224 Main Street                                      Penn Yan, New York

March 16, 2014                                                       10:00 AM

Our Mission

 To Create a Caring Community

To Honor and Serve God.


Our Service of Worship and Praise


 Prelude ~ Chimes


 Welcome & Announcements


 Moment for Mission                                                      Don Lawrence


*Congregational Song           “Step By Step”                       On Insert


*Call to Worship


*Congregational Song       “You Are My King”                     On Insert


 Anthem                      “We Will Glorify”


 Pastoral Prayer & Lord's Prayer    




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


*Offertory Prayer                       


 Scripture Reading                  Romans 2:3-11                      NT pg. 203


*Congregational Song     “The Love of God”                         On Insert  


 Message        “Playing Favorites”                                    Rev. Sanden


*Congregational Song    “Room at the Cross for You”         On Insert


*Benediction  ~ *Postlude


*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.
After the service, Please join us for coffee fellowship in the Great Room.


A Reminder:

Monies received in the Lenten Offering envelopes will go towards the Local Budget. Monies in the Easter Offering envelopes go towards the Mission Budget.


               Pastor:                  Rev. Stephen Sanden

                              PO Box 695, Penn Yan

Pastor’s Office:    315-536-9821

Pastor’s Cell:        386-986-6961

Pastor’s Email:

Choir Director:     Barbara Stewart

Organist:               Carrie Ahearn

            Ushers/Greeters    Stan Ovens, head usher

                Cindy Ovens, Clifford LaBarr, Charlie Watkins

Church Phone:      315-536-9821

Office Hours:        Mon – Fri 9 am to Noon

Church Email:

Church Website :


Please  be  in  Prayer  for:


Tom Burke                          Betty Johnson               Shane Furman

Donald & Beverly Hall       Ben Loomis                   Marion Perry

Ron Harris                           Gene Spanneut

The Family of Cristine Conklin


Our Special Interest Missionaries:

Rev. Mr. Charles and Ruth Fox, Thailand

Rev. Matt Lundgren, Friendship House, South Billings, Montana


Quail Summit:         Alice Wise

Clinton Crest:          Doris Barcliff                Milly Bloomquist

The Homestead:     Helen Ansley                 Virginia DeLooza

                                 Marge Cornell              Willie Nelson

                                 Irene Wachala               Necia Smith

The Manor:             Margaret Hartwell        Billie Potts

                                 Mary Armstrong  


  • Our Country and  Leaders
  • Our Service Men and Women and their families                
  • Those in our community who serve as law enforcement, fire fighter

            volunteers, teachers, community leaders, and community volunteers


If you know of someone who is ill, in the hospital, home bound etc. or if you have other prayer concerns, please call 536-9821 to let the church office and pastor know.  


This Week at First Baptist


Today Sunday, March 16

11 am Coffee Hour

11:15 Diaconate Meeting

11:15 Hospitality Meeting

5 pm Wellspring Service


Monday, March 17

Happy Birthday to Meghan Fuqua!


Tuesday, March 18

Happy Birthday to Charlie Miller!


Wednesday, March 19

10 am ARC Worship

4 pm Backpack Program

9 am April Newsletter articles are due today


Thursday, March 20

9 am Homeschool Group

Noon Lenten Luncheon

7 pm Boy Scout Meeting


Upcoming Events and News


Sign Up! Church Directory Today - Sunday, March 16

We hope you will take time out of this one day to have your picture taken for our 2014 church directory. Sign-ups are taking place today.


Hospitality Committee Today - Sunday, March 16

There will be a meeting on Sunday, March 16th immediately following the worship service.


Lenten Luncheons continue Thursday, March 20

The Penn Yan Council of Churches invites you to join us for this year’s Lenten Luncheons. Meals will begin at 12 noon here at FBC. The message theme centers on “Peter’s Journey With Jesus”.  The cost is $5 per person. Meals will be provided through the Wagner Restaurant

                         March 20      “High Upon the Mountain”

                         March 27      “How Often Should I Forgive”

                         April 2           “Washing Feet”

                         April 9           “I Will Not Deny You”


New Lay Studies Class (at Geneva) - beginning Saturday, March 22

The Finger Lakes Association is offering a Lay Studies class on “Worship” at the First Baptist Church, Geneva beginning Saturday, March 22nd. The class will be taught in 5, 4 hour Saturday sessions. The classes will be taught from 10 am to 2 pm, with a mid-day break. It is suggested that a bag lunch be brought for break time. Anyone interested may call Judy Peppard at 607-583-2775. Participants will need to bring their Bibles, the hymnal being used in the church they attend, copies of bulletins, and the willingness to lead one opening worship service for the class. The class will be taught by Debbie Kamm.


Next Sunday is Women’s Sunday - Sunday, March 23

Be sure to join us for a special service led by our own ladies, constructed around this year’s ABW Theme – “A Time to Serve”. Cheryl Stewart and Diane DeLooza will present a skit titled, “Mary and Martha”. We will dedicate our White Cross donations and Love Gift Offerings as well.


Spring Association Meeting - Sunday, March 23

at Clifton Springs Baptist Church.  Registration begins at 2:30 pm. Program: “Stewards of the Gospel” (begins at 3:15 pm). Speaker: Ron Valet. Dish to Pass: bring your favorite dish and your own place settings


Cookies ~ Fellowship ~ Casseroles - Saturday, March 29

Come be a part of our Heart & Hands Ministry on Saturday, March 29th at 9 am at church. We will be putting together some casseroles and baking some cookies to share with others. All you need to do is show up and we’ll provide the “work”. There will be plenty of mixing, stirring, wrapping, labeling, etc., plus loads of fun and fellowship to go around. Bring a friend too!


American Baptist Women’s Convention - April 25 – 27

American Baptist Women’s Ministries of NYS Convention 2014, April 25 – 27 at Desmond Hotel and Conference Center, Albany, NY

~ Learn more about God and yourself through scripture and workshops

~ Celebrate 200 years of ministry in Myanmar/Burma through the eyes of Ann Judson. Some of the Karen women from Tabernacle Baptist Church in Utica will be there as our special guests.

~ Worship and Fellowship

If you are interested in attending, please let Diane DeLooza or Cheryl Stewart know as soon as possible so we can arrange travel plans and reserve hotel rooms.


Deficit Reduction Yard-Craft-Bake SaleJuly 5 & 6

Organization for the Deficit Reduction Yard-Craft-Bake Sale is under way. It will be held on July 5th from 8 am to 4 pm and July 6th from

1 pm to 5 pm here at the church. We will be accepting the following: furniture, small appliances, kitchen and home décor items and infant/toddler clothing and toys. Please no adult clothing. Bring your items to the church basement at any time. If you are unable to transport your items, please contact a member of the Men’s Group for assistance. If you have any questions, please contact the sale’s committee members: Karen Sanden, Karen Rasmussen, Bill Decker, or Nancy Marion. We will also need lots of help at the time of the sale. Thank you


Are you playing “L” and “G” Dollars?

It’s time to play “L” and “G” Dollars again!! Please prayerfully set aside currency bills (any denomination) that show the letter L and/or G (which stands for Love Gift) in the serial number. In early April we will collect your donation and lovingly share our blessings with others through LOVE GIFT.

For an extra challenge this upcoming week add the following to keep things interesting and fun:

*** How many U.S. Presidents have been in office during your lifetime?

           ~ Add 10 cents each to your growing donation for LOVE GIFT


Communion to Shut-Ins

Do you know of a shut in who would like communion brought to them? If so, please contact the church office or Pastor Steve.


Attendance and Financial Report:

Were you here?             2/16            2/23             3/2            3/9

                                           46               48              44            102

 Local Budget                $403        $1,242       $1,136       $2,329


The Church’s Mission


Mission Nugget

Springbrook” (Formerly Upstate Home for Children)

Springbrook is dedicated to the following principles: People First: The needs, interests, goals, and desires of the children and adults supported are predicated by their humanity first – not their disability. Community Based Programs: programs are provided in the least restrictive environment possible, based on the desires and abilities of individuals giving opportunities for recreation, education, and the development of vocational skills in integrated settings. Meaningful Choice: All people supported by Springbrook have the opportunity to make meaningful choices based on their dreams, experiences, or personal goals. These choices may be related to home, work or relationships. Increasing Independence: Supports are provided to people based on their interests, preferences, strengths, and the ability to promote independence. Consumer Satisfaction: All people and their advocates and guardians have the right and opportunity to communicate their satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with the supports they receive.


Mission Receipts:

Thank you for your generous contributions to our wider mission giving on March 9th. We received $797.50 for the budget; $25 for America for Christ (total of $92 towards our goal of $825); and $10 for Love Gift. If we are to make our donation to Food for the Needy this month, we must receive another $300 over the last three Sundays.


Board of Missions Spotlight Items:

March item to benefit Milly’s Backpack Program is: Macaroni ‘n Cheese (cups or boxes)

Thank you very much for your support of this mission! You do make a difference in the lives of our YC Youth!


Community News and Events


Classic Club at St. Paul’s – March Schedule

Mondays 9 am – 11:45 am at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Penn Yan. Open to all, transportation is available through Pro Action (536-5515). March 3 – Bingo & Games

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day trivia & games (luncheon to follow)

March 24 – Baking Day

March 31 – Coupons for our Military families

For information about Classic Club call St. Paul’s at 536-8165.


Worship at the Well

Did you know that there is a worship service for people who can’t get to worship on Sunday mornings? There is a service at 5:00 pm at the Well at 121 E. Elm Street. Please share this information with people you know who can’t get to church on Sunday mornings.


Service Information


You are invited to bring your children to the nursery during the service for a safe and Christian environment so that you may more fully experience Worship. Following today’s service please come to enjoy coffee, refreshments and fellowship in the Great Room.


For your convenience hearing devices are available. Please see an usher for assistance


Visitors - Welcome  to  First  Baptist  Church! We are glad you joined us and hope you’ll feel at home, as we celebrate our faith and praise God together. In the pew in front of you, you will find a “get-to-know-you” card. Please take a moment to fill it out and place it in the offering plate.


John 3: 16