Missions!

·         A goal of $1000 was set for the AMERICA FOR CHRIST offering due to the increased needs in our country. To date we have received $717. We thank you for your generosity in these tough times.

·         “UNDIES SUNDAYS” to support CAMERON COMMUNITY CENTER in Rochester, will be held in May and June. If you have a spare dollar or two, pick up kid’s underwear, socks, baby needs, personal hygiene articles (toothbrushes & paste, soap, shampoo, combs etc.) when you see them on sale. Note: Cameron has been featured as a special mission three different times in the past few months on Rochester tv. Two individuals and a church told of the good work Cameron does.

·         In response to the urgent need for assistance to our missionaries (see letter to the congregation), your Bd. of Missions used its Emergency Fund budgeted amount to send $250 to Roberts Stephens, one of our missionaries in Japan, Edith Calvin worked with Roberta when Edith was in Japan.

·         We have received thank yous for your gifts to the following:

~ Yates County Habitat for $1,315.47. This included our budgeted $200.

~ NYS Council of Churches for $100.

~ Rushville Health Center for $200.

~ Food for the Needy for $500. They are helping over 200 families a month.

·         Please read the reports from our SPECIAL MISSIONARIES in this newsletter and on the MISSION BULLETIN BOARD.

·         Plan to go to Camp Vick in June. We urge parents with children to go and see the facilities. All other members of the congregation are urged to go and see all the improvements


             Missionaries Who Are In Contact With Our Church

                            Japan ~ Roberta Stephens

                             Tiajunana & Mexicali, Mexico ~ Tim & Patti Long

                             Republic of Congo ~ Wayne & Kathy Niles

                             Mexacali, Mexico ~ Mercedes & Richard Barnes


             Our Special Missionaries

                            Cordova, Alaska ~ Susan Harding

                            Italy ~ Debbie & Jim Kelsey



Board of Christian Education

·         Nursery schedule is posted for the care of the little ones.

·         Sunday School groups are planning to visit local Nursing homes.

·         Teachers meeting will be May 6, at 7 pm to discuss curriculum, story time and needed supplies.

·         A new youth group leader is needed. Current youth in the group are still interested in meeting.

·         Vacation Bible School will be June 29 - July 3. Helpers are needed. Contact Sue Willson at 585-526-1004 or Barbara Burke at 536-7020.

·         Tammy Miller has information on Camp Vick and Pathfinder. There are a variety of camps available for kids of all ages.

·         There were 17 children present for the Easter Egg hunt. VBS registration forms were handed out.



Bd. of Trustees Report

Trustees met on April 14, 2009. Highlights of the meeting are as follows:


·         Sheryl Robbins will get information from Verizon about package plans that would include DSL for the church.

·         The paperwork for building permits has been received. Stan Ovens and Sheryl Robbins will look at it to get it filled in. The fence cannot be installed until the permits have been applied for and granted.

·         The Memorial Bulletin Covers have been a big success. We will continue to put the form in the bulletin until the May newsletter. From that time on it will be in the monthly newsletter.

·         We are looking at the possibility of having a food booth downtown during Crusin’ Night. More details will be available in the months to come.

·         We are still planning to do the light lunch before the Wednesday Night Concerts in the Park.

·         We have received two inquiries about the Organist position.

The next Trustees meeting will be on Tuesday, May 12, 2009.



National Ministries

Mrs. Susan Harding, Director

Cordova Community Christian Center

Box 713 Cordova, AK 99574



The support of American Baptist is felt and appreciated by Susan Harding, Director of the Cordova Community Christian Center. “Gifts received through the America for Christ offering allow us to reach out for Christ to children and adults in Cordova,” Harding says. “And donations of time and needed materials through Volunteers in Mission and White Cross help make it possible for our programs to continue.”


Located in a remote, commercial fishing town in Alaska, the Cordova Christian Center serves the town’s population of 2,500 people (which swells to 5-6,000 during the summer). The geographic isolation and transient nature of the community contribute to a lack of social connections, loneliness, depression, and alcoholism among adults and teens.


In response to the needs of the community, the ministry of the Christian Center has evolved uniquely over the years. “Home Port is a restaurant ministry that we run in partnership with the Cordova Community Baptist Church,” Harding explains. “We are the only place to eat in town that does not serve alcohol; our goal is to provide a wholesome atmosphere where teens and families with children can gather for a meal and activities.


“The most rewarding part of my work here has always been reaching people for Christ. I am excited about Jesus Christ and about living for Him,” says Harding. Her favorite verse comes to mind whenever she sees the many eagles that live in the beautiful mountains God created in Alaska” “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grown weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)


Susan Harding is married to Richard Harding who, after 25 years of missionary service, recently retired from the pastorate of the Cordova Community Baptist Church. The couple’s adult son, the Rev. John Harding, now serves as pastor.


Thanks to the support of American Baptist Women, White Cross donations have enabled the Cordova Community Christian Center better serve the community. To become involved in the work at CCCC, or to make a tax-deductible donation contact Susan at the above address.



Food for the Needy News


Evening Food for the Needy                          Daytime Food for the Needy

Wednesday, May 13 at 6 pm                           May 20-22 @ 9 am__________


Volunteers are always welcome and donations are always needed:             

Macaroni n Cheese                Canned Fruit               Cookies          Crackers

Canned Veggies                     Pasta & Sauce             Tuna                Cereal in large boxes


The Backpack Program

Wednesdays at 5 pm FBC

Donations are needed:

Cash                plastic bags                  mac & cheese              fruit cups         tuna

Snack bars       applesauce cups          fruit cups                     cereal bars



American Red Cross Needs~n~Things


hand soap                    laundry soap                paper towels                Diapers sizes 4,5,6     

kleenex                        toothpaste                    feminine products


Items for donation may be left in the box marked “Red Cross Needs-n-Things” in the front of the sanctuary.


Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who donated items for White Cross. Because of your generosity, we ended up donating above and beyond our quota! Thank you for your abundant support.                                                       

                                                                                             ~ Pam Scutt




Now is the time to indicate your preference for a Memorial  bulletin cover.

The cost is $10 for one Sunday. In purchasing Memorial Bulletin Covers, you will help defray some of the church’s operating costs and at the same time memorialize or recognize a loved one. Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Please send this information to the church office along with your payment.


            Date Preferred _______________  From _______________________


            In Honor of ______________________________________________


            In Memory of _____________________________________________