First Baptist   Bulletin   Penn Yan   

Our Service of Worship and Praise
Fourth Sunday of Advent - December21, 2014

. Prelude & Chimes
. Welcome & Announcements
*Congregational Song .....“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” No. 31
*Call to Worship
*Congregational Song ..... “Angels We Have Heard on High” No. 23
. Anthem ...........................
. Sunday School Pageant
. Children’s Message
. Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer
. Offering
*Offertory Prayer
. Scripture Reading ..........
*Congregational Song ..... “Away in a Manger” No. 25
. Message .........................Pastor Rod Isidro
*Congregational Song ..... “What Child Is This” No. 53
*Benediction - Postlude
***If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.

Pastor: Rev. Stephen Sanden
Guest: Pastor Rod Isidro
Choir Director: Barbara Stewart
Organist / Pianist: Carrie Ahearn
Today's Ushers/Greeters: Stan Ovens, head usher,
Cindy Ovens, Charlie Watkins

Please Be in Prayer For

Ben Loomis      Linda Potts    Donald & Beverly Hall  
Riley Potts     Barbara Ritz   Fritz Roulo     
Stacy Whitney   The Family of Milly Bloomquist

Our Special Interest Missionaries:
International: Rev. Peter & Sarah McCurdy
Home: Jennifer Muniga, Cameron Community Ministries

ABW Scholarship Woman: Cheyenne Skinner

Clinton Crest:	 Doris Barcliff     Doris Norman 
The Homestead:	 Helen Ansley	    Virginia DeLooza
	         Necia Smith        Kathryn Clayson
                 Marge Cornell           
The Manor:	 Billie Potts       Mary Armstrong
                 Margaret Mills     Bessie Decker
                 Margaret Drakeley

> Our Country and Leaders
> Our Service Men and Women and their families
> Those in our community who serve as law enforcement,fire fighter volunteers, teachers, community leaders, and community volunteers If you know of someone who is ill, in the hospital, home bound etc. or if you have other prayer concerns, please call 536-9821 to let the church office and pastor know.

This Week at First Baptist

11 am Diaconate Meeting
6 pm Wellspring Fellowship

Monday, December 22
7 pm Wellspring Bible Quiz

Wednesday, December 24
7 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Thursday, December 25
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 26
The office is closed

Sunday, December 28
Message by: Greg Marion
Ushers & Greeters:Greg & Erik Miller, Sheryl Robbins, Trevor Conrad

News and Upcoming Events

Today we welcome Pastor Rod Isidro and his family from Saudi Arabia. Rod is the pastor of New Hope Fellowship in Riyadh, KSA.

Church - Community Supper & Movie
...will be suspended until January 5th

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - Wednesday, December 24
“Joy to the World: A Celebration of Carols” - 7:00 pm

Upcoming Dates - From the Church Office
Pastor Steve will be away from Dec. 26 – 29.
The church office will be closed Friday, Dec. 26.
Greg Marion will give the message on Dec. 28.
Annual reports will be due by Jan. 5.

The December item for Milly’s Backpack Program: Macaroni & Cheese (cups or boxes)

Were you here?
Nov. 23    Nov. 30    Dec. 7     Dec. 14
    60         75        61         59

Received Last Week
Pledges & Loose Offerings: $1,376.25
Additional 5th Sunday Offering:  $5.00
Needed each week: $1,825

Our Church's Mission

Mission Nugget - Ministers and Missionaries Offering Month
“The church elders in the little New Hampshire town had voted to keep their minister in spite of his radical tendencies. A visitor to the village, knowing their extremely narrow beliefs, commended one of the elders for having taken such a broad view. ‘Broad view, nonsense!’ retorted the elder. ‘We all know this minister has dangerous ideas, but we’d rather have him here.’ The elder winked a shrewd eye. ‘If he wasn’t here, he’d be somewhere else. There people might listen to him.”

Mission Budget Report
Thank you for your contributions to the RMMO on December 14. We received $651 bringing us exactly to our goal of $859. There is still time to help us exceed our goal. Thank you also for the $238 given to the Mission Budget. We are almost at the point of meeting our Budget. Thank you.

Community News and Events

Pre-Christmas Eve Service - Today, December 21st
Altay Baptist Church, Sunday, December 21st at 7:00 pm

Service Information

We are glad you’ve joined us! We hope you’ll have a rich experience as we celebrate our faith and praise God together.

If you are a guest here today, in the pew in front of you, you will find a Guest Information card. We would like to get to know you better, please take a moment to fill it out and place it in the offering plate.

You are invited to bring your children to the nursery during the service for a safe and Christian environment so that you may more fully experience worship.

For your convenience hearing devices are available. Please see an usher for assistance

Church information

Rev. Stephen Sanden
PO Box 695, Penn Yan
Home: 315-536-6385
Cell Phone: 386-986-6961
Office: 315-536-9821

Choir Director: Barbara Stewart
Organist / Pianist: Carrie Ahearn

Secretary: Peggy Smart
Church Office: 315-536-9821
Office Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am to Noon
Church Email:
Church Website: