- - - NEWSLETTER FOR FEBRUARY 2010 - - -    

 First Baptist Church

224 Main St. Penn Yan, NY 14527

 (315) 536-9821 e-mail:

Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor


Sermons for February


7 ~       “Touching Jesus”

            Mark 5:21-43


14 ~     “The Tough Part of Serving”

            Mark 6:1-13


21 ~     Dialogue with Dr. Joseph Burke, President Keuka College

            In preparation for America For Christ Offering


28 ~     “What Makes Us Clean”

            Mark 7:14-23

            Guest - Ken Mast, Gideon International



Greeter’s                                                                    Lay Readers

7 ~  George & Joyce Slocum                                     Greg Marion

14 ~ Erma Mullins & Eva Dillon                                Kathie Lawrence

21 ~ Barbara Gage & Pat Ames                                 Betty Johnson

28 ~ Lyle, Trevor, Calysta & Kevin Conrad             Rita Castillo




10 ~ Sheryl Robbins                           26 ~ Cindy Ovens

15 ~ Eva Dillon                                   27 ~ Chapita Shaver

24 ~ Leon Stiles


Happening in February


Tuesday, February 2   3 pm - 9 pm

            Olan Mills picture day


Sunday, February 7 at Noon  in the Great Room

            Bridal Shower for Beth DeLooza Travis

            Beth is registered at Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pampered Chef, JCPenney

            Beth will be leaving soon to join her husband at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

            so this will also be a farewell party. Everyone is invited!


Tuesday, February 9, the Mary & Martha Circle will meet at 10:30 am in the church library.

            They will be assembling bandages. 

            Bring a sandwich for lunch. Erma Mullins will share a devotion, and provide dessert. 

            All ladies are welcome!


Sunday, February 14 at 6 pm in the Great Room

            Valentines Square Dance Event

            This event is for singles and couples.!

            No experience is necessary               Dress is casual

            Caller: Bob Ellis of the Penn Yan Friendship Squares

            Refreshments will be served

            A good-will collection will be taken.



Report from the Board of Deacons

The Diaconate met on January 17, 2010.


Ÿ         Meetings will remain to be held the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

Ÿ         John FM Tharp will continue as chair until June, Rita Castillo - Vice Chair, George Jensen - Treasurer, Jennifer Slocum - Secretary.

Ÿ         We still need another Deacon’s member.

Ÿ        We are still looking for an organist.





Many dates are open to reserve your chosen Sunday for your memorial bulletin.  

The cost is $10 for one Sunday. In purchasing Memorial Bulletin Covers, you will help defray some of the church’s operating costs and at the same time memorialize or recognize a loved one. Printed in the bulletin will be the information you provide below. Please send this form to the church office along with your payment.


            Date Preferred _______________  From _______________________

            In Honor of ______________________________________________

            In Memory of _____________________________________________





Thursday, February 4 , 7 pm


            At our Annual Meeting, Pastor John announced he will retire at the end of June. The congregation voted to accept his resignation with regret.


            At the Advisory Council meeting, Thursday, February 4, at 7 pm, members of a search (pulpit) committee will be nominated.


            The church constitution requires that a 7 member search committee be appointed within 30 days. The search committee shall consist of a representative from each of the following: Diaconate, Christian Education and Missions. Also, the Advisory Council shall nominate 3 at large members, one not older than age 18.

Once nominations are made by the Advisory Council, the Diaconate will call a congregational meeting to formally appoint the committee.


            I am asking each board to report its nominee to the Advisory Council on February 4, and asking Advisory Council members to be prepared to nominate the at large members.


            If you would like to be considered, please contact Vice Moderator Nancy Marion or  church clerk Cheryl Stewart prior to February 4.  

                                                                                                Jack Clancy,   Moderator


Greetings Received


I truly appreciate messages from Penn Yan Church. My year was fine although I fell and cracked my femur and tail bone so I spent four months recouping. I now walk alone but teeter a bit. I so appreciate your Christmas card, message and signatures!

                                                                                              Love,  Leslie Munger


Dear John

Thank you for all of your support with both Mom and Dad. He is doing much better- stronger, gaining mobility and much more himself due to improved pain management.  Calls may be made to: 607-739-8711 and ask for him.

                                                                                             Mary Passage



Reports From Your Missionaries


Katherine Niles reports on distributing a 12 ton container of WHITE CROSS medical supplies. You ladies might find some of your donations in one of her pictures.


Wayne Niles describes his project “MicroDevru”. An “Early Adopter”, a person who sees the potential of a new idea and uses it, planted some new varieties of seeds on his farm. The resulting profits allowed this individual to build a new substantial home replacing a grass thatched hut. A very interesting article.


Roberta Stevens tells how the Japanese treat cancer as a “Hidden Disease”. She tells of her interactions with Japanese cancer victims as she was undergoing cancer treatment in Japan.


Mercy Gonzales Barnes tells of “Gerardo’s Rap”. Gerardo, one of the Barnes’ seminary students started a new church plant. A most interesting anecdote is how he wrote a “Rap Song” (though he detests Rap) in order to reach young people.


The complete reports are found on the Reader’s Table by the entrance to the Great Room.


Report from Your Bd. Of Missions


Your Bd of Missions wishes to thank all of you who kept your pledges up to date and gave generously. We ended 2009 with a balance of $2,325.61.


We received thank-yous from ABC/NYS Camping for $98.34 given for “camperships” and from Cameron Community Center in Rochester for $105.


Having adopted a 2010 “FAITH BUDGET” of $21,910 which has a projected deficit of -$2,019 we are calling on you to be ever more dependable and generous. Our 2010 budget has a new item of $600 for missionary support. All ABC/USA missionaries are being asked to raise as much financial support for themselves as possible, at least $80%.


We are adding one other new project this year. We are joining other ABC churches and the Board of National Ministries in the “PENNY PROJECT”.  ABC/USA & National Ministries are trying to raise 14,000,000 (14 million) pennies to represent the 14 million hungry children in the USA who live below the national poverty level. NOTE: ALL FUNDS COLLECTED - pennies, nickels, dimes, even dollars will be kept here in Yates County. We will give the funds collected to the local “BACK-PACK” program of Milly’s Pantry. This project provides food over the weekend for needy children.

                                                                                    Your Bd. Of Missions


Vallet Named “Ambassador for United Mission”

            The Rev. Dr. Donald Rasmussen, Interim Executive Minister of American Baptist Churches of NYS, announced that the Board of Mission has named the Rev. Dr. Ronald Vallet as the region’s volunteer Ambassador for United Mission. He will begin his new responsibilities immediately.

            Dr. Vallet has previously served as pastor of three churches in NYS, National Director of Stewardship Services for American Baptist Church in the USA, Executive Director of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center, and Minister for Stewardship and Mission Support for ABC/NYS.

            Dr. Rasmussen said that he is very pleased to be working with Dr. Vallet in this new position. Rasmussen emphasized the strategic importance of gifts to United Mission, noting that they provide the major source of income for the region.

            In accepting his new position, Dr. Vallet reaffirmed his heartfelt support for American Baptist United Mission. He will be available for a limited number of speaking opportunities. Vallet noted: “When we are united in God’s mission, our United Mission will grow.”


Secret Place

            Dear friends, In light of the possible deficit in the Bd. Of Missions budget, we are trying to economize where we can. One item you can help us with is the SECRET PLACE. We spent $115 in last year and took in $27.

            In order to continue to supply the SECRET PLACE, we need to know how many regular and how many large print issues are needed. Please complete the attached form and return to a member of the Bd. Of Missions or to the church office.           A contribution to offset the cost is greatly appreciated.     


Name ________________________________________________ would like a

                        Regular / large print (circle one) SECRET PLACE.






ABC/NYS Biennial Convention        Don Lawrence                                    536-7674

American Baptist Men                      Rev. John Tharp                                536-9821

American Baptist Women                 Diane DeLooza                                  536-3162

                                                            Erma Mullins                                     536-8730

Audio/Visual System                          Richard Johnson                                595-2827

Box Tops/Labels/Stamps                   Ed Castillo                                          536-3631

Building & Property Needs               Sheryl Robbins - Trustees                 789-6751

Borrow/Rent Church Property          Cheryl Stewart                                   536-2570        

Building Use                                       Peggy Smart- church office               536-9821

Camperships                                      Christian Education

Choir                                                   Nancy Tharp                                      536-8490

Church Clerk                                      Cheryl Stewart                                   536-2570

Coffee Hour                                       Advisory Council

Council of Churches                           Erma Mullins                                     536-8730

                                                            Betty Johnson                                    536-2020

                                                            Marge Moulton                                 536-0461

Fall Fest Bazaar                                 Diane DeLooza                                  536-3162

Finances                                             Stan Ovens                                         536-2485

Finger Lakes Association                  Don Lawrence                                    536-7674

Flowers for Altar                                Deacons

Food Pantry                                        Milly Bloomquist                               536-8190

Greeters/Lay Readers                      Deacons

Home Communion                             Deacons

Hospitality Committee                       Cindy Ovens                                       536-2485

Knitting Ministry                               Pam Scutt                                           536-2791

Library                                                Diane DeLooza                                  536-3162

Membership Classes                         Rev. John Tharp                                536-9821

Memorial Bulletins                            Peggy Smart - church office              536-9821

Memorial Fund                                  Ed Castillo                                          536-3631

Nursery Care                                     Ethel Clancy                                       536-6265

NYS/ABC Biennial Convention        Don Lawrence                                    536-7674

Photography                                       Lyle Conrad                                       607-868-4673

Prayer Chain/e mail                           Richard Johnson                                595-2827

Quilting Ministry                               Diane DeLooza                                  536-3162

Staff Issues                                        Trustees                                                        

Stewardship                                        Trustees

Thanksgiving Baskets                       Deacons                                 

Vacation Bible School                        Suzy Willson                                       585-526-1004

Van Drivers/Pick up                          Rita Castillo                                       536-3631

Web Page                                           Richard Johnson                                595-2827

Women’s Class                                  Marge Cornell                                   536-6607





Ÿ         Don’t let the littleness in others bring out the littleness in you.

Ÿ         To belittle is to be little.

Ÿ         Christians keep the faith…but not from others!

Ÿ         Can’t sleep? Try counting your blessings.

Ÿ         Never give the devil a ride. He will always want to drive,

Ÿ         A clear conscience makes a soft pillow.

Ÿ         Prevent truth decay. Brush up on your Bible.

Ÿ         The best vitamin for a Christian is B1.

Ÿ         Tithe if you love Jesus! Anyone can honk!