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First Baptist Church    ~    January 2014


From Pastor Steve


Happy New Year!

Looking back over the last year I can only offer thanks for the incredible blessing of being your pastor. The warmth of your love and support continue to strengthen and encourage us in every way. Our gratitude goes up to God because of you. We are overwhelmed and thank you for your loving cards and gifts, not just at this time, but all through the year.


While we have said farewell to a few dear souls, we have also celebrated some major milestones in the lives of others. We have shared the burdens of some, cried with some, laughed with some and hugged a lot. Karen has been a blessing in that last regard as our “Lead Hugger” and seems to have rubbed off on us all.


The last year has been such a blessing it would be hard to beat, but we need as a church to spread the love and blessings even more. We look forward to new challenges and new opportunities in the year to come.


Some things to consider for the New Year include visual support in the sanctuary (projection?), broadening our musical offerings, and finding better ways to communicate with each other. I look forward to see where God would lead us next.


God Bless Us, Everyone!

FBC News and Activities


January Birthdays


7 -  Beth DeLooza Travis                  24 – John R. Tharp

12 – Melvin Cornell                           29 – Elijah Clancy

22 – Fran Morse


Annual Reportsneeded by January 6, 2014

Committee reports are due to the church office by January 6, 2014.


Advisory Council  - Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The next meeting of the Advisory Council will be on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm. This purpose of this meeting is to set the budget. All boards need to have a representative present.


Annual Meeting  - Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Annual Meeting of the First Baptist Church of Penn Yan will be held on Sunday, January 19, 2014. The business portion of the meeting will take place immediately following the worship service. Following the meeting we will have our pot-luck luncheon. Please bring a dish-to-pass and your own table setting.


Highlights from the Board of Trustees Dec. 8th Meeting

Stewardship Campaign Update – As of December 1st we had received 34 pledges. If you have not returned your pledge card, please do so as soon as you are able.

Endowment Fund – Because the Endowment Fund has been doing so well over the past couple of years, we have enough to further diversify into other funds.


From the Board of Missions


Board of Mission Report

We wish to thank all of you who have been so generous and up-to-date with your pledging and have given so generously to serve those in in need. The final total for the World Mission Offering was $1144.48. To date we have received $835 for the RMM Offering exceeding our goal of $800! We have met all parts of your 2013 budget!!!. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! We have decided to use any surplus funds as follows:

            1/3 goes to ABC/NYS for the “Regional Offering”

            1/3 goes to the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering for Disaster Relief in         

                the Philippines

            1/3 goes to the ABC/NYS Camping Program


As we plan our budget for 2014, in order to make the same budget as this year, an additional $664 is still needed (as of 12/15). To increase our giving 5%, another $1417 needs to be pledged. To increase 10%, which is our goal, another $2279 is needed in pledges. Please consider prayerfully what you can do to help us reach our goal, particularly if you have not yet made a pledge for mission. Thank you.


If you haven’t heard, 3 days after the typhoon hit the Philippines, $10,000 of OGHS funds were dispatched to the Philippines for Disaster Relief.


We have received a Thank You from the Green Lake Conference Center for your donation.


We received a nice letter from the Longs in Baja Mexico. They tell us of the Advent and Christmas preparations in Mexico. They included a couple of great photos of the children and young adults that attend the Tijuana School where Patti works with disadvantaged children and the Mexicali Seminary where Tim works. Be sure to read the letter and look at the photos which are posted on the bulletin board.


Board of Missions Backpack Information

The “Backpack Project” began as a way to make our church more visible in the community and be a help to those in need. Each month we spotlight a specific item that would assist the Backpack Program in getting food to kid’s backpacks to take home for the weekend for our Penn Yan elementary, middle school and high school children, Headstart and Keuka Lake Schools. Every month we spotlight a specific item that would be beneficial to these kids. A box is kept in the sanctuary for your much appreciated donations. We thank you for taking part in this ministry.


Backpack Spotlight Item Schedule:

Jan. – Oatmeal                                                           July - Oatmeal

Feb. – Cocoa                                                              August – Cereal

March – Mac ‘n Cheese                                           Sept. - Mac ‘n Cheese

April – Fruit/Pudding/Applesauce cups                     Oct. – Fruit/Pudding/Applesauce

May – Tuna/Chicken                                                 Nov. – Tuna/Chicken & Cocoa

June – Cereal/Granola/Energy bars                         Dec. – Cereal/Granola/Energy bars


The Nationwide Backpack Program

The nationwide Backpack Program has been in effect for over 10 years. In Oklahoma it began with a firsthand account of an elementary school student who fainted on a Monday morning while waiting in the school lunch line, due to a lack of food over the weekend. Backpacks are filled with non-perishable, kid-friendly food to eat on the weekends.


As a result of the Food for Kids Backpack Program, teachers have reported:

+ better school attendance

+ improved school performance

+ better concentration in the classroom

+ increased self-esteem

+ reduced signs of hunger


Ideally the foods would be kid-friendly foods that require no preparation. Kids can just “open and eat”. 

A complete list of acceptable foods would be:


Beef sticks                                                                             Snack Mixes

Peanut butter (12 oz jar) and a sleeve of crackers               Raisins (snack size boxes)

Beans & Franks (pop-top can)                                              Pudding Cups

Beef Stew (pop-top can)                                                         Juice boxes (100% juice)

Cereal (1 oz bowl)                                                                   Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds

Fruit Cups                                                                               Vegetable Cups                                                                     

Cereal Bars or Granola Bars                                                 Milk, white and chocolate, which

                                                                                                 does not require refrigeration


Your Board of Missions appreciates what you can do each month to help out our kids!


A Prayer for The New Year


Eternal God, as a new year begins, forgive our failures of the year now passed. Sustained by our faith that you  are a loving and merciful God, may we go forward into the new year resolved better to keep your commandments, to be more appreciative of your blessings, and more closely to approximate the example for living found in the one whose birth we just celebrated, even Jesus, the Christ, in whose spirit we pray. Amen.

        ~  Chaplains’ Book of Prayers, U.S. Air Force




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