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First Baptist Church                            March 2013


From the Pastor

Dear Christian Family, Karen and I continue to be blessed by your expressions of love and support. I hope that you know we love you as well. Ee could never have hoped for a church family as wonderful as you. Your prayers and concerns fr Karen’s mom are just a part of the blessings of YOU!


The Monday fellowship dinners have gotten off to a gooed start and we hope to see this grow even more. As I write this. We have had two dinners and attendence nearly doubled in the second week. The food has been great and the fellowship warm. The exciting bonus is that already several folks from the community have joined us as well.


We have received most of the equipment for the new sound system. (Woo Hoo!) It should be up and running before long. We have help from Greg Miller and family, Christopher Fuqua, Phil Riehl, Micah Lapp and others. We all should be hearing soon.


Please keep in mind to pray for outreach opportunities. We have the message of Christ, which is good news. Just because we may have received this message some time ago, let us not take it for granted. Try to remember when you labored under the heavy burden of sin, and what joy it was to have that burden lifted.


The great gift of God we celebrate at Christmas is consummated at Easter. (Yes, it comes in March this year!) It is this miracle that we preach and share. Remember that the greatest miracle Jesus came to perform was not to make bad people good, but to make dead (in their sins) people live.


May God use each of us and all of us to spread the Good News ~ Pastor Steve



Holy Week Services


Maundy Thursday

Ø      7 PM Thursday, March 28


Easter Sunday, March 31

Ø      7 AM Sunrise Service at Indian Pines Park

                  Led by Rev. Sanden

Ø      10 AM Traditional Easter Celebration Service


Wish These Friends a Happy March Birthday

1 – Nancy Tharp                                11 – Tammy Miller

2 – Lisa Wood                                    17 – Meghan Fuqua

4 – Marion Perry                               18 – Charlie Miller

8 – Nancy Marion                              23 – Richie Taylor

8 – Barbara Stewart                           26 – Tom Burke

8 – Sheri Jensen


Lenten Luncheons Continue into March

The Penn Yan Area Council of Churches invites you to attend the annual Lenten Luncheons at FBC. The cost is $5.00. This year's theme will center on “The Qualities of Christ”. As Jesus journeys toward the cross we observe inspiring qualities of our Savior revealed in Scripture.


Date                Meal                                  Message                                        Pastor               


Mar. 7   Chicken/bis/gravy                  “The Last Supper”                         Rev. Paul Malles

              peas, butterscotch                   Luke 22:14-27



Mar. 14  Swedish meatballs/fettuccini    “Jesus' Agony in the Garden”    Rev. Michelle Fischer

               spinach bread, strawberry       Luke 22:39-46



Mar. 21   Salisbury steak/gravy/mashed   “Jesus Stands Trial”                 Rev. Sandi Perl

              potatoes, brussel sprouts,              Luke 23:1-12

              apple pie

Easter Lilies

It's that time of year again when we decorate our sanctuary with beautiful Spring Easter Flowers. If you would like to place a flower in honor and/or in memory of a loved one we ask that you purchase your own flower and bring it to the church by noon Friday, March 29th. Please remember to label your plant for easy retrieval on Easter morning. Fill out the form below and leave it with the church office or call the church office with the information by Wednesday, March 27th in order for the information to be printed in the Easter Sunday bulletin.


Given by: ___________________________________________

In Memory of: _______________________________

In Honor of: _________________________________


A message from the Advisory Council

Dear FBC Congregation, During Sunday worship, you have heard our Pastor tell us that we need to be the light of Christ; that we need to work to bring people to the Lord and to salvation. This is the mission of Christians and the real purpose of the church. We cannot let these words fall on deaf ears. So, in 2013 we want to develop a plan to do outreach and local mission projects to better connect with the community and to demonstrate that we are an active, welcoming church.


Each Board and Committee will be brainstorming to come up with activities to make our church more visible in the community and to help individuals in need. But this is not a project just for Boards and Committees! We would like EVERYONE'S  input. This means YOU. So start thinking and think “outside” the box. Any and all ideas are welcome! We are looking for a variety of activities.


Pass your ideas on to any Board or Committee member or better yet, bring them directly to an Advisory Council meeting.  We have significant memorial funds to assist us with these projects so don't assume cost would prohibit us from considering your idea. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Church Suppers 

Please join us on Monday evenings at 5 pm for a church supper. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a night off from cooking and enjoy some time to visit over a nice warm meal that will be  prepared for us by Carrie & Sean Ahearn and the Penn Yan Diner. The cost will be $3 per person with a cap of $12 per family. Invite your family and friends to join you! See you on Mondays!


Investment Committee Meeting

Committee members please mark the date for the next meeting on Tuesday, March 19, at 7 pm. For your information the meetings for the remainder of the year will be: July 16 and November 19.


Hurray For Us!

The Mary Martha Circle – with help from many others - has completed our goal of rolling 200 bandages to send to the Congo.  We will continue to roll the strips we have left to get a start on next year. Thanks to anyone who helped in any way!


Thank You!

I would like to thank my church family for all your cards, calls and prayers during my recent recovery. I can't tell you how much it meant and how calming it was to know that you lifted me up in prayer.                    ~ Eleanor Stiles



to Calysta Conrad and Kyle Miller for making the PYMS Honor Roll. Way to go!


Easter Surprise

Hey, let's all surprise our scholarship girl with a bunch of cards for Easter! Ruth Spencer shared that she had received a letter from Michelle thanking everyone in the Association for the Christmas cards, enclosures and little gifts.

Michelle DuMond

700 Health Sciences Drive

Chapin Apts, C1034CY

Stony Brook, NY 11790


NYS Baptist Camps

For those of you sincerely and deeply interested in camping programs for children and youth; Listen Up!

In 2 more years, ABC/NYS Camps are to be self-supporting. Those of you planning to leave something to ABC/NYS Camps in your wills or insurance policies, Don't Wait! The Need Is Now!!! Do some soul-searching and give generously over the next 2 years.


Memorial Bulletins

Now is the time to indicate your preference for Memorial Bulletins for 2013.

This is a special way for you to honor your loved ones. The cost is $10, and monies raised will go to help defray some of the church's operating costs.  Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Send this form to the church office along with your payment or you may leave it in the offering plate.


I would like to recognize my loved one on the date of: _________________________

In memory of: _______________________________________

In honor of: _________________________________________

From: _____________________________________________


The Chuch’s Mission


Board of Missions Report

u    Thanks for your support – 144 Super Subs realized $653.75 for Yates County Habitat for Humanity.

u    The Penny Project is underway. As of 2/5/13, $7,833,840 has been collected by ABC/USA Churches. This represents 1 penny for more than half of the 14 million children and youth living in poverty in the USA.

u    Special Note: do you have a repair project in your home that you can't afford to do or can't find someone to do for you? Do you have a friend that is in the same predicament? Please notify a member of the Board of Mission. We'll see what we can do to help.

u    We have received a Thank You from Yates Co. Habitat for $653.75, from Milly's Pantry Weekend Backpack Program for $48.05, from Green Lake Conference Center for $50, and from our Special Interest Missionary Courtney Crisler for $75.

u    Your Dollars at Work – we have learned that $230,000 has been given to Haiti Earthquake Relief thru the One Great Hour of Sharing over the past three years. The latest projects funded are Spinal Surgery Clinics.

u    Note: for those of you interested in Supporting Missionaries, there will be a Matching Grant program running from May 1st to June 30th. Double Your Money!!! Watch for further information.


United Missionaries

United Mission supports ABC/NYS which has taken over the Pastoral Search and Supply duties from ABC/USA. United Mission allows us to be faithful to God's call to the Church to be a steward of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Missionary News

Roberta Stephens: “They Don't Forget”: Each year Japanese Baptists, on the first Sunday in February (called Baptist Day) celebrate why they are Baptist. They also go to locations where early Baptist Missionaries lived, say prayers, sing hymns, and hear messages about the missionary who lived at that site. One missionary honored was Jonathan Goble. He arrived in Japan in 1840. Goble, a native of Wayne, NY, is know for inventing the Rickshaw.


Roberta Stephens: “Making Christmas in Japan

Although not Christmas-cy, Roberta tells of how a 7.0 earthquake in early December, affected the Japanese people.


Tim Long: “Piti Piti Zuazofe Nich Li”

When Time was working in the Dominican Republic in 1985, he learned the Haitian Creole saying above. It translates, “Little by Little a Bird Makes it's Nest” Using this as a theme Tim tells us of how the Mexicali Baptist Seminary has grown and is still growing.


Kristy Engles: who was one of our special interest missionaries recently has been promoted. She now has an expanded role as a regional missionary. She will be working with Iberoamerican and Carribean countries – that is South American , Central American and Carribean countries. Please read about what she will be doing in those countries.


In fact, read about all the missionaries above. Their journals are on the reading table and bulletin board at the entry to the Great Room


“Penny Project”

As we are getting into the Penny Project, we think that you would like to know that the pennies you donated over the past three years has helped ABC/USA to raise  $7,833,840. This amount represents over 7 million of the 14 million children and youth who live in homes under the poverty level in the USA.


Super Subs

On February 2nd, 144 subs were made realizing $653.75 for Yates Co. Habitat for Humanity.  Your Bd. of Mission wishes to thank the following individuals for donating their time and effort:

Rev. Stephen & Karen Sanden, Rev. Don & Kathie Lawrence, Sheryl Robbins, Karen Rasmussen, Jean Vaughn, Judi Scheel, The Miller Family: Greg, Tammy, Erik and Kyle, Ed & Rita Castillo, and Oak Hill Bulk Foods for the rolls, meats, vegetables and especially the use of their electric slicer.