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This map shows the area of the Yates Lyceum 4 years before it burned. First called the Sheppard Opera House, it was incorrectly labeled "Sherman Opera House". The theater and it's entrance are outlined in red.
Main Street is along the left edge of the map.

Main Street building locations, starting from the top:
  • The building marked "Furn'e", which later became the A&P Grocery Store, stood about at the location of the right lane of the driveway which now leads to the present parking lot.
  • The small Fire House building and the "DG store" immediately to its south (which was the northern most shop in the large block) stood about where the Milo office is now.
  • The "Tea S", "Entrance", and "5¢ & 10¢ S." were located where the Elk's Club is now.
    ~ ~ (These 3 buildings were lost as a result of the firehouse fire in 1967.) ~ ~
  • The "D.G. and Fancy", "Storage" & etc. is now the Lown's building.
  • The Bank is now the Maxwell building (Keuka Arts Center).

The information under the opera house reads:
Heat city steam .. Lights Gas
barrels and pails on stage