Here's some of people who rented cottages at Campbell's Beach during it's last couple of decades. During this period, most of the cottages were rented on a seasonal basis by the same family year after year. The listing is by cottage numbers - see map below. The list is incomplete, limited by my memory!
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The People of Campbell's Beach ~ 1950s ~ 1960s


58   Dr. John Common DDS

       Dr. Harvey Spencer DDS

58a Ken and Helen Wirt

59   Herman Hart

       Barb and Dick Zeigler

60   Ray and Helma Lynch

62   Rupert "Buzz" and Square Barrett

       Barb and Dick Zeigler

61   Joe Matusek

       Forest Reber

       Leo Tinney

63   Floyd Martin

64   Francis and Margaret Keister

       the McConnell family

       Henry J. Smith

65   Bing and Marion Colby

66   Carrie Hall

       Grace and Roger Johnson

67   Victor Cornelius

       William Woodruff

68   Ray Paine

69   C. E. Rustay

       C. L. Greenough

 70  Cornelius Tupper

 72  George Watson

 73  George and Ethel Dawson

 74  Mrs. Ellis Oldham

       Dick and Lois Alley

Top of map = West. The numbers are those assigned to cottages surrounding Keuka Lake.