FEBRUARY 3, 2008



                                    FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PENN YAN

224 Main Street                                                    February 3, 2008

Penn Yan, New York                                                        10:00 A.M.


We, as God’s people, will use our gifts and talents

to seek out and bring people to Christ,

by maturing in our faith,

by deepening our fellowship,

and by caring for people

for the honor and glory of God.





Songs of Praise & Worship    


Welcome and Announcements


Scripture Reading                     Matthew 7:24-29                     Pg. 10 NT


*Hymn         “Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven”             No. 478


*Silent Prayer & Invocation:

The more we live in your way, O Lord, the more we find your word to be rock solid. When the storm comes, help our faith to remain strong. When our neighbor’s house is shaken let us offer the steady assurance of our faith. When a new and powerful wave rushes in, let us stand together as a people of faith. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Anthem                   “This Is the Message”                  Eugene Butler               


Children’s Time


*Hymn                     “In the Garden”                                           Insert

                                    Birthday choice of Karen Taylor


Scripture                  Matthew 7:13-23                                   Pg. 9 NT


Message                  “Finding The Truth”             Rev. John R. Tharp




*Doxology              Praise God from whom all blessings flow

                                    Praise Him all creatures here below

                                    Praise Him above ye heavenly host

                                    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


*Prayer of Dedication


*Hymn                   “Bread of the World in Mercy Broken”  No. 502


Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper:

                                    Welcome to the Lord’s Table

                                    Vision Statement

                                    Community of Prayer

                                    Sharing the Bread

                                    Sharing the Cup

                                    Prayer of Thanks

                                    The Lord’s Prayer



Today’s Communion bread - Bread of Japan

There is no tradition of bread making in Japan, rice was and still is the main staple. Historically, bread came to Japan when the government decided to court the influences of Europe (around the middle of the last century). Recipes were brought into Japan and the Japanese soon acquired a taste for bread. Shokupan bread is the most popular in the country, well liked because of its soft texture and sweetness. Sandwiches usually consist of fruit. By the way, bread machines were invented in Japan because full ovens take up too much space.



*Hymn         “O Worship the King, All Glorious Above!”     No. 476       

                                                                                                     vs. 1&5





*If you wish to and are able, you are invited to stand.


The flowers on the altar this morning are in loving memory of “Bud” Bloomquist from his family.



Lay Reader: Marge Cornell

Greeters: Jeanette O’Brien and Marge Moulton

Ushers: Shelley Bicksler, Jack Clancy, Greg & Nancy Marion,

Erma Mullins Cheryl Stewart

Organist: Carrie Ahearn

Choir Director: Nancy Tharp

Pastor: John R. Tharp

Church Phone: 315-536-9821


Church Website:


Our Prayer Concerns…


At the Homestead:     Onnalee Mallory        Luella Passage           Alberta Gottshall       Willie Nelson              Alice Wise


Clinton Crest:             Ralph Seager             Milly Burke


Friends with long term-illness: Elmer Cranmer


Loved ones serving in the Armed Forces:    Jennifer Willson

                                                                        Conal Smith Shane


Our Special Interest Missionaries: *see bulletin boards for more info

Rev. Virgil Nelson                 Kathy Pearce            


Prayers for:               Marge Cornell                       Lori Lawrence           

Helen Ansley              Bill Gillette                             Doug Passage

Mary Armstrong        Mary Beth Greene                Billie Potts

Roy Bell                     *Marlene & Gene Guild       Linda  Potts

Eva Jean Best            Frances Hartwell                    Nancy Putnam

Tracey Bicksler         Kim Strong Imisides              Lucas Ryska

Bessie Bliss                Carolyn Johnson                    Corrina Schultz

Milly Bloomquist       Don Johnson                          Necia Smith

Pat Carroll                  Bill LaRock                            Charlie Taylor

Rachel Carter                                                            Jean Wager   

*Mickie Christiansen                                                Phyllis & Elwood Whitbeck

*Brad Stewart-21yr old waiting for double lung transplant


Please keep the church office updated on your loved ones


Thought: Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.                                                             Proverbs 16:3



This Week’s Schedule & Announcements



¨      11 am        Adult Sunday School

¨      Noon         Mexican Lunch in the Great Room

Tuesday, February 5

¨      7 p.m.        Diaconate

Wednesday, February 6

¨      2 p.m.        Bible Study at Meadowside Apartments

¨      6:45 p.m.   Set up tables for Lenten Luncheon

Thursday, February 7

¨      Noon         Lenten Luncheon

Saturday, February 9

¨      9 a.m.        Lay Studies

Next Week’s Theme & Scripture is:

“Be Prepared, Stay Prepared”

Matthew 25:1-13






Everyone is invited to this time of fellowship

as the youth of our church

entertain you with songs, poems, and skits.


Meet St. Valentine

and taste of refreshments

served up with a

Heart-full of Valentine Love!


Next Sunday, February 10 @ 11 a.m.

in the Great Room



 Church News_  


Mary & Martha Circle

will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 10:30 a.m. in the library. Marge Moulton will bring dessert for the group and lead devotions. Bring your own sandwich.




On Ash Wednesday, February 6, Lent begins. During this 40-day period, Christians reevaluate their spiritual lives. It’s a time for us to have a spiritual check-up and to strive to live the Christian life more faithfully and more intentionally.

One might go on a spiritual retreat, for example, spending time with a prayer warrior, Bible expert or theologian. During Lent, attending the various church services and study opportunities can help people grow spiritually and become more informed about the Christian faith.

Our pilgrimage through Lent should inspire us to serve God more faithfully in our daily lives.



Lenten Luncheons have been a longstanding tradition in the Penn Yan Community. Sponsored by the Area Council of Churches, they provide an opportunity for the faith community to gather for nourishment of our bodies and souls. Lunches begin at 12:00 noon and end at 1 p.m. Each week a different speaker will present a short meditation on some area of faith. Join us each Thursday in Lent, beginning February 7, here at First Baptist. Your payment of $4.00 per person may be made at the door.


Date                Topic                           Speaker                          Church

Feb. 7      Gates to the  Holy City                  Adrienne Russell          PYUMC

Feb. 14    In the Upper Room                        Wayne Butler                PYUMC

Feb. 21    The Garden of Gethsemane          John Tharp                     FBC

Feb. 28    The Courtyard of Caiaphas           Bob Ring                       St. Michael’s

Mar. 6     Golgatha                                          Ellen Knight                  Dresden UMC

Mar. 13    A Garden Tomb                             Wayne Butler                PYUMC


Easter Flowers

Though we are still in the midst of winter, Easter comes early this year (March 23). Please plan to have your Easter flowers on the altar by Palm Sunday, March 16. If you wish to place them in memory of loved ones or in honor of someone special, please notify the church office so that your remembrance may be included in the Easter bulletin.


Oatmeal Containers –

 Remember to save your empty oatmeal containers and bring them to church for the Youth Group. They plan to make and deliver lots of cookies to our shut-ins. Thank You!


Free Organ - Following the passing of Ruth Seager her family donated the organ that is in the corner of the Great Room. With the blessing of her family, we send out the announcement that anyone who is interested may take possession of it. Please contact the church office so arrangements can be made.


Help Us Update Our Contact Information

Please take a moment to jot down any changes to your mailing address and telephone. E-mail addresses tend to change more often, so include any updates there as well. You may use the blank papers in the pews and place them in the collection plate if you please.



 To Jack and Ethyl Clancy on the birth of their son; Elijah Charles. Elijah was born on the evening of Tuesday, January 29, weighing 7 lb. 15 oz.


“There is nothing in this world as delightful as a continual walk with God. Only those who have experienced it can comprehend it. And yet I do not recommend that you seek it solely because it is so enjoyable. Do it because of love, and because it is what God wants … Practice … the presence of God.”

                                                             Brother Lawrence



The national flag of Japan

is a base white flag with a large red disc representing the rising sun in its center. Its official name in Japanese is Nisshoki “sun flag” but the flag is more commonly known as Hinomaru “sun disc”. The exact origin of the flag of Japan is not known. However, the sun historically had a religious connotation in Japan and the notion of the rising sun had an important symbolic meaning. It was widely used on banners during the 15th and 16th centuries and officially adopted for use as the civil ensign on February 27, 1870. However, it was not formally adopted as the national flag until August 13, 1999.



Attendance and Financial Report

            Were you here?                               1/13           1/20         1/27

                                                                         78              74            70


Current Expenses                       $2,395       $1,883     $1,892

Missions                                            226            374          529

BT&T                                                117            237            70

Total                                             $2,738       $2,494     $2,491