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First Baptist Church    ~    February 2014


A Message from Reverend Sanden


Dear Church Family,


I spoke recently of dreaming and I am sure many of us have dreams of what First Baptist Church could or should be. Some visions might include enhancing the building; of beautiful architecture or of perfecting the fit and finish of our facility. Some may dream of more comfortable seating in the sanctuary or of modernizing our worship services with new music or projections of song lyrics and sermon illustrations. Some may dream of the pews filled with joyful people and budget surpluses. Some may dream of the “good gold days’, warm community and mutual support.


I share many of those visions, but I am thinking of something more fundamental to who we are as a people of God. I am dreaming of a church culture where we speak a little less of “church” and a lot more of “Jesus”. I too am guilty of backing off from bold talk of spiritual matters. I remember a woman at a church I attended years ago who would fluster me with questions like, “How’s your walk with the Lord?” or “What is God doing in your life this week?”


How cool would it be to have a ready answer for such question without having to stammer and evade the questions? We talk about a personal relationship with the Lord, but have a hard time talking about it.


Jesus is the basis of our fellowship and the author and finisher of our faith. We should not be ashamed of the Good News of Jesus, of His sacrifice, of His salvation and the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. The Good News is the power of God for salvation. It is that power at work in us that brings new life, and that new life is something we need to share. It is this that makes us living stones forming a beautiful spiritual house that please God and attracts the perishing to the shelter of His Grace.


Pastor Steve

FBC News and Activities


February Birthday Celebrations

10 ~ Sheryl Robbins               26 ~ Cindy Ovens

15 ~ Eva Dillon                       27 ~ Chapita Shaver

24 ~ Leon Stiles


Super Sub Building - Saturday, February 1

On Saturday, February 1st the Mission Board will be assembling the sub sandwiches for the YC Habitat fundraiser. You are invited to come lend-a-hand. We plan to begin at 12 noon and should be finished by 1 pm, and, we always have a good time!


Scout SundaySunday, February 9

Ninety years ago, several men of our Church formed Boy Scout Troop 44. The troop, one of the area’s oldest, has been sponsored by, and has met at First Baptist since 1924.  A special service is being planned!


Game Night - Friday, February 14

Ed & Rita Castillo will once again host their annual Game Night

on Friday, February 14th, at 7 pm. Mark your calendar now and

bring a snack to share with the group. Everyone is invited to

join in on the fun!!!


FBC Men’s Group - Saturday, February 22

The next meeting will take place on Saturday, February 22nd. As always there will be morning munchies, devotions and a church work project. All of the church men and boys are invited to come, join in!


Lenten Lunches to Begin Wednesday,  March 5

The annual Lenten Lunch and Speaker series will being on

Ash Wednesday, March 5th and continue through April 9th.

Once again the luncheons will be held at First Baptist

Church of Penn Yan beginning at 12:00 noon. Watch your

Sunday bulletin for the schedule of speakers and topics.


A Note from the Moderator

On January 19, 2014 we adopted a faith budget with a deficit of $12, 637.97. It is a “faith” budget because we are dependent upon the congregation and members of the church to donate the above amount in addition to what they pledged or planned to contribute. We have had “faith” budgets in the past and our congregation has met the need. This year will be especially challenging as the deficit is larger than in years past and there is very little in the budget that is an optional expense. Please keep this in mind as you prayerfully consider increasing your giving by even a small amount as we meet each Sunday to worship our Lord. Thank you.


Band Instruments Needed

The Tabernacle Baptist Church of Utica serves over 900 Karen refugees from Burma who are either part of the congregation or who live nearby the church in the community. A program is being developed to offer teens beginning lessons on various band instruments. Do you have a: Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet or Flute or other instrument sitting unused and forgotten in a closet or attic? Your unused instrument can find a new home, make music again, and contribute to Christian Mission at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Bring your donated instrument to the FBC church office.


Calander for March 2014










Coffee Hour:

Mission Board


Backpack Spotlight: Hot Cocoa Mix







Making Super Subs


Worship Service -

Communion Sunday




Keuka Quilters







Boy Scouts


Christian Edu.


Troop 44 Boy Scout “Overnight Lock-in


Keuka Quilters


Worship Service -

Scout Sunday


Trustee Meeting





Mary & Martha




Cub Scouts




Boy Scouts


St. Valentine’s Day


Castillo’s Annual Game Night



Worship Service


Deacon Meeting






ARC Worship




Boy Scouts



FBC Men’s Group



Worship Service








Cub Scouts




Food Set up


Boy Scouts


Food Distribution




A Prayer for Lincoln’s Birthday


Gracious and glorious God, whose principles for living have been exemplified by a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, this month we are especially reminded of the historic hero whose birth is remembered by many in our country and around the world. From the life of this man who became President of our nation and preserver of the Union we can learn so many lessons: the value of working diligently to achieve our goals, the need to try again when we fail, the strength the comes from hope, the immortality of discriminating against another person because of the color of his skin or her station in life. As Abraham Lincoln was called the Great Emancipator, help us not to forget that you, O God, are the greatest emancipator. For when we earnestly seek to follow your intention for us, when we consciously attempt to model our lives after that of Jesus: we are set free from the bondage of sin; we are saved from an existence that has little or no meaning to a life that has purpose and direction; we are delivered from fear and filled with hope; we are given the grace to forget the past, begin again, and keep on becoming. Thank you for standing ready to help us be freed to become more fully human and to actualize more completely the love, compassion, and penchant for serving you and others that wells within us but whose floodgates we need to open wider. May the realization of more of our potential be our goal today and every day that we are privileged to live. Amen.




Fun Tidbits - expressions Used in the King James Bible

The King James Version; resonant, majesty and mystery–evoking language. Its archaic poeticism lives, moves and fires heart, mind and soul. It’s surprising, too, how many phrases from the KJV even now populate the day-to-day English language.

   by the skin of your teeth”

   rise and shine”

   sour grapes”

   flesh and blood”

   the twinkling of an eye”

   my brother’s keeper”

   the powers that be”

   pearls before swine”

The reach of its music and rhetoric went well beyond the pulpit and right around the English-speaking world, beyond England’s historical contribution to the Renaissance and right down to the present day.  ~source:





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