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From the Pastor's Desk
February, 2016
SORRY - The Pastor's remarks were accidentally erased while constructing the March Newsletter.
Upcoming Events

Celebrating February Birthdays
     10 – Sheryl Robbins
     13 – Marisole Dalglish
     24 – Leon Stiles	
     26 – Cindy Ovens 

Church & Community Suppers - Good Food, Good Fellowship
5:00 pm, Mondays ~ $3.00 per person

February 1 – chicken ‘n biscuits
February 8 – macaroni ‘n cheese
February 15 - meatloaf
February 22 – baked ziti
February 29 – sloppy joes


5th Sunday Program
The Advisory Council has voted to designate the months this year that have five Sundays in them – January, May, July, and October – as Deficit Reduction Sundays. These “extra” Sundays are days that we encourage “extra” giving toward the reduction of the deficit in this year’s budget. Special envelopes will be in the bulletins on those Sundays for whatever “extra” amount – large or small that you feel you can contribute.

“…this is impossible for man but for God; everything is possible."
Matthew 19:26

Backpack Program: Need for February: Warm, love in a cup… Cocoa

Did you know… that each week volunteers pack nearly 500 bags of kid-friendly food items that are distributed to Penn Yan, Dundee and Middlesex schools each Friday to children in need of supplemental weekend food. During the 2014-15 school year, in total 18,292 bags (over 45,000 pounds of food) were packed by community volunteers and distributed. Thanks to strong support from the community and the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation, 127,755 bags of supplemental foo have been delivered to children in Yates County since 2008.

A Prayer for Valentine’s Day
God of Love, whose love best was illustrated long ago in the way of Jesus of Nazareth loved you and those with whom he shared life, we pause in your loving presence to reaffirm that you are our God and we are your people, to be reminded that you are like an ideal loving parent, and to reassess our lives in the light of your love.

Thank you for loving and caring for and about us. Forgive us for the time we have failed to love you and others as we know we should. We confess that too often we take you for granted and forget that there are some rules and regulations by which you would have us live; too often we think that if we do not like someone we are excused from loving that person; too often we view others as objects and not person, thus demeaning and dehumanizing them.

O God, on this day associated with love, make us better lovers of you and one another. Help us to notice, help us to care, help us to be available to any person in need. For in loving others we love you, in serving others we serve you, in ministering to others we find our lives strengthened and enriched. Amen.

(From: “Book of Prayers for Chaplains, USAF”)

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