~ ~ OCTOBER 25, 2009 ~ ~


                                FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PENN YAN

224 Main Street                                                            October 25, 2009

Penn Yan, New York                                                             10:00 A.M.


We, as God’s people, will use our gifts and talents

to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith,

by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people

for the honor and glory of God.




Song of Praise & Worship     “Welcome to the Family”      No. 39 PB

                                                Birthday song for Scott Robbins


Welcome and Announcements                                            


Invocation and The Lord's Prayer                           


*Hymn                       “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”             No. 464   


Mini Drama                “The Necklace”


Anthem                       “A Lord Built House”                                 Lentz


Children’s Time


*Hymn                        “Open My Eyes”                                     No. 324    

                                    Birthday hymn of Bob Fullagar


Litany                         “Walking with Jesus”

Leader: Scripture reminds us that God walked in our shoes in the person of Jesus.

People: We thank you, O God, for our missionaries who walk with Jesus and bring the good news of his love to people of every race and culture.

Leader: Millions of the world's population still need to open their hearts to Christ.

People: We thank you, O God, for our missionaries who lead people to faith.

Leader: Millions of new believers yearn for teachers and pastors to expand their faith.

People: We thank you, O God, for our missionaries who train church leaders.

Leader: Millions of people suffer needlessly without basic education, health care and economic stability.

People: We thank you, O God, for our missionaries who bring help and the gospel of Jesus Christ to victims of illness, violence, poverty, and hopelessness.

Leader: In our lives, we must think and act like Christ.

People: May the mind of Christ our Savior live in us day to day, and may his love and power control all that we do and say.


Prayers for the People


Scripture                     Mark 6:7-13                                         Pg. 55 NT


Message                     “You Are A Missionary”           Rev. John Tharp




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


*Prayer of Dedication                                               


*Hymn                        “Take My Life and Let It Be”                 No. 391

                                    Birthday choice of Pam Scutt




*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


Greeters:                    Bob & Mary Fullagar

Ushers:                       Ed & Rita Castillo,Sheryl Robbins, Matt Scutt, George Slocum, John FM Tharp

Choir Director:           Nancy Tharp

Pastor:                        Rev. Dr. John R. Tharp

Church Phone:            315-536-9821 

Church E-mail: 

Church Website:



Today’s bulletin is in memory of the birthday of Juliette Gordon Lowe, founder of Girl Scouts.                                 ~Pat Ames                                                                                                                                                                           



Please Be In Prayer For


At Clinton Crest:        Burton Barcliff           Margaret Hartwell

                                    Alice Fairbrother        Gerry Lane               


At the Homestead:     Helen Ansley              Virginia DeLooza

Alberta Gottshall       Viola Gray                  Willie Nelson

Luella Passage           Dick Sharman            Irene Wachala


At the Manor:            Helena Cranmer        Kathleen Clayson


Our Special Missionaries:

Ms. Kristy Engel ~ Dominican Republic

Ms. Cynthia Harper ~ Cameron Community Ministries, Rochester


Prayers for:

Mary Armstrong        Mary Gillette                        The Schroo Family

Debbie Appleton        Marlene Guild                       Frieda Slocum

Eva Jean Best            John Paul Hunt                       George Slocum

Kathleen Beyea         Kim Strong Imisides              Brad Stewart

Bessie Bliss                Don Johnson                          Charlie Taylor

Milly Bloomquist       Lori Lawrence                        Rick Weir

Pat Carroll                  McBryan Family                    Emma Wheeler

* Chris Fuqua             Barbara Mortensen               Ralph Wilkes

Judi Gibbs                  Dorothy Mott                        The Whitbecks

Barbara Gifford         *Georgia Ovens                    

Bill Gillette                 Lorraine Phillips


Ethel Clancy's Family living in the Philippines                                            

President Obama, Congress & State Legislatures in this difficult time

Ryan Barkley 19 year old facing heart surgery in Nov.

......... Please keep the church office updated on your loved one.


This Week’s Schedule & Announcements



¨      11 am  Adult Sunday School: “New Life In the Home”

¨      Noon   Gad-Abouts trip to Atlanta for Chicken & Biscuits

Monday, October 26

¨      7 pm    Community Chorus

Tuesday, October 27

¨      6:30 pm           Joint Deacon's/Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, October 28

¨      9 am    Food for the Needy

¨      5 pm    Backpack Program

¨      7 pm    Encouraging One Another - small group

¨      7 pm    Inquirer's Class

Thursday, October 29

¨      9 am    Food for the Needy

¨      7 pm    Boy Scout meeting

Friday, October 30

¨                  9 am    Food for the Needy

¨                  11 am  Committee on Ministry

Saturday, October 31

¨      10 am  Fall Fest Work day at the home of Cindy Ovens


Next Week’s Theme & Scripture

“Celebration of a Generous Spirit”

    Acts 4:32-37


Church News


Inquirer's Class

Wednesday, Oct. 28

Classes start this week for anyone interested in exploring membership with us here at First Baptist Church.


Stewardship Drive Luncheon

Sunday, November8

A potluck luncheon  will be held at noon to kick off the Stewardship Drive. The tentative budget will be presented at that time. Beverage and ham will be provided. Bring a dish to share and your own table service. Make plans now to attend. We'll see you at the table!




Saturday, Nov. 14 from 9 am – 1 pm

silent auction *  quilts *  baked goodies

soup & chili lunch

*we can use your help, join us on Oct. 31 at the Oven's home


Community News


Annual Turkey Walk

Sunday, November 1

The Council of Churches holds it's annual TURKEY WALK the first Sunday in November to raise monies to cover the cost of the meats for the holiday food baskets given out by all area churches. Our goal for FBC is to raise $275 in sponsorships and/or donations. Walker/Sponsor sign up sheets (bright orange) are available on the table in the foyer. For more information call Mickie Christiansen at 536-6345. Thank you for your support of this Christian endeavor!


Progressive Dinner

Friday, November 6

A progressive dinner to benefit the Yates County Local Disaster Fund will start at 5:30 pm at the PYUMC with soup and salad. Followed at FBC for the main course and traveling on to St. Mark's Episcopal Church for dessert. Adult tickets: $10; children 6-12: $5; children 5 and under are free; and a family ticket (2 adults and under 18) $30.Tickets can be purchased here at FBC office or at Long's Cards & Books by Wed. Nov. 4.


The Salvation Army needs bell ringers.

Make this holiday season special... volunteer! To volunteer locally call 1-877-764-7259.



Attendance and Financial Report

Were you here?                            10/4               10/11           10/18                                                                       

                                                           61                   60                 58

Current Expenses                     $2,167            $3,053          $1,877

Missions                                         916                  289               652

BT&T                                             399                  125               330

Total                                          $3,482             $3,467          $2,859


We invite you to bring your children to the nursery during the service for a safe and Christian environment so that you may more fully experience Worship.


Following today’s service please come to enjoy coffee, refreshments and fellowship in the Great Room.