224 Main Street                                          Penn Yan, New York

July 21, 2013                                                              10:00 AM


We, as God's people, will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ

by maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.


Our Service of Worship and Praise


Prelude ~ Chimes


Welcome & Announcements


*Song of Praise          “Let’s Just Praise the Lord”                 PB no. 75


*Call to Worship                   


*Hymn                        “In the Garden”                                   On Insert                 


Special Music             “Trust and Obey”

               Kathi Lawrence, Barb Stewart, Don Lawrence, Dick Johnson   


Children's Time


Pastoral Prayer & Lord's Prayer     




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


*Offertory Prayer


Scripture Reading      Matthew 6:9-13                    Pew Bible NT pg. 8


*Hymn                        “Holy Ground”                                     PB no. 29                 


Sermon           “Pray Then, Like This”                  Rev. Stephen Sanden


*Hymn            “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”                     No. 403


*Benediction  ~ *Postlude


*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


Pastor:                     Rev. Stephen Sanden       

                                 PO Box 695, Penn Yan

Pastor's Phone:       Cell 386-986-6961

Pastor's E-Mail:

            Ushers/Greeters   Stan Ovens, head usher

                 Cindy Ovens, Clifford LaBarr, Charlie Watkins

            Choir Director:       Barbara Stewart

Organist:                 Carrie Ahearn

Church Phone:         315-536-9821

Church E-mail:

Church Website: 


Please  be  in  Prayer  for:


Tom Burke                      Pat Davis                       Hunter Greene

Rachel Carter                  Clyde Dillon                  Marge Moulton

Cristine Conklin              Kalie Greene                 


Our Special Interest Missionaries:

Rev. Charles and Mrs. Sarah Clement-West, Zambia

Courtney Crisler, The Place, Norwich, NY


Quail Summit:         Alice Wise

Clinton Crest:          Margaret Drakeley      Doris Barcliff

The Homestead:     Helen Ansley                 Virginia DeLooza

                                 Dick Sharman               Willie Nelson

                                 Irene Wachala               Necia Smith

The Manor:             Margaret Hartwell        Billie Potts

                                 Mary Armstrong  


  • Our Country and  Leaders
  • Our Service Men and Women and their families                
  • Those in our community who serve as law enforcement, fire fighter

            volunteers, teachers, community leaders, and community volunteers


If you know of someone who is ill, in the hospital, home bound etc. or if you have other prayer concerns please call 536-9821 to let the church office and pastor know.  


This Week at First Baptist


Today, Sunday, July 21

5 pm Wellspring Service


Monday, July 22

5 pm Church Supper


Tuesday, July 23

7 pm Friendship Square Dance


Wednesday, July 24

5 pm Pre-Concert Cookout Church Fund-raiser

6:30 pm Yates Co. Concert in the Park


Thursday, July 25

9 am Set up for Food Distribution


Friday, July 26

9 am Food Distribution


Saturday, July 27

8 am FBC Men’s Group


News and Upcoming Events


Monday Church Supper - July 22nd ~ 5pm

Carrie and Sean Ahearn will continue to prepare the church suppers in July. In August, Pastor Steve and Karen and others will be your supper hosts.


Summer Concert Series - July 17th

The FBC Bd of Trustees will again be grilling and selling hot dogs & hamburgers from 5:30 – 6:30 pm before the Wednesday evening concerts. We can always use help prepping, setting up, serving, grilling and tearing down. Thank You!


FBC Men’s Group - July 27th

Our First Baptist Men’s Group will meet on Saturday, July 27th for coffee, donuts, fellowship and devotions. Following that we will work together on projects to improve our church’s outdoor appearance – weather permitting. All men and young men are invited to join us. See you at 8 am Saturday, July 27th.


“Fearless in Christ” AB Men - August 9 - 11

This is the theme for the AB Men NYS Gathering taking place at Keuka College August 9-11th. There will be small groups, youth programs, workshops, great food and fishing. See Don Lawrence or visit for information/registration.


“Handyman Helpers” are available

Members of our American Baptist Men's Group are volunteering to do small repair or clean-up jobs for folks who need this kind of help in order to maintain their homes. If you have something like a leaky faucet, plugged gutter, or lamp that needs a new cord, we can help you. Please phone the church office at 536-9821 to add your name and needs to our Job List and we'll get back to you.


Worship at First Presbyterian

Remember that the 1st Sunday in August (4th) we will worship at the First Presbyterian Church. It is always good to see old friends.


Attendance and Financial Report

Were you here?            6/23              6/30               7/7          7/14

                                         59                  61               94              64         

Local Budget           $1,027           $1,636         $2,788         


The Church’s Mission


Mission Nugget

ROBERTA STEPHENS – American Baptist Missionary in Japan

Roberta writes: “Most Americans don’t have the opportunity to attend a kindergarten graduation. It’s a big deal here in Japan, with mothers in the audience weeping as their little tykes go up to get their certificates, then bellow out their favorite songs. I was shocked this year to hear them sing a song I’d taught them as 4 year olds... “Deep & Wide”! Then, they sang “Jesus Loves Me” in English. I don’t teach five year olds English but they had learned that song from their English teacher. I’ll admit, that sort of got to me because my deepest desire is that they truly feel that Jesus does love them as they branch out into the big world of elementary school.”


Board of Missions July Spotlight Item

The Spotlight Item for the Backpack Program is: macaroni & cheese (box or cups)


Community News


Milly’s Pantry Summer Weekend Backpack Needs

Canned chicken/tuna, Cereal/granola bars

Individual fruit cups, Individual shelf-stable milk (available at BJ’s)

Donations may be left here or at the Red Cross Office on Elm Street.


Yates County Habitat for Humanity

As covenant churches in partnership with YCHH, we express our most sincere gratitude for the help that you give us. We will soon be establishing a partnership with our 14th family in Yates Co., as we continue to build lives and communities and again ask you to remember us in your prayers.

We would also ask that if there are any in your congregation who love to cook, bake or buy, we are always in need of goodies for our Wednesday or Saturday coffee breaks and our Wednesday noon lunches. Charlie Marks in in the process of establishing a list of available persons or groups. If interested would you please contact him at 536-8213. Thank you.


Service Information


You are invited to bring your children to the nursery during the service for a safe and Christian environment so that you may more fully experience Worship. Following today’s service please come to enjoy coffee, refreshments and fellowship in the Great Room.


For your convenience hearing devices are available. Please see an usher for assistance


Visitors - welcome  to  First  Baptist  Church. We are glad you joined us and hope you’ll feel at home, as we celebrate our faith and praise God together. In the pew in front of you, you will find a “get-to-know-you” card. Please take a moment to fill it out and place it in the offering plate.


John 3: 16