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 First Baptist Church

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Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor





March 2     You Are How You Believe

              Matthew 26:26-30


March 9     Prayer From the Deep

              Matthew 26:36-46


March 16    Lessons From the Cross

              Matthew 27:45-55


March 23    From Death to Life

              Matthew 28:1-10


March 30    Commissioned to Serve

              Matthew 28:16-20




Serving the Church in March:

Date               Lay Readers                                         Greeters

March 2            Bob Fullagar                      Necia Smith & Pat Ames

March 9            Stan Ovens                       Pat Ames & Brittany Griffin

March 16           Lily Scheel                       Fran Morse & Judi Gibbs

March 23           Shelley Bicksler                  Pat Ames & Family

March 30           Marge Moulton               Bob Faery, Cliff LaBarr & Pat Ames




1 ~ Nancy Tharp          11 ~ Tammy Miller        21 ~ Mark Scheel 

2 ~ Lisa Wood            17 ~ Mehan Fuqua        23~ Richie Taylor

8 ~ Nancy Marion         18 ~ Charlie Miller        26~ Tom Burke

8 ~ Barb Stewart         21 ~ Kathleen Bently



From the Pastor - FAITH AND MISSION


       On a clear and sunny day in mid February, it seems odd to be thinking of the doings of March. But the calendar is a stern reminder that March, with its many activities will soon come. As I look ahead, I see a Disaster Relief training event in West Virginia, a Diaconate Retreat with Rev. Scott Kavanaugh, the Men’s Prayer breakfast on Palm Sunday, the Easter egg hunt, Maundy Thursday worship, Good Friday ecumenical service, early and traditional Easter services, board training in Newark, America for Christ offering, and early in April - white water rafting and a mission trip to Utica. Somewhere in all of this we need to tune in to what God is saying to us and our church. Many of us live our lives at a fever pitch and just slowing down to smell the roses doesn’t seem like an option. In fact, if there is some spot of unclaimed time, it is usually because we forgot something.


       Greg Marion was talking about a recent trip which he had taken with the aid of a GPS device. It is one of those little screens that stick to the windshield that shows what turns to take and has a voice saying how far ahead one should expect the turn to be. They are very helpful when driving in a strange place. He noted, however, that when he took a turn which was not part of the prescribed route, the female voice of the GPS seemed to take on a more irritated tone.


       In time when there are “wars and rumors of wars”, economic concerns important elections, saber rattling around the globe, and an uncertain future for our land, we need GPS - God’s Plan of Salvation. The book of Isaiah has many spiritual gems but one of the greatest is found in chapter 30:19-21:


“The Lord is compassionate and when you cry to him for help, he will answer you. The Lord will make you go through hard times, but he himself will be there to teach you and you will not have to search for him any more. If you wonder off the road to the right or the left, you will hear his voice behind you saying, “Here is the road. Follow it.”


       Only a very few times did Jesus say we should believe in him, but he said many times that we should follow him. That is what Lent and Easter are all about. We look to our Master and Guide so that we can do more than find the way. We are to help others find the way as well.


       By all means examine your heart and soul during this season, but take the next step too, prepare for the work of bringing others to the peace and life which is in Christ.


                                                Pastor John





Sunday, March 16

From 1 - 3:30 p.m.


Meet the Easter Bunny!

Festivities will take place inside the church

Toddlers to grade 5




Deacon’s Retreat

Reaching Spiritual Depth is the topic that the Deacon’s of our church will explore when they attend a special retreat just for them here at FBC on Wednesday, March 12.  Leading them through this journey will be Rev. Dr. Scott Kavanaugh, pastor of Syracuse First Baptist Church.





March 21 @ Noon

Branchport United Methodist Church





Keep in mind that Easter comes early this year - March 23rd.

We would like to have the altar adorned with the Easter flowers on Palm

Sunday. If you wish to place your flowers in memory of loved ones or in

honor of someone special, please notify the church office so that your remembrance may be noted in the Easter Sunday bulletin.


White Water Rafting Trip

Our annual trip down the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is scheduled for April 5.  This year we have 15 spots available. The cost is $13 per person and includes lunch. To reserve your spot we must collect money when you sign up. For more information stop into the church office and pick up a copy of “Rafting Attire and Information on the Trip”. Remember to reserve your spot early!




Persons to answer phone, take messages and greet visitors. Hours are from 9 a.m. to Noon, July 21 - August 1.  Interested persons should contact the church office or a member of the Board of Trustees for more information on the position of substitute church secretary. Persons may “share” the position and sit in as many days as able. Perks include: one on one time with the pastor, coffee or tea breaks as needed, sneak peak at the next weeks bulletin!



Update Your Address

From time to time it becomes necessary to take a look at updating our address files. If you have a new address, phone or e-mail address for yourself or someone you know who receives or would like to receive our newsletter please call the church office. This is also important to keep our office records current. Thank you.




The Mary & Martha Circle meets on Tuesday, March 11 at 10:30 a.m. Erma Mullins will provide dessert for the group and will lead in devotions. Bring your own sandwich and bring along someone who could use some company!

The Fellowship Class will meet on Wednesday, March 19, at noon. Please bring your own sandwich and invite someone new!