BULLETIN FOR February 16, 2014



224 Main Street                                      Penn Yan, New York

February 16, 2014                                                    10:00 AM

Our Mission

 To Create a Caring Community

To Honor and Serve God.


Our Service of Worship and Praise


Prelude ~ Chimes


Welcome & Announcements


*Congregational Song           “Step By Step”                          On Insert


*Call to Worship


*Congregational Song       “You Are My King”                     On Insert




Pastoral Prayer & Lord's Prayer     




*Doxology                  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


*Offertory Prayer                       


Scripture Reading                  Romans 1:18-20                     NT pg. 202 


*Congregational Song        “As the Deer”                             PB no. 33


Message                     “The Heavens Are Telling”        Stephen Sanden


*Congregational Song   “In Christ Alone”                             On Insert


*Benediction  ~ *Postlude


*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


               Pastor:                  Rev. Stephen Sanden

                              PO Box 695, Penn Yan

Pastor’s Office:    315-536-9821

Pastor’s Cell:        386-986-6961

Pastor’s Email:

Choir Director:     Barbara Stewart

Organist:               Carrie Ahearn

            Ushers/Greeters    Stan Ovens, head usher

                      Cindy Ovens, Clifford LaBarr, Charlie Watkins

Church Phone:      315-536-9821

Office Hours:        Mon – Fri 9 am to Noon

Church Email:

Church Website :


Please  be  in  Prayer  for:


Tom Burke                          Cristine Conklin            Shane Furman

Donald & Beverly Hall       Ben Loomis                   Betty Johnson


Our Special Interest Missionaries:

Rev. Mr. Charles and Ruth Fox, Thailand

Rev. Matt Lundgren, Friendship House, South Billings, Montana


Quail Summit:         Alice Wise

Clinton Crest:          Doris Barcliff                Milly Bloomquist

The Homestead:     Helen Ansley                 Virginia DeLooza

                                 Marge Cornell              Willie Nelson

                                 Irene Wachala               Necia Smith

The Manor:             Margaret Hartwell        Billie Potts

                                 Mary Armstrong  


  • Our Country and  Leaders
  • Our Service Men and Women and their families                
  • Those in our community who serve as law enforcement, fire fighter

            volunteers, teachers, community leaders, and community volunteers


If you know of someone who is ill, in the hospital, home bound etc. or if you have other prayer concerns, please call 536-9821 to let the church office and pastor know.  


This Week at First Baptist



11 am Coffee Hour & Video

11:15 am Deacon’s Meeting

5 pm Wellspring Service


Monday, February 17

7 pm Wellspring Bible Quiz


Wednesday, February 19

10 am ARC Worship Service


Thursday, February 20

9 am Homeschool Group

7 pm Boy Scout Meeting


Saturday, February 22

8 am FBC Men’s Group

8 am Keuka Quilters


Upcoming Events and News


Deacon’s meeting - Today, February 16
The Diaconate will meet at 11:15 in the Upper Room


Men’s Group Meering - Saturday, February 22nd

The FBC Men will meet this Saturday, February 22nd at 8 am for coffee and donuts and a church work project.


Sunday Coffee Hour Video Schedule

Feb. 16: “Adoniram Judson: The Birth Of A Mission

Feb. 23: “Jerusalem


Give a Hug:

Are you planning to visit someone? The Hearts & Hands Committee has homemade casseroles ready to be delivered. Contact the church office at 536-9821, Pam Scutt at 536-2791, or Cheryl Stewart at 536-2570.


Our Church Library

The groundhog says we are in for six more weeks of winter.

How about checking out a book from the church library to keep you occupied while you wait for spring. There are many new Christian-based fiction titles to entertain you, as well as nonfiction and biography sections that you will find interesting and informative.


Address for Kyle Ahern

AB Ahearn, Kyle J

326 TRS/FLT 200 (Dorm B-10)

1320 Truemper St. Unit 361020

Lackland, AFB, TX 78236-5570

Kyle will graduate on March 25th, from the USAF Basic Training.


Attendance and Financial Report:

Were you here?             1/19              1/26              2/2            2/9

                                           53                 48               42             74

Local Budget             $1,764             $530         $4,406         $974


The Church’s Mission


Mission Nugget

Kodiak Baptist Mission, Kodiak Alaska

Kodiak Baptist Mission works from the understanding that family is the most important aspect of a child’s life. By strengthening the family, we help children become successful. Here are a few of the services provided at KBM: Sonshine Christian Preschool/Daycare [and the Summer Day Camp alternative] provides a Christ-centered school that is dedicated to the discovery of truth and to the active learning about God’s world. Afterschool Programming provides a high quality, safe, Christ-centered atmosphere for school-aged children that focus on positive social and spiritual development. It is fun, age appropriate, and a place of discovery. The Kodiak Island Food Bank’s efforts are primarily focused on Kodiak’s working poor. It is and honor to support people working so diligently to provide a better life for their families. Camp Woody is owned by American Baptist Churches USA and functions as an inter-denominational Christian camp serving the youth of Kodiak and the greater Alaska area. Camp Woody is located on Woody Island three miles offshore from the Kodiak downtown harbor.


Thank You from the Mission Board

To our friends at church and in the community; we cleared $726.09 from the sale of subs for Super Bowl Sunday. All proceeds will go directly to Yates County Habitat for Humanity. This is $74 more than last year. Yeah you!!!


Mission Receipts:

Thank you for your Mission contribution on February 9th of $107.


Board of Missions Spotlight Items

February  Item to benefit  Milly’s Backpack Program is Hot Cocoa.

.Thank you very much for your support of this mission! You do make a difference in the lives of our YC Youth!


Community News and Events


Food Distribution

The next food distribution will take place on Fri., Jan. 28.


Worship at the Well

Did you know that there is a worship service for people who can’t get to worship on Sunday mornings? There is a service at 5:00 pm at the Well at 121 E. Elm Street. Please share this information with people you know who can’t get to church on Sunday mornings.


Classics in Religion

Cobblestone Springs invites you to come explore a tapestry of diverse topics with deeply spiritual threads. You are invited to attend one or many sessions. The group meets weekly at the PY Public Library on Monday mornings from 11 am to noon. For more information call Mary Beth Gamba at 315- 595-8899. A freewill offering is requested. Complete class descriptions can be found on the community bulletin board at the entrance to FBC.


Service Information


You are invited to bring your children to the nursery during the service for a safe and Christian environment so that you may more fully experience Worship. Following today’s service please come to enjoy coffee, refreshments and fellowship in the Great Room.


For your convenience hearing devices are available. Please see an usher for assistance


Visitors - Welcome  to  First  Baptist  Church! We are glad you joined us and hope you’ll feel at home, as we celebrate our faith and praise God together. In the pew in front of you, you will find a “get-to-know-you” card. Please take a moment to fill it out and place it in the offering plate.


John 3: 16