APRIL 13, 2008



                                         PENN YAN FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH

224 Main Street                                                    April 13, 2008

Penn Yan, New York                                                        10:00 A.M.



We, as God’s people, will use our gifts and talents

to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith,

by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people

for the honor and glory of God.





Songs of Praise & Worship               “Great Is the Lord”      No. 20 PB

                                                            Birthday choice of April Colf

Welcome and Announcements


Scripture Reading                              Genesis 2:15-24             Pg. 3 OT


*Hymn                                    “Ready Lord”                                  Insert

                                                Birthday choice of Ralph Estimo


*Silent Prayer & Invocation

            From the beginning, O Lord, you have made us with a longing to be with other people. Because of sin, hurt, shame, and pride we build walls so that our relationships are limited and our commitments remain shallow. Break through the walls with your love and let the power of your spirit guide us to the deeper joys of fellowship with one another. We pray this in the name of the One who taught us the meaning of love and gave us this prayer…


*The Lord’s Prayer

Anthem                       “Lord, Hear Our Prayer”                     Don Besig  

Children’s Time


Prayers with the People


*Hymn                        “Reach Out to Jesus”                           No. 48 PB

                                    Birthday choice of Shelley Bicksler


Scripture                     Romans 11:1-6                                  Pg. 213 NT


Message                      “Dealing with Loneliness”    Rev. John R. Tharp




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


*Prayer of Dedication



*Hymn                        “The Old Rugged Cross”                            Insert

                                    Birthday choice of Emily Taylor






*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


Lay Reader: Judi Gibbs

Greeters: Christine T. & Pat Ames

Ushers: Bob Fullagar, Judi Gibbs, Charlie Miller, Greg Miller and

              Barbara Stewart

Organist: Carrie Ahearn

Choir Director: Nancy Tharp

Pastor: John R. Tharp

Church Phone: 315-536-9821


Church Website:


Thought: It’s never too late to live happily ever after.



Next Week’s Theme & Scripture is:

 “God’s Own People”     1Peter 2:9-10

Guest Preacher: Rev. Don Lawrence



Our Prayer Concerns…


At the Homestead:     Luella Passage           Alberta Gottshall

Alice Wise                  Virginia DeLooza       Willie Nelson


Clinton Crest:             Milly Burke


Friends with long term-illness: Elmer Cranmer


Loved ones serving in the Armed Forces:    Jennifer Willson

                                                                        Conal Smith Shane


Our Special Interest Missionaries: *see bulletin boards for more info

Rev. Virgil Nelson                 Kathy Pearce            


Prayers for:                                                  

Helen Ansley              *Marlene Guild                      Billie Potts

Mary Armstrong        Frances Hartwell                    Linda  Potts

Eva Jean Best            Kim Strong Imisides              Nancy Putnam

Tracey Bicksler         Carolyn Johnson                    Lucas Ryska

Bessie Bliss                Don Johnson                          Corrina Schultz

Milly Bloomquist       Bill LaRock                            *Doug Seager

Pat Carroll                  Lori Lawrence                                   

Rachel Carter            Barbara Mortensen               Betty Smith

Mickie Christiansen  *Polly Logan                         Necia Smith

Marge Cornell                      *Margaret Mills                    Charlie Taylor

Bill Gillette                 Doug Passage                                    Jean Wager

Mary Beth Greene    *Keith Pierce         Phyllis & Elwood Whitbeck

*Brad Stewart-21yr old waiting for double lung transplant

*Mary Ann Morith recovering from stroke; sister of Judi Gibbs

*Caridad Estimo; Ethel Clancy’s grandmother is very ill.

*Ralph Seager has been moved to Keuka Comfort Care Home

Please keep the church office updated on your loved ones


This Week’s Schedule & Announcements


Today, April 13

¨      Happy Birthday to April Colf!

Tuesday, April 15

¨      Happy Birthday to Emily Taylor!

¨      Happy Birthday to Shelley Bicksler!

Wednesday, April 16

¨      2 p.m.        Bible Study at Meadowside Apartments

¨      3:45 p.m.   AB Girls Group

¨      7 p.m.        Youth Group

Thursday, April 17

¨      7 p.m. True Spirituality Small Group

¨      Happy Birthday to Ralph Estimo!

Friday, April 18

¨      6:30pm Faster Pastor Race at Blackrock Speedway

Saturday, April 19

9 a.m.  Trip to Strasenburgh Planetarium


Church News


Hey Kids, in grades 7 & Up!

A New Youth Group is starting. We meet on Wednesday evenings in the Great Room from 7-9 p.m. for snacks, games etc. See Sean & Carrie Ahearn for more information.


Strasenburgh Planetarium

Our trip to the planetarium is set this Saturday, April 19. The van (if we have enough people), will leave from the church parking lot at 9 a.m. We will be seeing “Spring Night Sky”. The cost is $5, however if that is a problem contact Eileen. Reservations need to be in to Eileen by April 13. 694-8267. Some adults are needed to chaperone.


Summer Vacation & Camp Vick

It’s never too early to think about summer vacation! When school is out, the kids will be longing for some fun get-a-ways with the family and friends. Camp Vick is one of many ways to break in the summer with recreation and leisure activities. Contact Beth DeLooza at 536-3162 for more information about Camp Vick and its opportunities.


Free Organ

The organ that the Seager family donated to the church is available for free. See Dick Johnson.

(Note – The organ is now taken.)


May Newsletter

Do you have something to contribute to the newsletter? Pieces of news, events, jokes, testimonials, etc. The deadline for submission of articles will be next Sunday, April 20.


6 inch Squares

Keep in mind that we are still collecting those crocheted or knitted squares for our next project. A prayer shawl, lap throw or “quilt” that may be passed around our own church family or donated to the Red Cross. In any case, keep your fingers busy if you have that “itch to stitch”. Remember, the squares can be any pattern as long as they measure as close to a 6-inch square as possible. We will be collecting them through April 27.



We need you. Sean Ahearn is looking for “a few good men” to help cook, serve and clean up for the Mother’s Day Breakfast. Interested in working on this? Contact Sean at 531-1910.


Found: Ladies watch in the sanctuary on Sunday, April 6. May be claimed in the church office.



Attendance and Financial Report

            Were you here?                       3/23             3/30             4/6

                                                               110                92              81


Current Expenses               $1,501          $1,544      $4,308

Missions                                    871               782           493

BT&T                                        283               127           255

Total                                     $2,655          $2,453      $5,056





Tickets are here for the


faster pastor race


at Blackrock Speedway!


Our own Stan Ovens and Johnny Tharp

(Pastor John will be away)

will drive for Penn Yan First Baptist Church


Tickets can be obtained from either driver, Pastor John or the church office for $10 each and half the proceeds stay here at PYFBC.


You will see the drivers from area churches participate in the half time race. Come out and support your favorite driver!







New American Baptist International Ministries Website


After months of planning, building and testing the NEW

AB International Ministries Website is here!

Our address is the same… but our content has been enhanced, redesigned and reorganized to provide more information and be more user friendly than ever before.