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February 2012


We, as God's people, will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.


February Worship Schedule


Feb. 5

    Communion Sunday

    Sermon: The Basics: Words Pastors Use - Grace

    Greeters: Joyce & Jennifer Slocum


Feb. 12

    Boy Scout Sunday

    Sermon: The Basics: Words Pastors Use – Service

    Greeters: Russ & Judi Scheel  and Boy Scouts


Feb. 19

    Sermon: Basics: Words Pastors Use - Redemption & Salvation


Feb. 26

    Sermon: Preparation for Ministry


February Coffee Hours:Trustees


Wish These Friends a Happy February Birthday!

            10 ~ Sheryl Robbins

            15 ~ Eva Dillon

            24 ~ Leon Stiles

            26 ~ Cindy Ovens

            27 ~ Chapita Shaver 

A Message from Rev. Foody


Dear Friends:

I'm looking forward this month to meeting with all of the Boards and Committees with their new members. I have been mulling around some ideas for areas where I believe I could be helpful to you at this point in the life of First Baptist Church. The main theme of which is “Living and Working Together for  God's Purposes”.


You are a courageous and faithful congregation. My hope is that we will work to build upon your strengths as you continue to prepare to call a new pastor!     


“But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” - I Corinthians 12:7


Blessing on the Journey ~ Rev. Linda J. Foody

Upcoming Events


Advisory Council

Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 7 pm.


Mary & Martha Circle

Tuesday, February 14, at 10:30 am

Ladies, it's a new year. Are you looking for a new challenge, new involvement?  Come see what the Mary & Martha Circle is all about. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month, we have fellowship, we have a devotion, our project of cutting and rolling bandages and then we have a light lunch and dessert.  Bring a sandwich for your lunch and we sure hope to see you at this months meeting!!!


Winter  Vacation  Bible  School!!!

In February, the 21st – 24th, the Penn Yan Churches are sponsoring a 4 day Vacation Bible School adventure. The theme is helping children “Find God Everywhere”.


We will need volunteers to work with the children in the classroom (the lesson plans are provided), lead in music (we will have a CD), help with drama (there is a skit included), prepare and serve food (we are serving breakfast, snack and lunch – Cornell Cooperative Extension will be working with the children to create snack and lunch each day), helpers needed in all areas, crafting (there are examples and samples with the kits), and registration (all children will be signed in and out). Please call Sandi Perl at 536-2080 if you would like to help or for more information.


Lenten Lunches

The Penn Yan Area Council of Churches will again sponsor the lenten Lunch Speaker Series.

They will begin on February 23, held at First Baptist Church.

Feb. 23            Self-Examination

Mar. 1             Repentance

Mar. 8             Prayer

Mar. 15           Fasting & Self-Denial

Mar. 22           Reading God's Word

Mar. 29           Meditating on God's Love




Statement of Giving

The Financial Secretary has prepared a 2011 statement of giving for all of you who contributed regularly to our church. This can be used for your taxes or just for your own information to see how faithful you have been over  the past year. Contact Diane DeLooza if you are interested in having your own copy.


Can You Help ABW?

Part of the quota for White Cross this year includes 4 baby gowns. These can either by handmade or purchased and are needed by the end of February. If you have any questions

contact Pam Scutt at 536-2791. Thanks in advance for your help!


News From ABC/NYS

Watch for some interesting changes in this years

Biennial Gathering in October - We will not be going to Keuka College as originally planned.


Our new subdivision for camping “Vick and Pathfinder Camp Ministries” has received their Certificate of Incorporation from NY State. They are proceeding with development under the capable leadership of Pat Robinson. John Buskey is Transition Executive and is overseeing the planning of the 2012 camping season.


Bulletin Dedication

Do you have someone that you would like to remember or give honor to? You can with a $10 bulletin dedication that will go towards the building fund. The information you provide below will be printed in the bulletin. Leave this in the offering plate or send to the church office

In Honor of ________________________________________

In Memory of ______________________________________

From ___________________________________________

Preferred date _______________




From the Diaconate

To increase the Deacon's Fund (which helps the needs of people), there will be an offering plate at the door on Communion Sundays. We hope you will prayerfully consider your gift.


From the Board of Trustees

~ This winter we will continue our worship services in the sanctuary.

~ First Baptist Church will be receiving a bequest from the ever-faithful Rev. Douglas Passage.

~ The Investment Committee will be restarted.

~ We hope you have noticed that the sign out front has been repaired and is once again illuminated at night.

~ We have contracted with the ARC to have a regular cleaning service.


From the Board of Missions

The Board of Missions would like to thank all those who gave so generously in 2011 so that we were able to meet our basic budget obligations and be left with a balance of $1,408.93 to apply to the 2012 budget. We were not able to cover any of the items on the expanded budget. We did use $600 for the World Mission Offering for direct support for the Longs, The Barnes and Roberta Stephens. It should be noted that without the combined amounts from deficit contributions, a memorial and a special donation ($1763) our balance would only have been $354.07.


The RMMO total was $878 ($200 from 2010 and $678 from 2011.) Thank you.


By adjusting some contributions, we were able to add six items back into the 2012 budget which had to be left out last year. We were able to present a balanced budget at the Annual Meeting.


For those of you who did not get a 2011 yearbook, a Missions budget of $18,405 was adopted for 2011. That budget had an anticipated DEFICIT of $4,181! Although there were times we were not sure that we would make it, YOUR GENEROSITY AND FAITHFULNESS came through. We ended the year with a balance of $1,409. THANK YOU!!   THANK YOU!!   THANK YOU!!   HALLELUJAH!!!


At the annual meeting in January, a mission budget of $15,950 was adopted. A decrease of $2,188 from 2011. A possible deficit of $181 exists. This budget was presented so that the Bd. of Mission would not be pleading for money throughout the year.


Once again we are supporting Habitat for Humanity of Yates County by making and selling “SUPER SUBS” on Feb. 4, for Super Bowl Sunday.


We are continuing our support of the “BACKPACK” program of Milly's Pantry by collecting pennies for the “PENNY PROJECT”. In the past two years over $1200 was given to the Backpack Program.


In the near future, we will conduct the “AMERICA FOR CHRIST” offering to support ABC national programs.


Once again we are counting on YOUR GENEROSITY AND FAITHFULNESS to come through in 2012. Your Board of Mission


Lenten Tips

Here are some tips to ensure a Lent oriented on what really matters – Jesus!


Go Back to School: Start a Lenten Bible study with some friends. Follow Jesus' ministry from when he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his Easter resurrection.


Get Involved: Volunteer at church. You could work the Sunday morning coffee hour or watch the church's nursery. If you already serve at church pick up an extra shift.


Scribble it Down: Write about your thoughts and experiences this Lenten season in a blog or notebook. It will focus and give you plenty of things to talk to God about in your prayers.


Be Neighborly: Ask your friends and neighbors how you can pray for them.


Find a Buddy: Get a single or a couple friends to be accountability partners. Together, you all will keep each other focused on Lent by checking in on everyone in the accountability group. Ask how their Lents are going, what would keep them spiritually motivated and what you can pray about in their lives.


Make the Last Minutes Count: Devote your final moments before sleeping to God. Read a devotion and or pray for a few minutes. End your day right!


Food for Thought

During a recent adult church school lesson, some interesting questions came up:

  1. How's your worship?
  2. Do you “judge” worship by how good the preaching or singing is?
  3. Or do you participate in worship in order to please God, knowing that God is the audience?
  4. How does realizing that you are the main actor in the drama of worship inspire you to give your best performance?
  5. Does this thought lead you to consider that you are to worship God every minute of every day?