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Yates County Chronicle, July 30,1874
"Successful Transformation"

The proprietor of our public hall, George R. Cornwell, is doing a good work in remodeling and renewing the only public Hall we have, and making it in fact what it is hereafter to be called "Cornwell's Opera House". He has so changed the internal arrangement and appearance of the hall that it's old features can no longer be recognized. The platform is taken from the west end and placed in the east end. The gallery is taken from the east end and placed in the west end.It is also constructed so as to afford more room than heretofore and has been made firm and strong by most reliable supports. The entrance to this gallery is to be from the outside and no noise from those ascending and descending the stairway will disturb the people within. The work is all done under the charge and direction of a skillful scenic artist, D. Smith Crane, who frescoes the walls in excellent style and paints the stage scenery and drop curtains.
A bust of Shakespeare adorns the proscenium, and another curtain carries to the audience the business of the village, so far as business men have chosen to have their cards painted thereon. The whole work is well done and highly credible to the artist as well as to the enterprise of Mr. Cornwell. The expense has been heavy, but Mr. Cornwell was determined to have an opera house worthy of the name and is evidently achieving success.