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From the Pastor's Desk
March 2015
Dear Church Family,
I have almost never cancelled church due to weather, but on the 15th of February we did just that. I guess the warmth of our Valentine’s love was unable to overcome the cold and snow. But, on the bright side, spring is coming. Last year it seemed long in coming, but did come and I’m sure it will come again this year.

Monday nights have been affected by our weather as well. We have cancelled several and we wait to see how the weather shapes up to come. A lot of folks are looking forward to eating again (together, I mean).

I am very happy about the response to the new hymnals, which should be in the pews by the time you read this. The print is clear and fairly large. And we will not need to make so many inserts for regular music. Thank you all very much for the support you have shown for this project. And remember you can have a dedication placed in a hymnal for your donation. We are anxious to get these into the pews as soon as possible. We have already placed the church covenant in the fly leaf and will place them in the pews for our March 1st service. Your dedications will be inserted as they come in.

The hymnals come just in time for our next Finger Lakes Baptist Association meeting on March 8th. It will be held here at 3:00 pm with registration at 2:30. Please come and lend your voices to a hymn sing! Elaine Green from Reed Corners will be our accompanist. Also, Don Lawrence will present a special segment of Hymns Written by Baptist.

Coming in March on the 22nd we will celebrate Women’s Sunday. The ladies will have full charge of the service.

You may not be aware that on the third Wednesday of the month, except during the summer, we host a special worship service for our friends from the ARC. These are led by Ruth Spencer and Evelyn Emerson. I’m sure they would not mind some visitors, and you will be blessed by their special fellowship.

Blessings, Pastor Steve

News and Upcoming Events

March  Birthdays
2 – Lisa Wood	    8 – Sheri Jensen      13 – Mary Watkins        
4 – Marion Perry    8 – Barbara Stewart   17 – Meghan Fuqua       
6 – George Jensen   9 – Andrea Champlin   18 – Charlie Miller         
8 – Nancy Marion    11 – Tammy Miller     23 – Barbara Champlin

Church & Community Suppers – Good Food, Good Fellowship
5:00 pm, Mondays. $3.00 per person, Followed by a free-family-friendly movie at 6 pm!
March movies will have an Inspirational theme.

Monday, March 2 – Chicken ‘n Biscuits. Movie: “The Holy Land-An Incredible Journey” This is an inspiring journey through 3,500 years of history to nearly 40 Bible sites.

Monday, March 9 – Macaroni ‘n Cheese. Movie: “Where Jesus Walked” Travel the world of Jesus Christ and walk in the footsteps of the Messiah. This is a pilgrimage which will touch deeply all who view it.

Monday, March 16 – Meatloaf. Movie: “Paul’s Journeys” Paul’s Journey’s according to Scripture. Filmed on location in Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Monday, March 23 – Goulash. Movie: “John on the Island of Patmos” About the revelation which the apostle John received during a banishment to the island of Patmos, off the coast of Asia Minor, not far from Ephesus. This led to the writing of the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible.

Monday, March 30 – Beef Stew. Movie: “Jesus” The epic story of the tragedy and triumph of the most controversial life in human history. The script is directly from the Bible.

Finger Lakes Association Meeting - Sunday, March 8
“Baptist Can Have Fun: Let’s Have a Hymn Sing”
Sunday, March 8, 2015 here at First Baptist Penn Yan

Registration: 2:45 pm, Followed by devotions, committee reports, announcements and a hymn sing. There will be a pot-luck dinner. Bring a dish-to-pass and your own table service.

NOTE: From the March 1st bulletin: "Hearts and Hands - The gathering scheduled for March 21st has been postponed. Please watch upcoming bulletins for new date."
Hearts & Hands Card Making - Saturday, March 21
We will gather at the home of Cindy Ovens On Saturday, March 21st, at 9 am to make cards and put together Sunshine Baskets. Even if you aren’t “crafty”, please come join us. We’ll find something for you to do. You’re guaranteed a morning of fun and fellowship. If you need a ride, let the church office know. Also, if you know of someone in our church family who is going through a time of difficulty/illness, or is celebrating a joy, contact the church office at 536-9821 and let Peggy know. H&H Ministry would like to let them know we are thinking of them. Anyone wishing to make a donation to H&H to help cover the cost of supplies, please contact Peggy or Pam Scutt at 536-2791. Thank You!
ABW Women’s Sunday - March 22
Plan to join us on this special Sunday when the women of our church prepare and participate in the service. You will have the chance to learn some background history about the place of women in the temple services. There will be a presentation called “Jesus, the Demon Slayer”. We will dedicate our White Cross gifts for this year.
ABWM of NYS Convention - April 24-26
Treadway Inn, Owego, NY

The new theme for 2015-16 is Serving Abundantly. In addition to the usual keynote speaker and workshop sessions, there will be a silent auction to raise money for the General Fund, and a BIG purse contest that looks like fun. The convention mission project will benefit the My Brothers Keeper Quilt Group. Warm hats, mittens and scarves will be collected.

If you are interested in attending this year’s convention, please let Diane DeLooza or Cheryl Stewart know as soon as possible so we can reserve rooms at the hotel. If you did not receive information and reservation forms in the mail or via email, Diane can provide you with copies.

Board of Mission Report
Your Board of Mission is off to a busy start in this new year.

The annual Sub Sandwich Project was a great success with the sale of 144 Subs and profit of $784.01 for the work of Yates County Habitat for Humanity. This is up by $57.92 from last year. We give many thanks to all of the volunteers who assembles the subs and to Ed Castillo, who collected the orders and gathered together all of the supplies for us. As usual, Oak Hill Deli was most helpful in baking rolls and making the ingredients available for us to purchase.

Our Sunday Mission Offerings are coming in quite well and we hope to send our annual contribution to Cameron Community Ministries in Rochester in time for them to double our gift through a matching grant.

The Penny Project will continue collecting at the local banks and at the Penn Yan Diner, as well as in church. In 2014, we collected $584.38 in pennies for the Backpack Program, which provides weekend food for children in our community!

A Reminder: The Easter Offering will be used for Missions. All of our mission giving goes to help others through words and service in Christ’s name. Be generous.

Backpack Program Needs for March
Macaroni & Cheese makes a good after school snack or weekend lunch that kids can make themselves. It can be purchased in the usual box or in microwaveable cups that make it easy for the little kids to make.

Thank you for all your support for this mission. You don’t realize what an impact this makes in the lives of quite a few children in our community who go hungry.

The volunteers and supporters of the Backpack Program were very busy in January. They prepared 1,950 kid-friendly packs at a cost of $5,083. Milly’s Pantry continues to reach out to children and families in need of supplemental weekend food. Thank YOU for supporting our Yates County children.

Thought: God Never Forgets Us!
Last year, we were told that an elderly lady from our church was in a local care center. She had not been in church for many years and had “fallen through the cracks.” Once we were told she was in a nursing home, my sister and I went to visit her. I was nervous about how she would react to us. After all, we had forgotten her! When we went in, I said, “Hi Catherine, remember me?” She responded, “Of course!” She was so gracious and happy to see us, and she knew everything that was going on in the church and in our families. She had been reading her church newsletters faithfully, and even though we had forgotten her, she had not forgotten us. God tells us in his Word that he will never leave or forsake us, and yet we forget him sometimes. Let’s make it a priority this year to not forget the Lord who loves us. And let’s remember those in our congregations who may have been forgotten because they are not able to attend our worship services. - Taken from the Secret Place

A Prayer for Lent

God of winter and God of springtime, who created the universe with its changing seasons, we in your church thank you for the season of Lent. For in these days we have been learning more about how you want us to live by reflecting on the life and teachings of Jesus. Today we especially thank you for his life. For here was human being like us who was so sensitive to your will and who so used his potential that he became the example of full humanity. Jesus learned and practiced the truths: that in your will is true peace, that your strength enable us to cope with life, that good can come for evil and tragedy, that there is hope in the midst of despair, that love is the most powerful force in the world. As Jesus matured and grew in his relationship with you to the point where these truths became part and parcel of his daily living, may we similarly hunger and thirst for this goal. For you have created us for yourself, and we are restless and unfulfilled until we are consciously committed to you. Amen.

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