224 Main Street                                                        December 5, 2010

Penn Yan, New York                                                               10:00 AM


We, as God's people, will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.


Second Sunday of Advent


Prelude                                                                            Sheryl Robbins                                                                                                                                    


Song of Praise            “Surely the Presence of the Lord”        PB no. 62  


Welcome & Announcements


The Lighting of the Advent Candle           Ginny, April & Maggie Colf                 


*Hymn                        “Lift Up Your Head, Ye Mighty Gates”     No. 8                                        


Scripture Reading                  Isaiah 11:1-10                        OT pg. 755          


Anthem                       “Christmas Communion Song”             Callaway


Children's Time


*Hymn                        “Angels, from the Realms of Glory”        No. 22


Pastoral Prayer


The Lord's Prayer


Scripture                     Luke 2:8-20                                          NT pg. 79


Sermon                       “Glory Filled Their Souls”   Rev. Richard Burke                                                                                                                                                                                               




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


*Prayer of Dedication


*Hymn                        “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?”    No. 11 vs. 1,2


Ordinance of The Lord's Supper

                                    Welcome to The Lord's Table

                                    Church Vision Statement

                                    Community of Prayer

                                    Sharing the Bread

                                    Sharing the Cup

                                    Prayer of Thanks and The Lord's Prayer


*Hymn                        “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?”         No. 11 vs. 3





*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


Advent Readers:        Ginny, April & Maggie Colf       

Greeters:                    Marge Cornell & Kathryn Warren

Ushers:                       Pat Ames, Shelley Bicksler, Erma Mullins

                                    and Cheryl Stewart

Organist:                    Sheryl Robbins

Church Phone:            315-536-9821

                                    Office hours: 9 am – Noon Mon.-Fri. 

Church E-mail: 

Church Website:

Interim Pastor:           Rev. Richard D. Burke

                                    2215 Clark Road, Penn Yan




Please  be  in  Prayer  for:


Milly Bloomquist                               Mary Murphy

Holly Buchanan                                  Lisa Newton

Tom Burke                                         Marion Perry

Margaret Drakely                             Keith Pierce

Alice Fairbrother                                Jennifer Schoen

Bill Gillette                                        Andrew Stewart          

Deya Glover                                       Charlie Taylor

Mary Beth Greene                             Stub Vaughn

Bernie Gridley                                    Irene Wachala

John Paul Hunt                                   Elwood & Phyllis Whitbeck


Our Special Missionaries:

Kristy Engel–Dominican Republic

Cynthia Harper–Cameron Community Ministries, Rochester, NY

Clark Meadows:        Ralph Wilkes       Quail Summit: Alice Wise

Clinton Crest:             Burton Barcliff           Kathryn Clayson       

                                    Gerry Lane

The Homestead:        Helen Ansley              Virginia DeLooza

                                    Dick Sharman            Willie Nelson

                                                                        Ruth Sampson

The Manor:                Helena Cranmer        Margaret Hartwell

                                    Georgia Ovens


Our Service Men and Women and their families                            

Our Country and it's Leaders

Our Pastoral Search Committee

Please keep the church office updated on your loved one


This  Week’s  Schedule  & Announcements



9 am Choir Practice

11 am Children's Sunday School

11 am Adult Sunday School: God vs “gods”

3 pm Community Chorus Christmas Concert

5 pm Wellspring Fellowship


Monday, December 6

7 pm Bd of Missions


Tuesday, December 7

7 pm Deacons


Wednesday, December 8

5 pm Backpack Program

7 pm Evening Food for the Needy

7 pm “The Miracle of Life Change” Small Group


Thursday, December 9

7 pm Boy Scouts


Sunday, December 12 ~ Next Week's Theme:

“Focus On The Shepherds"


Church  News


December Kid's Club !

Friday, December 17

This is an activity night for kids in grades K-5.Volunteers are welcome and donations of pre-baked cut-out cookies for the kids to decorate are needed. See Eileen Modafarri if you can help.


Mary & Martha Circle to the Antique Inn

Tuesday, December 14

We are inviting ALL ladies of the church to go with us. Please call Erma Mullins at 536-8730 to make your reservations.


Bus Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to ride (for the purpose of assisting the elderly and handicapped) the Council of Churches bus on Sunday mornings during December. If you can help, or have any questions, please see RitaCastillo. Thanks!



Next Sunday, December 12, we will receive the Retired Ministers & Missionaries Offering (RMMO). There was an envelope tucked into the Dec. Newsletter, please prayerfully consider your contribution and remember to bring your envelope to worship next week.

Thank You!!


Flowers for the Sanctuary

Every Christmas season we are invited to bring in a poinsettia to adorn the sanctuary. You may bring them in at any time. For those who wish to do so in honor or in memory of a loved one, you are invited to fill out a form listing the names of those involved and they will be published in the Christmas Eve bulletin. Forms may be found on the tables at the rear of the sanctuary and in the foyer.


From the Financial Secretary:

Stewardship Campaign

As of Sunday, November 28, twenty pledges had been turned in.

Their total puts us only about 1/3 of the way towards the goal of our proposed local and mission budgets for 2011.

Please turn in your pledge sheets as soon as possible.

There are extra pledge sheets available on the tables at the rear of the sanctuary and also in the foyer.


Addresses to keep in touch

Marge Moulton – 1191 Promontary Trail, Zionsville, IN 46077

Clancy's – 1409 Causey Court, Sanibel, FL 33957


New Address for:

Alice Fairbrother

Huntington Living Center


369 E. Main Street

Waterloo, NY 13165


Community  News


Red Cross Needs & Things

Currently they are in need of: diapers; size 3,4,5,6, paper towels, laundry soap and dish soap. Look for the “Red Cross” box.


Food Pantry

For the month of November the Food Pantry is asking for breakfast cereals and boxed macaroni and cheese. Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated!!


Office for the Aging Sunday Bus Riders

You are asked to contact Mickie Christiansen at 536-6345 if you wish to remain on the riders list.


Egg Cartons

Oak Hill Bulk Foods will be the collection point for your egg cartons. You may drop them off at their store on Route 14A.


Attendance and Financial Report

Were you here?                       11/14             11/21             11/28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                     60                  88                  57

Current Expenses                 $1,324            $1,291             $581

Missions                                     671                 504               223

BT&T                                         236                   35               155

Total                                       $2,231           $1,830             $959