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First Baptist Church                            April 2013



From our New York State Executive Minister


'One Sunday, I was standing at the rear of the sanctuary greeting people as they left service. A woman paused as I shook her hand and said, “Dr. Kelsey, sometimes when I leave here I'm not happy.  Worship should make me happy.” I felt disturbed. I didn't want worship to depress people. I wanted worship to encourage and strengthen people. I though about  what she had said for several days. I felt I owed her something, perhaps an apology. After some reflection I came to a realization. I called her and told her that I hoped she found encouragement and joy through her participation in worship, but I went on to say that the primary purpose of worship is not to make us happy; the primary purpose of worship is to make us holy. I want us all to be happy, but there was a higher, nobler purpose to what we were doing: holiness. The path to holiness sometimes involves challenge and loss; at some points we are called to make painful changes in our lives. It is not always a happy holiday at the beach.


the Christian life is not primarily a parade; it is a pilgrimage. The journey demands some things of us along the way; we have to leave some things behind that we should like to retain. As we travel, the journey changes us; we are being made more into the image of Jesus Christ.'


….. Jim Kelsy, from his blog.


Wish These Friends a Happy April Birthday

 1 – Milly Bloomquist            13 – April Colf                        23 – Don Lawrence

 7 – Brittany Griffin               15 – Shelley Bicksler             24 – Kathryn Warren

 9 – Alice Wise                       17 – Ralph Clancy                  25 – Bob Faery


Supper Anyone? 

Have you been to the suppers for FBC yet? They take place every Monday at

5 pm in the Great Room. Carrie & Sean Ahearn (Penn Yan Diner) do all the cooking for you. There is a small charge of $3 per person with a cap of $12 per family. Stop by, you'll be glad you did!


Congratulations Brittany!

When you see Brittany Griffin be sure to congratulate her as she was recognized as Yates County Youth Board's Distinguished Youth for the third quarter of 2012. She is a senior at PYA and is a member of 4-H, FFA and is involved in many, many community projects and activities. The Yates County Distinguished Youth Award recognizes youth who are positive role models, have performed outstanding service for their community, and/or have assumed extraordinary roles within their families.


Congratulations Kevin!

Congratulations to Kevin Conrad for making the PYA Honor Roll. Way to go!


Joyce Mallory Snyder

Have you taken a good look lately at the painting of the church that hangs in the rear of the sanctuary? This was painted and then donated by Joyce Mallory Snyder in 1976. Joyce passed away in February of this year. She was the daughter of the late Hollis and Onnolee Mallory and married Irving Snyder in 1953. Joyce had a long career as an artist specializing in pen-and-ink portraits, architectural drawings, and scenery paintings. She taught art classes and was known for her drawings of private homes and landmarks. Joyce loved animals and raised money for the Finger Lakes SPCA by donating proceeds from the sale of her pet portraits. Take a moment to stop and appreciate the painting the next time you are in church.


From the Advisory Council

Dear FBC Congregation - During Sunday worship, you have heard our Pastor tell us that we need to be the light of Christ; that we need to work to bring people to the Lord and to salvation. This is the mission of Christians and the real purpose of the church. We cannot let these words fall on deaf ears. So, in 2013 we want to develop a plan to do outreach and local mission projects to better connect with the community and to demonstrate that we are an active, welcoming church.


Each Board and Committee will be brainstorming to come up with activities to make our church more visible in the community and to help individuals in need. But this is not a project just for Boards and Committees! We would like EVERYONE'S  input. This means YOU. So start thinking and think “outside” the box. Any and all ideas are welcome! We are looking for a variety of activities.


Pass your ideas on to any Board or Committee member or better yet, bring them directly to an Advisory Council meeting.  We have significant memorial funds to assist us with these projects so don't assume cost would prohibit us from considering your idea. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Attention All Men - Organizational Meeting!!

All the men of the church are invited to a meeting on Saturday, April 13th at our church to organize a Men's Group. We will meet at 10 am for coffee, donuts and a brief devotion. We will then decide how often to meet, where to meet, and what we want to do. Possibilities are to have a Bible Study, book study, do a work project, just socialize or any idea you might come up with. If you will attend, please let Don Lawrence, Ed Castillo or the church office know.


Board of Missions Report

We wish to thank all of you who gave so generously to the America for Christ Offering. You gave $819. This surpassed our goal of $700. You are to be commended!!!

The Penny Project is rolling along. Pennies are coming in each Sunday.

We have instituted a “Know Your Missionary” program. There is a short item about a particular missionary in each Sunday Bulletin for a month. Be sure to look for it in your bulletin.

Rather than having a special World Day of Prayer service, we are asking you to pray this month for the following concerns:

-        Pray for the success of all ANTI-TRAFFICING programs, both here in the U.S.A. and abroad.

-        Pray for OUR GOVERNMENT to cooperate in working for the American people.

-        Pray for ALL OUR MISSIONARIES – some have not gained all financial aid they need and aren't going back to their field.

-        Pray for SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL.


In responding to the request to think “Outside the Box” of ways to do outreach and local mission – we want to make our church more visible in the community and show that we are an active and welcoming church – we have noted the ever increasing need for food for the Backpack Program of Milly's Pantry. We are asking each member of the congregation to bring in one or more items of a special food during the month. During March we asked us all to bring in boxes of hot chocolate packets.


For the month of April we are asking for breakfast/cereal bars (not candy bars). This is just a small gesture that we can easily do. There is a box in the sanctuary for our donations.


“Penny Project”

As we are getting into the Penny Project, the Bd of Mission would like you to know that the pennies you donated over the past three years has helped ABC/USA to raise  $7,833,840. This amount represents over 7 million of the 14 million children and youth who live in homes under the poverty level in the USA.


Did You Know?

Blankets of Hope, Hygiene Kits, School Kits, Baby Care Kits; all these projects that you work so hard on and support so diligently, they were all used in assisting the people in need in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia following the destruction, floods and lengthy power outages from Super Storm Sandy last October. CWS has so far provided more than $834,000 worth of material resources. So, we want to say THANK YOU for all you do to help us with these special projects!!! There are many times that our giving goes to help so many here in the U.S.A.


Missionary News


Roberta Stephens

Roberta's latest journal entitled “First Responder” gives an interesting slant on her relationship to Jesus. In turning to Jesus after trying every which way to get some work done, she got the answer – “It's about Time! How can I respond if you don't call on me for help.


Tim Long

Tim's journal entitled “A Beauty of a Day” tells of a day when 250 youth and young adults came to the Mexicali Seminary. A day long event, planned by the youth themselves, beautified the seminary campus. Besides cleaning the area they painted buildings, put murals on other walls, performed a circus ministry with local kids, gave free haircuts, and provided veterinarian service ending the day with a concert and Tim giving the message.


Mercy Barnes

Mercy Barnes, who we supported in the past, tells of how $3,300 was raised by American Baptist to build a church for Baptistsin La Rumorose, Mexico. Many American Baptist went to Mexico to work on the construction. Please read these journals for the full stories. You will enjoy the picture of the Mariachi Cacti at Mexicali. You will also enjoy reading about the minister, retiring after 50 years in the pastorate, planting a new church in La Rumorosa. Roberta has an interesting anecdote about a Japanese woman – some 30 years after graduating from Shokei School with its Christian atmosphere became a Christian. You will find these journals on the Mission bulletin board.


United Mission

United Mission provides financial support for American Baptist International Ministries and for the American Baptist Home Mission Societies. Help all ABC ministries in the USA and around the globe come alive with your support of United Mission.


NYS Baptist Camps

For those of you sincerely and deeply interested in camping programs for children and youth; listen up! In 2 more years ABC/NYS Camps are to be self-supporting. The need is now! Please give generously over the next 2 years.


News from the Diaconate


Hearing is Imperative

The technology committee members are very pleased with the improvements our new sound equipment is making possible for our Sunday service. We very much want everyone to understand all that is going on. When guests, new comers and returning friends emerge, please assist the sound person by identifying any need for an earpiece prior to the start of the service. It will be helpful for them to know the calendar of events and the menu for Monday Night Fellowship in addition to hearing the choir anthem, lessons in the children's moment, and Pastor Steve's sermon. We also thank everyone for using the microphone so that we may hear the prayer concerns and announcements.


Small Group Studies

In response to Nancy Marion's request to look for outreach opportunities, the Deacons would like to support anyone interested in participating in and/or leading/hosting a small group study. We are willing to prepare group leaders with special meeting/training about hosting a small group. Possible meeting sites are homes or the church facility and we are also willing to support groups meeting in other locations outside of a home if a suggestion is made.  Topics will be selected based on the interests of those seeking the opportunity. For those who are on the internet, we are willing to explore a new option – a study group online. Sign up on the clipboard in the sanctuary or email the church office at


Prayer Group

Another idea brought forward is to assist with the needs of our church family and anyone we are concerned with through a prayer group. If you are someone who is unable to commit to working in coffee hour or volunteering to support the Food for the Needy program, here is a way for you to contribute to the care and the keeping or our brothers and sisters in Christ. Sign up on the clipboard in the sanctuary. This will be used to establish a time in which the prayer group can meet. All are invited to attend when able.


Publicity Work Group

The idea has been brought forward to start a Publicity Work Group. We greatly appreciate the assistance of Jack Clancy, Barb Stewart, Shelley Bicksler and other contributors past and present with the Chronicle Express submissions and Dick Johnson with managing the church website. We are wanting to create this work group to enhance the efforts of everyone. The work group will continue with article submissions without having one person responsible for it all. Facebook and other media opportunities will be added. Sign up on the clip board in the sanctuary or contact Barbara Burke at 536-7020 if you are interested.



Memorial Bulletins

Now is the time to indicate your preference for Memorial Bulletins for 2013.

This is a special way for you to honor your loved ones. The cost is $10, and monies raised will go to help defray some of the church's operating costs.  Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Send this form to the church office along with your payment or you may leave it in the offering plate.


I would like to recognize my loved one on the date of: _________________________

In memory of: _______________________________________

In honor of: _________________________________________

From: _____________________________________________


Prayer for the United States of America

by George Washington


“Almighty God: We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the heads of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of sub-ordination and obedience to government, and entertain a brother-affection and love for one another and for their fellow-citizens of the United States at large.

“And finally Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion and with a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can ever hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”


Acts 2:38

A woman had just returned to her home after an evening of church services, when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables and she yelled, 'Stop! Acts 2:38!' (Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins may be forgiven). The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called the police to report when she had done... As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked the burglar, 'Why did you just stand there, all the old lady did was yell a scripture at you.'

'Scripture?' replied the burglar. 'She said she had an ax and two 38's!'


The moral of the story? Knowing scripture can save your life, in more ways than one!