- - - - NEWSLETTER FOR JANUARY 2009 - - - -    


 First Baptist Church

224 Main St. Penn Yan, NY 14527

 (315) 536-9821 e-mail:

Rev. John R. Tharp, Pastor


January Worship


Jan. 4              The Shaping of Memory

                                    Isaiah 51:1-6


Jan. 11            Profiles in Courage

                                    I Corinthians 16:13-24


Jan. 18            The Gang of Jesus

                                    Matthew 10:16-20


Jan. 25            Poetic Justice

                                    Proverbs 25:11-13


Greeter’s in January

Jan. 4              The Fullagar Family                           

Jan. 11            The Slocum Family                                                    

Jan. 18            Marylou Hainsworth  & Charlie Taylor

Jan. 25            Beth DeLooza & Jennifer Slocum


January Birthdays

7 ~ Beth DeLooza                               22 ~ Fran Morse

12 ~ Melvin Cornell                           24 ~ John F.M. Tharp

20 ~  Paul Nelson                                29 ~ Elijah Clancy



A message from Pastor John




            This time it is not some religious fanatic proclaiming the end. This time the US Congress has determined that the end will come on February 17th. That is, the end of television as we know it. Analog TV will give way to digital TV.  To stave off the disastrous result of not having Oprah or the GEICO lizard, you will need to have a new TV or little converter box by that date.


            As we move into 2009, we realize that many endings have taken place in the past year and many more endings will happen this year. Like our TV reception, endings make way for beginnings. A new administration will govern our land. New people will attend our church. And, as we grow more Christlike, we find that we have become fresh in spirit and new in our faith.


            What does not have and end or beginning is the on going need for the love of Christ in our homes, community, and world. According to the scriptures, “there will be wars and rumors of wars,”  “the poor will be with us always,” and there will always be storms that test us to see if we have built our lives on the solid rock of Jesus’ teaching or the sand of self pride. For the new year, we need to remember that there are some things that do not have beginnings or endings. For Christians the bottom line truth is that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”


            Pretty soon we will be having our Annual Meeting. The shifting economy, loss of some old friends, and an always uncertain future makes knowing the consistency of God’s presence all the more important to us. As the annual survey forms are returned we gain a snapshot of our church. At this writing, I don’t know the results of the tabulation but I offer some ideas of how 2009 can be a stronger year for us.

1.                            Our worship services need to have more input from more people. Once a month worship team (2nd Sunday) services have been very helpful and need to be expanded.

2.                            We need to find a better way of sharing the message of Christ with the many people who flow through our church building. In many ways, we are a community center and we have the opportunity to reach people. But we need ideas and fresh efforts to do this.

3.                            We need to plan times of celebration and fellowship and learning which are inviting, helpful, and where we eat lots of good food.

These are some of my ideas - we need to hear some of yours. In the mean time, wonderful blessings are waiting for all of us in the hand of our eternal Savior.


                                                                                    Pastor John





Advisory Council

On Thursday, January 8, at 7 pm the Advisory Council will meet in the library to set the proposed budget for 2009. All officers and board representatives must be in attendance.


Budget Hearing

On Thursday, January 15, at 7 pm there will be a hearing on the proposed budget for 2009.


Annual Meeting & Potluck Luncheon

On Sunday, January 18, there will be a potluck luncheon at noon. Bring a dish to share and your own table service. The annual meeting will begin promptly at

12:45 pm.


Other notes



Game Night!

Once again the annual game night at the Castillo’s is planned. Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 10. We hope to see lots of people there for games and snacks. The fun begins at 7 pm. See you there!


 Mary & Martha Circle                        Fellowship Class

 Tuesday, January 13                                           Wednesday, January 21

 10:30 am                                                             12:00 Noon

   Marge Cornell will bring desserts and lead devotions for the meetings this month.


Note from the Board of Missions

Super Bowl Sunday is February 1, 2009. Once again your Board of Missions will be selling “Super Bowl Subs” to support Yates County Habitat for Humanity. The price will be$6.50 for a whole sub and $3.50 for a half sub. We will be taking orders until Sunday, Jan. 25. You will have a choice of roast beef, turkey or ham. Be sure to watch for order forms and more information in January.


Bringing Up Boys

In March a new Parenting Class will begin. Led by Eileen Modaffari,

this class will focus on the uniqueness that boys bring, and is another

series by Dr. James Dobson. Don’t be misled though, if you are a parent

of girls you can still join us, as there is a wealth of general information

helpful for all. (Grandparents, babysitters, aunts and uncles

are welcome too.) We are always looking to increase our numbers, if

you know of a parent that could use the fellowship and friendship of

other parents please invite them to join us. We will meet Sundays at

11am. Watch for more information to come soon!


Nursery Care

There are many “behind the scenes” ministries that take place

here at FBC. One of them is staffing the nursery. Volunteers

serve on a rotating basis to sit with children while parents attend

service. Next month, a new rotation will be drawn up and if you are

 interested in serving in this capacity please contact Eileen Modaffari

at 694-8267.



Pledge Cards

Did you know that we need to collect all pledge cards that were handed out? It is important that we know your intentions so that we can prepare the budget for 2009. If you haven’t turned your card in, please do so as soon as possible. If you can’t locate it, would you please note your name and pledge on a paper. If you are unsure of your abilities you may note that you “will give as able.”

Thank You,

Bd of Trustees


Report of Bd. of Trustees Meeting ~ Dec. 9

·         We are finally in the black and the insurance money is put aside in preparation for the February bill.

·         A speaker system has been purchased for the nursery. Wires will need to be installed before it will work.

·         A fencing contractor has looked at the area around the air conditioner and will be giving us an estimate to enclose it.

·         Our Father’s Children will be doing their Christmas Concert in the Sancturay on December 13.

·         A farewell was extended to Richard Johnson in appreciation for his years served on the board.

·         The next Trustees meeting will be held after the Annual Meeting on Jan. 18, 2009.





that greeting will be said and heard for at least the first few weeks as the new year gets under way. But the day celebrated as New Year’s Day in modern America was not always celebrated on January first.



The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago.



Although in the first centuries AD the Romans continued celebrating the New Year, the early Catholic Church condemned the festivities as paganism. But as Christianity became more widespread, the early church began having its own religious observances concurrently with many of the pagan celebrations.



Other traditions of the new year include making of New Year’s resolutions. That tradition also dates back to the early Babylonians. Popular modern resolutions might include the promise to lose weight or quit smoking. The early Babylonian’s most popular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment.



This song is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the new year. An old Scotch tune “Auld Lang Syne” literally means “old long ago,” or simply “the good old days.


Here are some tips for a happier life in 2009


·         Do not give in to anger over the past or fear of the future. Don’t look backwards or forwards. Enjoy the present.

·         Don’t waste your energy on grudges, gossip, and negative thoughts. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

·         Forgive everyone for everything.

·         Envy is also a waste of time. God will provide what you need.

·         Enjoy the simple things.

·         Surround yourself with what you love - family, pets, keepsakes, music, books, plants, hobbies, sports.

·         Keep learning and keep active. Learn hobbies, crafts, gardening, photography, the computer. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

·         Cherish your health. If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, work to improve it.

·         Remember: prevention is also a life issue.

·         Take a 30-minute walk every day, and while you walk, smile. It’s the ultimate antidepressant. God made the body to be used. Use it.

·         Be enthusiastic about all that you do, even menial work.

·         Listen to your Mom. Eat more natural foods that grow on trees and plants, and eat less processed foods. Include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet.

·         Everything in moderation.

·         Use medications discreetly and only those prescribed by a competent doctor.

·         Take a short siesta after lunch. Do not deprive yourself of sleep.

·         Sit in prayerful silence for at least 15 minutes every day.

·         Play more games and read more funny books.

·         Don’t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, to another city, even to a foreign country, but not to where the guilt is.

·         Don’t take yourself too seriously. Cultivate a sense of humor. Laugh a lot.

·         Try to make at least two people smile or laugh each day.

·         Get rid of the clutter in your life and anything that isn’t useful, beautiful, or joyful.

·         Tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity.

·         Focus less on yourself and more on how you can be of service to others.

·         Count your blessings and be thankful.

·         Try to live peaceable with your family, your neighbors, and the people in your workplace.


(Compiled from the wisdom of various authors, known and unknown including the writers of the Gospels.)