224 Main Street                                           Penn Yan, New York

April 8, 2012                                                                  10:00 A.M.


We, as God’s people, will use our gifts and talents to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith, by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people for the honor and glory of God.


Easter Sunday


Prelude &Chimes


*Song of Praise                      “Because He Lives”                                                    PB no. 23


Welcome and Announcements


Call to Worship

            Pastor: Praise God! The Lord Is Risen!

            People: The Lord is risen indeed!

            Pastor: Joy fills our hearts!

            People: The sting of death is gone!

            Pastor: Praise the Lord forever!

            People: Praise the Lord indeed!


*Hymn                                    “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today!”                                 No. 113


New Testament Reading                   Acts 10:34-43                                                  NT pg. 173    


Unison Prayer

Triumphant Risen Lord, great is our joy, as we celebrate Your Resurrection! Your light has extinguished the darkness. In You death is defeated. Reconciliation has been made possible and forgiveness is ours for the asking! Your love knows no bounds and we can never be alone, for You are with us always! Amen!


Anthem                                   “We Shall Rise”                   


Something For the Child In All of Us


Pastoral Prayer and Lord's Prayer



Offertory Prayer       

*Doxology                              Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                                Praise Him all creatures here below

                                                Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                                Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


*Hymn                                    Thine Is the Glory”                                                         No. 122


Gospel Reading                     Mark 16:1-8                                                                  NT pg. 74


Message                                 “The Triumphant Power of God!”                   Rev. Linda Foody


*Hymn                                    “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”                                         No. 123                          






*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


Greeter:                      Richard Davis           

Ushers:                       Judi Scheel, George Jensen, Paul Nash, Charlie Miller, Greg Miller

Organist:                    Carrie Ahearn                                   

Choir Director:           Barbara Stewart

Interim Pastor:           Rev. Linda J. Foody

Church Phone:            315-536-9821

Church E-Mail:

Church Website:


Please  be  in  prayer  for:


Steve Davis                         Lewis Knecht                Ramona Spencer

Connie Glover                    Andrea LeClair              Marilyn Tharp

Eleanor Lerch                    Miriam Masteller          Emma Wheeler

Mary Murphy                    Tom & Ellen Wilkie


Our Special Missionaries:

Rev. & Mrs Charles (Ruth) Fox – Thailand

Mr. Jeromy Emerling – Friendship House, Billings, Montana


At Clark Meadows:            Ralph Wilkes               

Clinton Crest:                      Burton Barcliff              Kathryn Clayson        Necia Smith

                                             Margaret Drakely        Doris Barcliff

The Homestead:                 Helen Ansley                 Virginia DeLooza       Irene Wachala

                                             Dick Sharman               Willie Nelson            

The Manor:                         Margaret Hartwell          Helena Cranmer

Geneva Living Center:        Fran Morse

Quail Summit:                     Alice Wise


Our Service Men, Women and their families

Our Country and Leaders

Our Pastoral Search Committee


This Week's Schedule & Announcements



Happy Easter!

There will be no Adult Sunday School or Coffee Hour today.


Monday, April 9

Rev. Foody will be away on vacation this week.

7 pm Community Chorus rehearsal

Happy Birthday to Alice Wise!


Tuesday, April 10

10:30 am Mary & Martha Circle

6:30 pm Investment Committee


Wednesday, April 11

6 pm Evening Food Distribution

Happy Birthday to Ralph Wilkes!


Thursday, April 12

7 pm Boy Scout Meeting

7 pm Christian Education Meeting


Friday, April 13

Happy Birthday to April Colf!


Next Week's Theme & Scripture:

“Finding Jesus In Our Day” - Luke 24:13-35

Rev. Don Lawrence – guest preacher


Church News


Visiting Candidate

Rev. Sanden and his wife Karen will be here to meet our members on the weekend of April 21-22, 2012. There will be an informal open house on Saturday, April 21, from 3-5 pm in the Great Room for members to come and meet Rev. Sanden and Karen.

Rev. Sanden will be conducting the worship service on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

The vote to accept Rev. Sanden as our new minister will occur following worship service in which he preaches. You must be a member of First Baptist Church of Penn Yan to cast a ballot. Thank you.

~ Nancy Marion, moderator


Note on membership and voting

The Constitution of the First Baptist Church of Penn Yan restricts voting at business meetings to members of the church in good standing. If you are interested in seeking membership to First Baptist Church in order to qualify to vote in the business meeting scheduled for April 22, 2012, please see Rev. Foody, Rita Castillo or a member of the Diaconate. 


From the Board of Mission

Board of Mission receipts on Palm Sunday were: Easter Offering: $105 (total $115)

Treasury: $460; America for Christ: $10 (total $697.50)


Investment Committee

There will be a meeting of the Investment Committee on Tuesday, April 10, for the purpose of discussing and setting policy.


Attention Men of FBC

We are interested in establishing a Men of FBC group. There will be an organizational meeting of all interested men on Saturday, April 28, at 9:30 am at our church. Coffee and donuts will be provided. We hope to see all men of the church at this meeting.



Clean rags and clean old towels for our cleaning service. You may leave them with the office. Thank you.



The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be next Sunday, April 15, at 11:30 am.


Utica Trip

The date has been set! Cheryl Stewart will be heading to the Utica Refugee Ministry on Friday, April 13. If you have articles of household items, bedding, towels, clothing, bikes etc, bring them to the church by 9 am that morning. Thank You!


Keeping in Touch

Fran Morse: Geneva Living Center South, Room 202, 196 North Street, Geneva, NY 14456


Attendance and Financial Report

                                                                        April 1

Were You Here?                                                   60                                  

Current Expenses                                          $3,848                      

Building for Today & Tomorrow                     1,405

Total                                                               $5,253     


 The Easter Flowers on the Altar are given:


In Loving Memory of Warren “Baldy” Morse   ~   Fran Morse and Cheryl Stewart

In Loving Memory of Bill & Elsie Gillette ~ The Scutt Family

In Honor of Rev. Linda Foody ~ Fran Morse and Cheryl Stewart

In Honor of Our Children and All Children ~ Greg and Nancy Marion

In Loving Memory of Robert & Jean Neilson, Esther & Wallace Washburn, and

         Annette & Herb Damico  ~  Paula Washburn

In Loving Memory of Our Son Steven Rasmussen and Our Grandson Willie Rago

      ~ Harold and Karen Rasmussen

In Honor of the Congregation at First Baptist Church ~ Rev. Linda Foody

In Loving Memory of Floyd & Gordon Cornell ~ Marge Cornell


Welcome to First Baptist Church of Penn Yan. We are glad you joined us and hope you'll feel at home, as we celebrate our faith and praise God together. In the pew in front of you, you will find a “get to know you” card. Please take a moment to fill it out and place it in the offering plate.


We invite you to bring your children to the nursery during the service for a safe and Christian environment so that you may more fully experience worship.


For your convenience hearing devices are available. Please see an usher for assistance.

Emergency exits are located at the rear of the sanctuary, and also out the foyer.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

The strife is o'er, the battle done,

The victory of life is won;

The song of triumph has begun.