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A Prayer for Easter


We thank You, God, for the beauty of this day, for the glorious message that all nature proclaims: the Easter lilies with their waxen throats eloquently singing the good news; the birds, so early this morning, impatient to begin their song; every flowering tree, shrub, and flaming bush, a living proclamation from You. O open our hearts that we may hear it too!


Lead us, we pray, to the grave that is empty, into the garden of the Resurrection where we may meet our risen Lord. May we never again live as if you were dead!


In Your presence restore our faith, our hope, our joy. Grant to our spirits refreshment, rest, and peace. Maintain within our hearts an unruffled calm, an unbroken serenity that no storms of life shall ever be able to take from us.


From this moment, O living Christ, we ask You to go with us wherever we go; be our Companion in all that we do. And for this greatest of all gifts, we offer You our sacrifices of thanksgiving. Amen


[From: The Prayers of Peter Marshall, Edited by Cathering Marshall]


FBC News and Activities


April Birthdays

1 – Milly Bloomquist                         15 – Shelley Bicksler

7 – Brittany Griffin                            17 – Ralph Clancy

9 – Alice Wise                                    23 – Don Lawrence

13 – April Colf                                    24 – Kathryn Warren


April Board Meetings

  • Mission  - Thursday, April 3rd at 10:00 am
  • Trustees - Monday, April 7th at 6:30 pm
  • Christian Education - Thursday, April 10th at 7:00 pm


Lenten Lunches Continue Thursdays, April 3, 10

The Penn Yan Council of Churches invites you to gather for the Lenten Luncheon Series, taking place Thursdays at noon at First Baptist Church.

April 3             “Washing Feet”

April10                        “I Will Not Deny You”

Lunches begin at noon and cost $5.00 per person. Meals this year are being provided by the Wagner Restaurant.


Monday Church Suppers are Back!  Beginning April 7

That’s right, the Monday Church Suppers are starting back up again! With a big thanks to Bill Decker we look forward to our fellowship time. (If you would like to help out with the suppers: setting up, cleaning up, or preparing, contact Bill at 607-243-5843).

Serving from 5:30 – 7 pm, Mondays beginning April 7th - Only $3.00 per person


April Menu:

7th    Ziti w/sausage or meatballs

            Tossed salad, Chocolate or Yellow Cake

14th – Chicken ‘n Biscuits

            Tossed Salad, Cream Puffs

21st      Pulled Pork Sandwich

            Tossed Salad, Fruit Salad

28th      Macaroni & Cheese

            Tossed Salad, Sugar-Free Jello or Pudding


Easter Egg Hunt -  Sunday, April 13

See information in the Board of Christian Education report below


Smile! Church Directory - Thursday, April 24

The next 2014 Church Directory Picture Day will be on Thursday, April 24th. Be sure to sign up to have your picture taken for our directory.


American Baptist Women’s Convention - Friday - Sunday, April 25-27

See information in the American Baptist Women’s  report below.


FBC Men’s GroupSaturday, April 26

The men of the church have been busy working on the baptistery; replacing the drywall, painting and getting ready to install handrails. The next meeting will be on Saturday, April 26th. As always there will be coffee, doughnuts, and devotions. All of the church young men and men are invited to come and take part!


Easter Lilies

It’s time to adorn our sanctuary with beautiful Easter Flowers.If you would like to place a flower in honor and/or in memory of a loved one, you are invited to bring in your plant by Friday morning, April 18th (the church is open Mon-Fri from 9 am to noon). Please remember to label your plant for easy identification so you can take it home with you on Easter morning. Please leave the information below at the church office, or call the office at 536-9821. Your information needs to be received by Wednesday, April 16th in order for it to be printed in the Easter Sunday bulletin.

Given by: _____________________________________________

In Memory of: _________________________________________

In Honor of: ___________________________________________


Yard-Craft-Bake Sale

Organization for the Deficit Reduction Yard-Craft-Bake Sale is under way. It will be held on July 5th from 8 am - 4 pm and July 6th 1 pm - 5 pm here at the church. We will be accepting the following: furniture, small appliances, kitchen and home décor items and infant/toddler clothing and toys. Please no adult clothing. Bring your items to the church at any time. If you are unable to transport your items, please contact a member of the Men’s Group for assistance. If you have questions, please contact the Sale’s committee members: Karen Sanden, Karen Rasmussen, Bill Decker or Nancy Marion. We will also need lots of help at the time of the sale. Thank you.


Communion at Home

Are you home-bound? Do you know of someone who is, who would like to receive communion at home? We have several members of the Diaconate who would like the opportunity to come to you with communion. Please give the church office a call at 536-9821 so that we may pay you a visit.


Band Instruments Needed

The Tabernacle Baptist Church of Utica serves over 900 Karen refugees from Burma who are either part of the congregation or who live nearby the church in the community. A program is being developed to offer teens beginning lessons on various band instruments. Do you have a: Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet or Flute or other instrument sitting unused and forgotten in a closet or attic? Your unused instrument can find a new home, make music again, and contribute to Christian Mission at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Bring your donated instrument to the FBC church office.


Plaque from the Bloomquists

By now you may have noticed the plaque hanging by the door. This has been donated by Milly Bloomquist and her family. It was made by an artist who was a part of Earl W. “Bud” Bloomquist’s congregation in Charleston, WV in the 1950s in response to a sermon that Bud preached, probably based on Galatians 3:28. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. Daughter Becky Holder said that this was a “text my dad often used about the inclusive message of Jesus. The name of the artist was not available. We are proud to have this plaque as a part of our church and are thankful to the Bloomquist family for sharing it with First Baptist.


From the Board of Christian Education


Easter Egg Hunt

Community Easter Egg Hunt for Children in K – 6th grade. Sunday, April 13th from 1-3 pm, on the Courthouse Lawn


Your FBC Board of Christian Education is reaching out in ministry to our community by sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt. We are hoping for your enthusiastic support! Please keep in prayer, this event and all those involved. There are several activities planned to go along with the Easter Egg Hunt and the team is busy pulling all the details together to make this happen. Can we count on your support and help?


We need donations of small individually wrapped candies that will fit inside the plastic eggs. Also, listen for announcements in church on Sunday, regarding other information on ways you can help. The BIG thing is PRAYER. We need your prayers to help this come together in a way that brings smiles to the children’s faces and that GLORIFIES GOD.


American Baptist Women


ABW Convention

American Baptist Women’s Ministries of NYS – Convention 2014. April 25-27, 2014, Desmond Hotel and Conference Center, Albany NY


~ Learn more about God and yourself through scripture and workshops

~ Celebrate 200 years of ministry in Myanmar/Burma through the eyes of Ann    

    Judson. Some of the Karen women from Tabernacle Baptist Church will be  

    there as our special guests.

~ Worship and fellowship


If you are interested in attending, please let Diane DeLooza or Cheryl Stewart know as soon as possible so we can arrange travel plans and reserve hotel rooms.


Report from Your Board of Mission


By the time you read this, the AMERICA FOR CHRIST OFFERING will have been received. As of March 16th you gave $698, which is just $127 short of our goal of $825.


Roberta Stephens retires

On July 31st,  Roberta Stephens will be retiring. She will have served 37 years as an ABC/USA missionary to Japan. She will return to the USA on May 31st. Be sure to read her journal, “Seed Planting” on the readers table. She gave a  speech to the Yokohama YWCA. Both men and women were in the audience. Two very good questions were asked during the Q & A session by a man claiming to be and agnostic.


Roberta gave us a suggestion. She suggest we place an “ENTRANCE” sign at each building exit. WHY?


You received THANK YOUS from

~ Cameron Community Center for $300

~ Milly’s Pantry for the end of the year contribution of 13,916 pennies

~ Springbrook for $350

~ Vick & Pathfinder Camp & Conference Ministry for $190 each

   (This was a special end of the year gift)


Please Note: It will soon be time for the Easter and Lent Offerings. The Easter Offering goes to support your MISSION budget.


The PENNY PROJECT is in full swing. We will be collecting all the pennies we can through the end of April.



Be sure to see BIM’s “ON LOCATION”. There is quite a story that goes along with our showing of the DVD – The Life of Adoniram Judson. In December 32,000 people had registered for the Bicentennial Celebration of the arrival of ABC missionaries Adoniram and Ann Judson. Some 14,000 more showed up at the Myanmar (Burma) Baptist Convention event. Be sure to read the whole exciting story.


Milly’s Pantry annual report is available.


HOPI MISSION SCHOOL’S winter newsletter is available. Of special interest is how they use BOXTIPS FOR EDUCATION. Many people don’t think they are worth saving. However, since August 2013 the Hopi Mission School has received $6,134.40 by redeeming 61,344 Boxtops for Education. Campbell Labels are just as important. To date they have collected 1,398,612 labels. Just 201,388 more and they can buy a new 7 – passenger van. WoW!!


The April Backpack Item:

Fruit/Pudding/Applesauce Cups


Your Board of Mission


From the Church Library…


At the Women’s Convention, April 25-27, there will be a celebration of the 200 years of ministry in Myanmar/Burma as seen through the eyes of Ann Judson – the first American missionary to that area. The work of the Judson’s should have even more meaning for us here at First Baptist of Penn Yan because of our connection to the Tabernacle Baptist Church of Utica and their work with the Karen people from Burma. If you would like to be “a step ahead”, you might consider reading one of these fascinating biographies available in our church library.

  • Ann Judson by Basil Miller
  • Golden Boats from Burma (about Ann) by Gordon Langley Hall
  • To the Golden Shore – the Life of Adoniram Judson by Courtney Anderson


Calander for April 2014
















Lenten Lunch

Mission Meeting

Boy Scouts



A Closer Walk sponsor night



Trustee Meeting

K Quilters

Community Chorus

Church Supper


Mary & Martha



Cub Scouts



Lenten Lunch

Chr. Ed Meeting

Adv. Council

Boy Scouts




Mobil Food Pantry


Palm Sunday


Community Chorus

Church Supper



ARC Worship



Boy Scouts


Good Friday



Easter Sunday!


Community Chorus

Church Supper




Cub Scouts


YC Food Set-up


Boy Scouts

Picture Day!


YC Food Distribution


FBC Men’s Group



Community Chorus

Church Supper






April Backpack Item:


Fruit/Pudding/Applesauce Cups





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