~ ~ OCTOBER 19, 2008 ~ ~



224 Main Street                                                     Penn Yan, New York

October 19, 2008                                                               10:00 A.M.


We, as God’s people, will use our gifts and talents

to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith,

by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people

for the honor and glory of God.




Song of Praise & Worship       


Welcome and Announcements


Scripture Reading                  Luke 24:44-49                       Pg. 122 NT


*Hymn                        “In My Heart There Rings a Melody”        Insert

                                    Birthday song for Marlene Guild


*Silent Prayer & Invocation            

            Open our minds, Lord. Keep us from wasting our time by walking down the same old  alley ways. Lift our sights to new vistas. Shake us free from doubts that slow our pace and weaken our ministry. Give us a readiness to see scriptures in a new light and a new place. We want to walk with Jesus and do those things, which honor your name. Now lead us into the deeper fellowship of your Holy Spirit as we share together in the prayer Jesus taught us…


*The Lord’s Prayer


Anthem                       “Go Into the World”                      Natalie Sleeth


Children’s Time                                                                


*Hymn                        “Open My Eyes, That I May See”          No. 324


Prayer’s of the People


Scripture                     John 20:19-23                                    Pg. 154 NT



Message                       “Every Baptist A Missionary”  Dr. Denton Lotz




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


*Prayer of Dedication                                                   


*Hymn                        “Take My Life”                                       No. 391

                                    Birthday choice of Pam Scutt





*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


Lay Reader: Brittany Griffin

Greeters: Mary & Bob Fullagar

Ushers: Sean Ahearn, Meghan Fuqua, Margaret Hartwell, Clifford LeBarr, Cindy & Stan Ovens

Organist: Carrie Ahearn                        

Choir Director: Nancy Tharp

Church Phone: 315-536-9821            


Church Website:



Our Prayer Concerns…


At the Homestead:     Luella Passage           Alberta Gottshall

                                    Virginia DeLooza       Willie Nelson

                                    Helen Ansley              Alice Wise


Loved ones serving in the Armed Forces:    Jennifer Willson


Our Special Interest Missionaries:

Rev. Richard & Mrs. Susan Harding ~Dr. James & Rev. Debra Kelsey            

Prayers for:                                                  

Mary Armstrong        Alicia Hurlburt                       Barbara Stewart

Eva Jean Best            Kim Strong Imisides              Brad Stewart

*Bessie Bliss              Don Johnson                          Charlie Taylor

Pat Carroll                  Lori Lawrence                        Phil Trautman

Judi Gibbs                  *Mary Ellen Mattison           Jean Wager

Bill Gillette                 *Doug Mattison                     Ralph Wilkes

*Marlene Guild          Barbara Mortensen               Jean Whitaker

                                    *Doug Seager                    Phyllis & Elwood Whitbeck


* Fran Hartwell was moved to Hospeace House in Naples

    Hospeace House 7824 W. Hollow Rd., Naples 14512                


*Indicates that special prayers are needed.

Please keep the church office updated on your loved ones



This Week’s Schedule & Announcements


Today, October 19

¨      Happy Birthday to Marlene Guild!

Monday, October 20

¨      9 a.m.        November Newsletter deadline

Wednesday, October 22

¨      Noon         Fellowship Class

¨      7 p.m.        Youth group

Thursday, October 23

¨      7:30 p.m.   Advisory Board Meeting

Saturday, October 25

¨      10 a.m.-Noon        Lay Studies Class

¨      10 a.m.      Fall Fest Work Day at home of Cindy Ovens

¨      Happy Birthday to Pam Scutt!

¨      Happy Birthday to Bob Fullagar!

¨      Happy Birthday to Scott Robbins!


Next Week’s Theme & Scripture is…

“On Good Terms With God” Romans 3:19-28

Special guest speaker: Rev. Don Lawrence


Church News



There will be an Advisory Council Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 23, at

7 p.m. All Boards and Committees MUST have a representative present with budget figures.


Christmas for Utica Project

Under the direction of Lisa Wood, the Teen & Tween class is making 100 Star Tree Toppers. These decorations will be sent out to Utica to be given to the Burmese Refugee families. In addition, we are accepting small tree decorations that we can also give them. Our hope is to be able to mail these out by the first week of November, which is approaching fast. The refugee center is donating 3 ft. Christmas trees to the refugee families, let’s help them decorate! Leave your donations in the box provided in the church office.


Turkey Walk

This year’s Turkey Walk is scheduled for Sunday, November 2. Walkers will start from FBC, at 1 p.m. Sponsor sheets can be found on the table in the foyer. Walkers and Sponsors are needed! Money raised will go towards purchasing turkeys for the Christmas for the Needy Baskets.


Fellowship Class

The Fellowship Class will meet this Wednesday at Noon. Marge Moulton will bring dessert for the group (bring your own sandwich) and will share devotions.


Mission Trip to Mexicali

Our Mission Team leaves this Saturday, Oct. 25 for Mexicali, where they will be helping to make repairs to a new church.

Those attending are: Beth DeLooza, Eileen Modafarri,

John FM Tharp, Nancy Tharp and Pastor John.



Annual Fall Fest Bazaar



Sponsored by the American Baptist Women

                                                          November 15, 2008

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Great Room



A silent auction will feature themed baskets, quilts and more

Baked goods & handmade items will also be for sale

Come right after breakfast, and stay for lunch.

Soup or Chili starting at 11:30 a.m.



In preparation of this event, the women of ABW invite

anyone interested in helping to create theme baskets

to join the ladies at 10 a.m. on October 25 and November 1,

at the home of Cindy Ovens.



Tabernacle Baptist Church of Utica



The Refugee Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church was formed in late 2000 to help the congregation minister to the first ethnic Karen refugees to arrive in Utica from the Burma-Thai border. In 2004, with the presence of several African families from Sudan, The Republic of Congo, and Liberia, the ministry’s focus expanded. We try to be helpful and welcoming to all the refugees in our midst, but we give special attention to newcomers and those who have limited English.


The Karens: the Karen Community at Tabernacle now numbers more that 75 families with approximately 300 individuals. All are refugees who have fled the persecution of the brutal military regime that rules Burma (Myanmar). Although there are other Christian and Buddhist Karens in Utica, Tabernacle has become the spiritual, social and cultural center for Refugees, we have welcomed over 100 newcomers in 2006. And we expect and other large influx in the coming months.

The Caring Corner exists to supplement the church’s spiritual care with a program ministering to the physical needs of refugees. Clothing, household items and small furniture in good condition are donated by church members and community friends. These are stored, sorted and displayed in the Sanctuary balcony. Through a partnership with Compassion Coalition ( a local food pantry ministry) we purchase bulk quantities of food, toiletries, paper goods and diapers at a minimum cost. Since only edibles can be purchased with food stamps, these items are both necessary and highly prized.

Home Maintenance Course: A grant received from ABC/USA One Great Hour of Sharing in 2004 enabled us to provide 24 hours of instruction for twelve refugees in basic home repair and maintenance. In addition, we presented each student with a set of basic tools upon completion of the course.

Telling the Story: The Karen Community is eager to share its story of trial, perseverance, and faith. The Karen have an especially rich tradition of beautiful music and dance. The Refugee Ministry Team and Karen Community has presented programs at the Children’s Museum of Utica, the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, a Summer Union Worship Service in Hamilton, Tully Community Church, New Hartford Presbyterian Church, and at the World Concerns Fair sponsored by First Baptist Church Hamilton. The Karen Community has shared its story at the 2002 and 2006 Biennial Meetings of the ABC/NYS the Finger Lakes Association Annual Meeting, the Mohawk/Oneida Baptist Association Annual Meeting, the Iroquois Baptist Annual Meeting, and the Fransego Baptist Association Annual Meeting.

Validated Ministry: In 2004, the American Baptist Churches of NYS designated this outreach a validated ministry of the 329 member church region. This designation recognizes that the ministry with refugees Tabernacle Baptist of Utica is spearheading has significance beyond its local community. It also enables local American Baptist congregations to financially support the ministry through the ABC/USA mission support process.


How Can I Support The Refugee Ministry?

Volunteer- Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of tasks: assisting in the Caring Corner, transporting furniture and household goods, accompanying refugees to appointments, introducing refugees to a new culture, teaching English language skills, and simply being a friend in a new country.

Donate – Items needed include: clothing for

men, women, teens children, and babies,

 outerwear, furniture, household items,

tableware, cooking pots, utensils, working

tv’s, VCR’s, car seats, and automobiles.

Donations are tax deductible.

Give  -The needs always far exceeds our budget.

Your gifts of financial support will make a

difference in the lives of some of the most

recent arrivals in our community. Make your

check payable to:Tabernacle Baptist Church –

Refugee Ministry. You will receive a

confirmation of your contribution for tax purposes.

Help Spread the Word – If you are a member

 of an American Baptist Congregation, encourage

 your church to add the Refugee Ministry to its

mission budget. If you are a member of a

 charitable or service organization, encourage

 your organization to support the Refugee Ministry.


A Validated Ministry of the American Baptist Churches of NYS

Tabernacle Baptist Church of Utica 13 Clark Place, Utica, NY 13501

Email: Rev. Dr. Mark S. Caruana, Pastor




Attendance and Financial Report

            Were you here?                       9/28             10/5            10/12

                                                                 73                                     71


Current Expenses                            $1,173         $2,595          $3,100

Missions                                      95              784               358

BT&T                                          30              260               236

Total                                     $1,298         $3,639          $3,694



Thought: Along the road of life, you’re never lost if the Lord is your guide.