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 First Baptist Church

224 Main St. Penn Yan, NY 14527

 (315) 536-9821 e-mail:

Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor



April Services of Worship and Praise


Apr. 5              The World’s Hurt-Revealed in Cruelty

Palm Sunday               Matthew 27:27-31


April 9             The Crucifixion

Maundy Thursday       Matthew 27:32-44


April 12           God’s Answer to Our Question

Easter  Sunday            Matthew 28:1-10


Apr. 19            Living in the Power of the Resurrection

                                    Matthew 28:16-20


Apr. 26            Wait for the Gift

                                    Acts 1:1-5


Greeters                                                     Lay Readers


5 ~ Ed & Rita Castillo                                                Anne Perry

12 ~ Jeanette O’Brien & Judi Gibbs                         Sheryl Robbins

19 ~ Barbara Gage & Fran Morse                             Ed Castillo

26 ~ Margaret Drakely & Marge Cornell                 Greg Marion                          


April Birthdays


1 ~ Milly Bloomquist              15 ~ Shelley Bicksler

7 ~ Brittany Griffin                  17 ~ Ralph Clancy

9 ~ Alice Wise                        23 ~ Don Lawrence

11 ~ Ralph Wilkes                  24 ~ Kathryn Warren

13 ~ April Colf                        25 ~ Robert Faery

15 ~ Emily Taylor                              



A Message from Pastor John




Did you know that they pay people to sit around and think of stuff they can do with computers? A lot of the stuff is really weird, but some of the stuff is kind of neat. During my youth, I don’t remember reading any books that gave me the choice of what the ending might be. In fact part of the art of writing was to create a situation, factor in lots of different characters, follow the interaction, and bring it all together with a big climax at the end. Then there was usually an epilogue to pick up all loose strings that the author couldn’t figure out how to work into the end of the story. In some of the stories being published now, the reader can choose from a number of possible endings. In some of the on-line books, a person can even write in an ending.

When we look at the story of Jesus setting his face toward Jerusalem, warning his disciples that he would be killed there, seeing his arrest, seeing all the powers of temple authorities and Rome arrayed against him, seeing him nailed to a cross and placed in a tomb - that was supposed to be the end of the story. However, God probably invented on-line books just so he could rewrite the ending to this story. What everybody thought was the end of the story, was just the beginning. Our Lord who would say, “Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the age.” Who would think that a man whose story “ended” 2000 years ago, would have 2 billion people who call themselves by his name.

A minister, who was giving his retirement sermon, noted that he had achieved some small measure of success. He said that his first convert had back slidden, the first couple he had married had divorced, but the first person he buried was still dead. That is one for three. Those who try to end God’s story will find that their success is not even one for three. Caiaphas, Herod, and Pilate all tried to write the last chapter in Jesus’ life. They all missed.

The beauty of Easter is that God made the epilogue the main part of the story. God decided that he would come up with a surprise ending, and the really wow part of it is that we can write ourselves into it. Many people seem to be living lives that are totally scripted. They play out their part and the curtain comes down. Easter is God’s way of calling for an encore and then making it the best part of the play. Easter is God helping us to rewrite the script so that, even though we may have blown our big scene, we become winners in the end.

            Easter means that sin no longer writes our part. In Christ we are made into a new creation (II Corinthians 5:17). Becoming new people and living in the amazing power of the risen Christ, means that our “end” has the feel of eternity. It also means that we have the distinct privilege of helping others rewrite their final paragraph, too.


                                                                        …. Pastor John





Men’s Palm Sunday Prayer Breakfast

Sunday, April 5 @ 8 am

Our annual event in which the women of the church prepare breakfast for the men. (The men return the favor on Mother’s Day). It begins with a special devotional time in the sanctuary. This year we have a special guest, Ken Anderson. Ken has sung with Pete Seeger and frequently shares his deep bass voice on stages across America. Ken uses his love of Negro Spirituals to aid work done in Darfur and Zimbabwe. Following our devotional time, we move into the Great Room for an excellent breakfast. The cost is $5 for men, children under 12 are free.


Maunday Thursday

Thursday, April 9 (Time to be announced)

This year our service will be a dish to pass affair. The Boards of Christian Education and Diaconate will hold a Christian Seder in commemoration of the Last Supper. The last meal that Jesus ate with the apostles suggest a Seder, a Jewish celebration of the Passover, that period in history when Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt on their adventure to the Promised Land. Join us as we conduct this ceremonial meal in memory of the Passion of Christ. In recognition of the Jewish tradition, please do not bring anything that contains yeast or pork products.


Ecumenical Good Friday Service

Friday, April 10 @ Noon

Dresden UMC


Easter Sunrise Service

Sunday, April 12 @ 7 am

On the beach at Indian Pines Park.


Traditional Easter Service

Sunday, April 12 @ 10 am

Our choir will be singing two anthems: “Song of Joy” and “He Shall Rise!” The message will be “God’s Answers to Our Question” based on Matthew 28:1-10. Lilies and other Easter Flowers will be placed in honor or memory of friends and family.



Youth Group News

Wednesdays at 7 pm


Under the direction of Sean & Carrie Ahearn, a youthgroup has been meeting on Wednesday evenings for about a year now. They have an average attendance of 7 high school students who get together to talk about matters important to them, they play ping-pong, board games, watch movies and have a snack.


The group has several community service plans in the making:

·         They will participate in Celebrate Service Celebrate Yates on Sunday, April 19

·         There is an interest in hosting movie nights that will be open to other youth in the community

·         They are exploring the idea of hosting a community Day Fair

·         They provided the desserts for the Inquirer’s Event in March.

·         Making “Welcome Bags” for the visitors to FBC worship services.

·         Will be hosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 4.


The youth will be learning how to serve for dinners and have a desire to raise money through dinners, pancake breakfasts, and bake sales. They have thought about going to The Corning Museum, the Zoo and the Strousenburg Planetarium.


Wish List

Ping-Pong paddles and balls ~ Twister Board Game (standard version)

Two sets of Double Twelve Dominoes ~ Nintendo Wii ~ Dance Dance Revolution

Apples to Apples party edition ~ Bible Apple to Apples ~ Bible Scattegories ~ Chicken Soup Conversation Cards ~ Bible Mad Gab


How Can I Help? Do you feel a pull to get involved a little?

·         How about providing a snack or a meal for their meetings?

·         Perhaps bring a dish to pass on a theme to interact with the kids over dinner?

·         Mentor the kids

·         Suggestions to help plan the events above would be welcome!


Contact Sean and Carrie at 531-1910 (or leave a note in the Youth Group Box) to explore these ideas and more.


Mary & Martha Circle                              Fellowship Class

Tuesday, April 14 @ 10:30 am                                    Wednesday, April 22 @ Noon

Dessert: Marge Cornell                                               Dessert: TBD  

Devotion: Rita Castillo                                                 Devotional: TBD


News from Your Bd. of Missions!


Your Board of Missions wishes to THANK ALL of you who contributed to the AMERICA FOR CHRIST offering on March 15. To date we have received $410.00.

To get a better idea of how your gifts are used by the Board of International Ministries, please look at the bulletin board by the church office. A two page spread shows the leaders of 16 programs administered by BNM.


By the time you read this several members of our church will have attended the Mission Advocates Meeting at FBC Syracuse on March 21.



Bd. of Trustees Report


Trustees met on March 10, 2009. Highlights of the meeting are as follows:


·         We have contracted with REALE FENCE to install a fence around the air conditioner unit. It will be done as soon as weather permits.

·         We agreed to renew our ad in the Finger Lakes Times Vacation Guide.

·         We will again do a light lunch before the Wednesday Night Concerts in the Park. For this we will need volunteers to sign up for the weeks they want to work.

·         We will draft a letter to be sent to members who did not return a pledge card or any response, to give us closure for the Stewardship Drive.

·         We agreed to let the Great Room be used for a Regional Pastor’s meeting on May 24-26.

·         Our old chairs, minus 6, are being donated to Milly’s Cupboard for their new building on Main Street.

·         We talked about putting the visitor’s slip somewhere else in the bulletin rather than the last page so that our visitors will not lose part of the order of worship when they tear off the slip and put it in the collection.

·         We noted that there needs to be an article in the next 3 bulletins and also the newsletter about purchasing Memorial Bulletins.

The next Trustees meeting will be on Tuesday, April 14, 2009.



Food for the Needy News


Evening Food for the Needy                                   Daytime Food for the Needy

Wednesday, April 8 at 6 pm                                    April 22 - 24 @ 9 am__________


Volunteers are always welcome and donations are always needed:                      

Macaroni n Cheese                Canned Fruit               Cookies          Crackers

Canned Veggies                     Pasta & Sauce             Tuna                Cereal in large boxes


The Backpack Program

Wednesdays at 5 pm FBC

Donations are needed:

Cash                plastic bags                 mac & cheese             fruit cups         tuna

Snack bars      applesauce cups          fruit cups                     cereal bars



American Red Cross Needs~n~Things

hand soap                    laundry soap                paper towels               Diapers sizes 4,5,6    

kleenex                       toothpaste                   feminine products


Items for donation may be left in the box marked “Red Cross Needs-n-Things” in the front of the sanctuary.


Church World Service Blankets Collection date May 10, 2009


Providing blankets and other humanitarian assistance in emergency situations has long been what the CWS Blanket Program is all about. The “plus” enables CWS to help displaced families rebuild their lives in the months and years after a disaster. When people identify what it will take to reconstruct their communities and restore livelihoods to area residents, the Blankets + funds provide the resources they need. Something as simple as a blanket can grow… and grow… into a community restored. Watch for more information as May draws near.



              THE POOR AND THOSE WHO HAVE NO HELPER.       Psalm 72:12


Estimo is now Clancy

On February 25, 2009, the adoption of Ralph Estimo by Jack Clancy, was finalized by Yates County Family Court Judge Patrick Falvey.


Ralph is now: Ralph Joseph E. Clancy


To “Seal the Deal” Judge Falvey allowed Ralph to sit in the judge’s seat, pound the gavel and order dad to take him out to lunch!


Congratulations to the Clancy Family!



For Sale: Marlene Guild has for sale two Mahogany Desks, a Baldwin Organ, and a sewing machine. If you are interested please call Marlene at 536-8182.


Note of Appreciation    Dear Members of First Baptist Church, On behalf of the Council of Churches, I would like to sincerely thank you for the generous gift of $200 for the Jail Ministry program.                                                                                                                                          Sincerely,

                                                                                                  Lisa Henderson




You can now purchase Sunday Bulletin Covers In Memory Of or In Honor Of a loved one. The cost is $10 for one Sunday. There will be mention in the bulletin of who the cover is named for. This is similar to providing flowers in the sanctuary. In purchasing Memorial Bulletin Covers, you will help defray some of the church’s operating costs and at the same time memorialize or recognize a loved one.

Please send this information to the church office along with your payment.



Attention All Men!

Are you interested in fellowship, service and fun?

If you are, join the American Baptist Men of NYS in a work-day at Camp Vick on Saturday, May 2. A group will be going from our parking lot. Time to be announced later. Lunch will be provided. If you want more information contact Rev. John, Don Lawrence or Ed Castillo.




Once again this year you may place your flowers on the altar in memory or in recognition of the special people in your life. Fill out the form below and leave it in the collection plate, drop it off to the office or call the office at 536-9821. Bring your Easter flowers to the church for Palm Sunday and take them home with you following the 10 am Easter Sunday service.


Yes, I will bring in an Easter flower for the altar display.

Place my flower in memory of ________________________________________

Place my flower in honor of _________________________________________

My name is _____________________________________________________



“Spring clean your life: throw out old grudges, dust off your sweetest voice, paint a happy attitude, frame every happiness that you can list.

 God loves a cheerful giver… give some cheer.”                         The Joyful Noiseletter


Out of the mouths of God’s kids…

My family grew up in the Wyoming prairie, and on the long drive from church we would sing hymns to pass the time. Coming home from church one Easter Sunday, my parents asked us what hymns we wanted to sing.

“My little sister yelled, ‘Gravy Rose!’

“We all looked at her and my Mom said that she didn’t know that hymn.

“ ‘ Yes you do!’ my little sister insisted. ‘You all know it. We sang it this morning.’

“My sister began singing, ‘Up from the gravy rose, with a mighty triumph for his toes…’”

Joyful Noiseletter

Mark E Honstein, Chaplain

Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, Loveland, CO



Sign outside Lakemont Church of Christ, Winter Park, Fl:


“When things go bad, don’t go bad with them.”                Joyful Noiseletter

Via Bobbe Lyon Maitland, Fl